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  1. I have enough junk around the house and if I really want something I will just buy it instead of looking in a cache box for it. I like calling cards, something personal left by the cacher.
  2. My traps must not be big enough! The shoulder straps are attached by a "D" ring which allows for a little wiggle room. Also I think a longer torso'ed person will have the hip belt riding too high for the hips to support any wt. I'm only 5'4'' and can shift the wt off my shoulders a little bit. A taller person can only shoulder the weight. I actually like the way the bladder compartment expands into the pack. If you didn't want to carry a bladder you can use it like another compartment.
  3. I am a packaholic. THere I've said it. I have the hardest time finding the perfect daypack but I think I've found it with the alpine explorer. Of my other daypacks I have the camelbak trailblazer, mule, classic, mountainsmith approach II, and a jansport that is the 2nd best daypack. I have also decided that for me the middle/small camelbaks don't work for me, too large for some applications, and too small for the others. I like the classic for when I am riding my bicycle and need extra water, my small bike frame can only hold one bottle depending on where I put my pump. If I want to carry more stuff than the classic carries, then it will also be too much for the mule. The trailblazer had been great but sometimes I have extra clothes and am also carrying extra clothes for a friend and really have to pack it tight. Even overloaded it's the most comfy pack I've ever worn! So I went on a search for larger camelbaks. I have learned that a person really has to look at a pack in the store and the store I went to only had a couple of larger camelbaks but it had the alpine explorer and that's one of the ones I wanted to see. THere are two versions (also two versions of the trailblazer), I got the one the the horizontal webbing in the back and one mesh, one zippered side pocket. Because the webbing is horizontal in the back I can clip stuff to it that is designed to be clipped to a belt. I can also clip my GPS to the shoulder strap so it can be removed by one hand. THere is a nice soft fleece lined pocket towards the top for glasses and an mp3 player and an organizer pocket in front of the main compartment (with pen slots and such). In the middle of those 2 pockets is a cavity for stashing frequently used things. That's where I usually keep my wipes and tp. I'll post pics of it and the contents later.
  4. OOOooo!! Sounds like my kind of movie, low budget! I'll keep an eye out for it. I miss MST 3K.
  5. I use very heavy fishing line to hang a bird feeder up out of the way of non-birds and can tell you that it can be a bit problematic. Eventually the line cuts into the tree. Usually we fill it when there is someone else around to lift up on it some. It sounds like a good idea though. If you put a pulley it would remedy the friction. You would probably want to make some knots or some other way to keep the rope from coming out of the pully.
  6. I just noticed yesterday that when I have my gps in "gps off" mode and then go to gps on mode, without shutting it off, there is a big delay. I think the gps off mode is what is giving me these occasional glitches.
  7. I had to take the batteries out of mine when it was locked up, then put them back in. Mine would not respond to any of the buttons. I have noticed that if I am in the house with gps off mode and turn it on when I want to get a sat fix, it seems locked up or it takes a long time to respond. If you take the batteries out and put them back in you don't lose any data.
  8. Last night I was downloading caches and when I unplugged the gps it gave a countdown of when it would turn off (It's a feature) and instead of shutting it off right then like usual I let it shut itself off. The next morning I went to turn it on and it wouldn't turn on. I started hearing beeps when I touched the keyboard but no response, would not respond to the quick screen shortcut so I could adjust the screen (which actually looked dead, not off) and I could not get it to shut down. I took battery out and put back in and then it was fine. Then for some reason I seleted demo option ( I guess I thought it would give me a map view like the gps was on, I had it off). and it totally locked up. I could see the screen though. Again, I took the batteries out. I am thinking it had something to do with me in GPS off mode. ANybody else had these glitches? I am using my eneloop batteries which are performing admirably in whatever I stick them in. The charger is the key. Just wondering if anyone has had these funny glitches.
  9. I was dissapointed in the rechargable batteries I got but after reading a thread on this site I got eneloope batteries and a charger from thomas distribution. THe charger is awesome! I got LA CROSSE BC-900 Battery Charger kit which came with la crosse batteries and eneloops. The eneloops had a paper stamped with a date from 2006 but were almost fully charged when I got them. I'm going to try and reconditon some of the other rechargables I have. I can use them in things around the house that are not essential, like my radio I carry around the yard.
  10. My favorite thing to get is signature cards and items, not business cards but the personal ones people make for geocaching. My avatar is mine. Some people don't care for them. I have enough crap around the house and if I want something I will get it for myself. Signature cards and items are differant.
  11. I wore vasque sundowners but after ankle issues the high top was uncomfortable. I got some lower montrail comps that were OK once they were broken in. Then I tried on a pair of garmont flash's. They were comfy and I bought them. They required no break in period at all! They are on sale at campmor for 69 bucks so I got another pair. They supposably have a specially formed area around the ankle that is ankle shaped, and the tongue wraps around so it doesn't shift. They are also pretty light. I've read some reviews where folks were dissapointed in the durability (the sole split or something like that) but to me they are so comfy I'll just wear them till they wear out and get new ones. If you go the the garmont websight you can read about the special features and what makes them differeant than other boots. Footwear is a personal thing so I wouldn't order the ones for sale at campmor unless you are sure they will work.
  12. I finally got a chance to watch the video, it was awesome! I work with someone who has heard of geocaching and is interested in doing it, your video will be very informational. Hope you got an A!
  13. It cheaper than customizing ar15's too!
  14. I just got a sony dsc s-730 for 116 at circuit city. YOu need a memory card but they had the 2 gig one for half off. My friend has a higher end sony, I just wanted one for geocaching and hiking and stuff and didn't want to spend much as I have gotton a lot of new toys lately. I origionally was thinking of something from kodak or canon but that was the cheapest one that still had decent features. It's pretty neat! It takes 2 AA batteries which is nice because one of my new toys was a charger and eesop batteries from thompson distribution. I also have some other AA batteries that did not perform well but I think that cool charger can revive them. I will have plenty of batteries so if they don't last long it's not big deal.
  15. That is one thing I cannot understand about some much more expensive headlamps - the lack of red light. Why wouldn't you want to have it? I think that folks that get the pricier ones, like the apex and such, are wanting very bright lights to see, not tactical lights to preserve night vision. I have a small red microlight that I take with me when I'm hiking but I've never used it. The only time I've wanted the red light is at home when I don't want to blind people. I've never been in a situation where I needed to preserve my night vison. That being said I just now, today, recieved in the mail my rei order which included the petzel tactinna, the one that has the flip up red filter. The tikka plus is my favorite reading headlamp and this one is just like it except for the flip up red filter. I have a lot of headlamps but I don't hoard them all for myself, every now and then I give one away as a present.
  16. On some of the backpacking boards I go to a lot of folks use and like the energizer headlamp. I got one on a whim based on mostly good reviews but it seems cheaply made. Of course it is kind of cheap so I guess that's to be expected. Also the switch cycles differant (and more awkwardly) than I am used to. That being said the red mode is awesome! Even inexpensive headlamps are pretty useful. Expensive ones can fail as well then you are out more bucks.
  17. . . . and thought someone might be interested. An entry level gps for under 40 bucks! I wonder how reputable the store is. geko prices
  18. WOW COOL!!! It gives me an idea for something similar I could make with my beads and hemp thread!
  19. I love p38's! I keep one on my keychain, one at work, one in all my packs. . . I put a small piece of tape or like someone else said, small rubberband to keep them from opening when they are going to be on a keychain or something. I'm trying to get some good swag ideas, thanks!
  20. Sounds like something I would like to find! Who couldn't use a zipper pull! I like any personal thing people leave, esp with cards like you described. Can't you take a pic then blotch out the name using paint or something before you post it? I make hemp jewlry. I can't think of any good things to leave.
  21. Duh, I figured it all out. Yayyyy, I'm a premium member again. All my old found caches are not around but I see lots of new ones to find!
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