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  1. I had a bad case of chiggers and seed ticks last week, I had only limited success with my own advice (lanacain sunburn gel)!! It helped somewhat, especially at night when I was trying to sleep. I'm going to try that lice shampoo next!


    I shower vigourously after a trip to the woods and in spite of that I still found live seed ticks on me after two days!!! They are very small and look like a tiny freckle or something. It really grossed me out. I'm going to get that shampoo and bathe with it after an outing. A friend of mine frequently goes with me caching but always waits from a safe distance.

  2. Yours was cheaper than mine, I have a spare beltclip, instruction manual and pc cable if you want it. I had a few issues with the radio on some channels and shipped it back to garmin with the suggestion that I would like a non-radio venture if they didn't feel like fixing it. Well they sent me the venture and I love it but the rinos have a few cool features that the dedicated gps's don't have so now I wished I kept my mouth shut. It's a great unit, you will want to do the software update and it's easy to loose that screw that keeps the beltclip on, but like I said, I have spares so e-mail me when you get your unit if you are interested, I have no use for them now.



  3. I know it's always "finding satellites" but Sometimes it takes a long time to give me the "ready to navigate" message, even though it looks like it's found plenty of satellites. It seems to happen more if I've used it a few times with gps off, like when I'm indoors putting in waypoints or fiddling with my options. Yesterday it took at least 3 or 4 minutes before it said ready to navigate, but then later that night it only took a few seconds. The think that puzzels me is I can see lots of satelittes on the screen but until it says ready to navigate I have to stand there and wait.

  4. Whenever I turn on my garmin venture it always takes quite awhile to stop searching for satellites and start navigating. when I watch the page it will have found 4 or more satellites with nice big bars but it still keeps searching. Once it has found the satellites it seems to keep them pretty good. I'm wondering why it takes so long. Is there a default time limit it searches for? Also if I have turned it on but am using it with gps off then turn gps on it will immediatly give me a "weak satlillite" message but when I tell it to continue search or restart it readilly aquires them.

  5. I had a rino 110 and had a couple of problems and told garmin I wanted a venture if they could not fix problem easily. Long story short, I got the venture and now apprecieate the extra features the rino has. The software update should fix most of your problems. One of my problems was locking up and turning off, the update seemed to fix that.

  6. What are the rules on signature cards, I'd like to collect them. I've only found 3 caches so far so I don't have a good idea how popular they are. The one cache had cards tucked into the log book. I had made one (I have a much improved version now!) and tucked mine in there too. I have a card in all three. I didn't know if that meant I could take a card or not so I didn't. I thought of leaving a few of mine in there but I didn't do that either. So how does one go about collecting them?

    That might be a good thread topic, like the pet picture thread.

  7. OK, I think I got it now. I'm wondering though, everytime I save a waypoint it opens up a new file. Is there a way to save multiple waypoints to the same file? So far I'm downloaded the single ones into my gps, then after Im done I opened a new file then told it to get the gps waypoints, then I save it. Hope this makes sense.

  8. I've already searched and found lots of info but I'm stuck. I'm a premium member, I think I jumped through all the right hoops and am signed in, do you have to sign in each time you want to download a waypoint?


    I hooked up my gps and easygps has my units waypoints in a menu.


    I go to the waypoint I want to download and pick "download waypoint". My only suggestion is to download it to my harddrive so I do.


    How do you transfer it from the hardrive, to the easygps program, to my gps??

  9. I had a rino and now have a legend (long story, it's in the GPS forum) and would suggest the rino. It has some really cool features, the radio part isn't as nice as a motorola but it's not that bad, and the gps part of the unit seems to be a little more sophisticated than the dedicated gps counterpart.

  10. I had a rino 110. It was my first gps. I got it origionally for hunting and hiking. I was looking to replace my motorola two way and this seemed like a handy tool. Well it was. It took a week or so to get used to all the features but the more I used it the more I loved it. That's when I got interested in geocashing.


    I had a little problem with the radio on some channels that the software upgrade didn't fix and sent it back to garmin. I was a little dissapointed and said I wouldn't mind if they just switched out the rino with a venture if the unit could not be fixed. Then the day before yesterday, on a different forum, a garmin user pointed out the software difference between the rinos and the plain gps counterparts. I had called garmin and knew that my unit was on the way to me.


    Well today I got it, they sent me the venture, which before that post I thought I really wanted. I'll say one thing, garmin has the best customer service of anyone!! The other person was right, even though the radios might not be quite as good as the motorola, the gps part has some cool features that I'm going to miss. The rino actually kept satilite reception in my house!! I also miss how it would tell me a turn was coming up when I did a backtrack.


    Oh well, live and learn. I'm just glad I have my gps back!! I was jonesing for the past couple weeks! Now I can get back to looking for cashes.


    I choose a non-mapping unit because I didn't think I would need maps. I still don't, I would rather just see the waypoints I need to see. I'll probably regret that soon too!


    The venture is a little smaller and lighter and I can get more accessories for it so I'll get over my dissapointment but for all you rino users out there, just know that your rino is more than the radio and gps, the software is a little different and I think the reception might be better also.


    How do you etrex users carry them? My rino had a beltclip. I might get the case/clip for my legend, I haven't gone for a long walk yet but I can't see it keeping a connection hanging from a lanyard around my neck and I don't want to hold it in my hand the whole time.

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