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  1. I don't get what happens to the interal log that grows that you cannot delete or edit. I gather that this thing creates a permanant file of logs of every cache you've loaded into your gps? What happens when it gets too big? Will it tell you? Is there a limit?



    Also, Lets say I do a PQ for my area. I having fun, out hunting caches . . .


    Then I decide to redo the PQ so I can get more recent notes and stuff. If this overides and removes caches, how does one prevent the ones you have found that you want to keep track of from being removed?

  2. Will I be able to take the card out of my vista, that has a map on it, and put that in my new one? Or is it dpm'd to an individual unit?

    Depends on whether it's a Garmin pre-loaded card or one that you created. If it was a pre-loaded uSD card, you can move it around between units, but you can't copy it and use it twice. If you created the card from a locked map that you downloaded, then no.


    It's the free eastern US one I got off of gpsfiledepot.com.


    I read that link, thanks! It all seems to do with geocaching and I mostly use my units for other things. I am wondering how the oregon treats tracks. And profiles.


    I read somewhere that your tracks don't show up on all profiles. I am planning on having profiles with some (but not all) of the same waypoints and tracks. How do I do that?


    Do I connect to the computer to do this? Can the computer switch between your profiles? I mainly use easy gps but I've downloaded basecamp and mapadd to be prepared. If basecamp is anything like mapsource I'm likely to hate it just as much as I hate mapsource.

  3. I just ordered an oregon from rei!!!!


    So I'm very exited and trying to learn how it's differant from my vista and I am very confused by what I read. I don't know why someone would make it so you can't delete something you have put there?!?


    Is this only for PQ's? If I put the caches on there one by one from the web or GSAK can I delete them then?


    I mostly use my GPSr's for uses other than geocaching. I'm not sure I want to hog all the resources loading a bunch of caches, although with the paperless thing I will probably gecocache more. Right now I am picky about what I look for, I think I will still be picky.

  4. I'm so exited! I went from a venture, to vista, and now I will have the oregon 450! I'll be doing a lot more geocaching that's for sure. I mostly use my gps's hiking and hunting though. I'll be glad to be able to type in good notes, instead of using the weegee board! :laughing:


    Can anyone give me any tips? I downloaded a manual and I've been searching for any bugs or other ideosycracies to expect. What new features will I be enjoying? The profiles option intrigues me, it sounds kind of confusing. I think that might be handy for the hunt club because my vista is so cluttered with waypoints. I'm also in charge of teh signs at the club so I have a waypoint for every sign and notes as to what it needs.


    I am assuming I can make a sign profile with all my sign icons, then have a stand profile with only the stands? That would be awesome! I gather from my readings that each profile has separate tracks? What if I want the track to be on more than one profile? Does the number of tracks in each profile have to add up to a total? I don't remember reading about the number of tracks I can store.

  5. I use the Energizer Lithium batteries. You can get a 10 pack at BJ's for around $16. They last a long time and when they run low in the GPSr or camera, I then put them in my remote control and they keep on working for a while longer. Expensive, yes but for the amount of caching I do it is easier for me to just use them rather than have to worry about keeping batteries charged.



    That's exactly why you want to keep batteries charged! It's really not that worrysome, thompsons has all these little battery holders you get free with every order. I have a lot of devices with me, it would be even easier to plan for only one device. I always have 8 fresh eneloops with me.

  6. Thomas Distributing is a great place for Maha batteries and chargers. I have been buying from them for years, they are very reliable and prices are good.


    I got there for all my battery needs as well. I have an 8 battery maha charger and 2 4 battery lacrosse chargers. I like the lacrosse ones the best (that's why I got another). It starts off on low amperage chargeing, which is what I mostly use. The maha overcharges AAA's, even on soft charge. The lacrosse shows the voltage left on the battery when i put it in, which I like as well.


    I have used hicap sanyo 2700's and other batteries but some of my devices don't like them. My camera will not like a freshly charged 2700 but will last a long time on an eneloop. It doesn't make sense. I wonder if it's thinking it's a differant type of battery, I can't select battery type on my camera.


    My garmin venture only likes eneloops as well. From now on I am only using eneloops. I can still use my non-eneloops in my headlamps and stuff.


    Get a good charger, dont' ruin nice expensive rechargables with a crappy charger.

  7. It irrates teh heck out of me when I give my friend my gps and she sticks it in her pocket! :angry:


    When I have to pocket mine, when it is off, I put it in the pocket of my backpack specially made for electronic stuff.


    I have the case for mine and clip it to a packstrap or waistband or something. I wish they made the case in a differant color than black, I have orange and glowcord on it for visibilty.

  8. I love hiking in the rain! It's important to be prepared for that however. Good shoes are a must, that's another topic though. I wear goretex or some other kind of waterproof boot that I have tested at home when I go out. I have a boot dryer at home as well.


    If its fairly warm it's not much of a problem, you will only sweat if you wear something waterproof.


    I have a variety of rain gear, a simple pauncho works pretty well. I also have a marmot precip and something similar by patogonia that works well in heavier downpours. Frogtogs work too.


    I try my stuff out at home when I go on day hikes or working in the yard so I know their limitations. More often than not it rains when I plan a camping trip, it's easier in the long run to learn to appreciate it.


    I think wet boots are the worst thing, you can't really dry them out very well on a hiking trip and they squish and chafe otherwise.


    Test your tents and stuff in the yard so you can seal any leaking seams.

  9. I use eneloops or sanyo 2700's in my stuff. My venture is pretty picky, I need to top them off right before I use them, and they go down pretty quick.


    My vista hcx is simply amazing! I have left the thing on and in my vehicle overnight and IT WAS STILL RUNNING THE NEXT DAY!!!


    Battery life is one reason I am hesitant to upgrade from my vista.


    I also have 2 chargers, a maha and lacrosse. I mostly charge my batteries at 500ma or lower (the maha doesn't go lower). You can ruin good batteries with a bad charger.


    I got some off brand rechargables in the past that did not fit properly. They also didn't last long in the things that they did fit. I get reputable brands now from thompson distribution, which I learned about from this site.


    Not sure if this helps anyone but I thought I would contribute.

  10. I have a vista hcx and venture hc and have been toying with the idea of getting the 60 while it's on sale. I do not need paperless so that is not an issue, although to tell the truth, I havn't had paperless so I don't know what I'm missing.


    I geocach some, but I do more hiking/hunting and just general messing around with my gpsr. I love the long battery life of the vista, but entering notes in the field is like typing on an ouiga board! I have recently started utilizing this though because I can put notes about differant hunting and hiking spots. I use the free maps from gpsfilesdepot.com, and have a cheap nuvi for my vehicle.


    My main concern is that the 60sx will not do anything that my vista doesn't already do.

  11. Like someone else stated, you can't tell anything about the accuracy of a gps by geocaching. There is more to geocaching than using a gps to find the exact coordinates.


    Mark some stuff around your house, see how close it comes day after day.


    Also like someone said, you aren't going to get pinpoint accuracy. Just so you aren't shocked - the odometer may be off some as well.

  12. When in mapsource you select "recieve from device", or something like that.


    There are 3 or 4 tabs, one for waypoints, one for tracks, one for routes, that might be it. You have to select the right tab to see whatever it is you are looking for, they don't all show up on teh same menu.


    Hope this helps.

  13. My first charger was the lacrosse. I also purchased a maha about a year or so ago. I use rechargables in my gps, headlamps and cameras. I love the eneloops but also have hicaps, like the sanyo 2700's.


    The good chargers aren't that much more, and thomson distribution sells them along with battery packages. I don't like the idea of ruining my good batteries with a crappy charger.


    This cache to me seems very distasteful, and disrespectful. There is a large American military presence on Okinawa, and it is a source of significant tension between Japan and America. The local population complains that the Americans are disrespectful of Japanese laws and culture, and has been agitating for a reduction in the American presence, while Washington and Tokyo have been doing their best soothe the Okinawans and make the American military presence less obnoxious. This cache seems antithetical to the spirit of peace that the Okinawan government seeks to promote, and potentially insulting to the local people. To me, it doesn`t seem like an appropriate cache for a guest to hide in a foreign country.



    Do they get as upset about the march of death, the comfort women, or the millions of chinese and philipinos that were killed? What about all those medical experiments, you know, the ones where they disected people alive, froze their limbs, then aputated them, and continued until there was nothing but a torso left, then did biological experiments on them?


    You DO know that the japanese where more sadistic and killed millions more than the nazies did didn't you?

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