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  1. I've got mine set at 3mph and 5 seconds.. it still freezes as described above. It's frustrating and have tried paging through the screens, hard booting etc. Eventually it figures something's wrong catches up.
  2. I bought both my GPS's at RadioWorld - mostly because I wanted to talk to someone about the units - someone knowledgeable that could set me up with something I needed, not what I wanted. I could also play with them and find out about weight and balance. They are extremely helpful and were willing to match the price at GPSCentral. It was worth the drive to Toronto in my opinion.
  3. Thanks Dirtrunner for a memorable day! I'm still itchin' from those HUMUNGOUS mosquitos at Squirrley (GCG52W) that tried to carry me away! I really enjoyed the caches up that way. Wonderful forests and interesting scenery (except for the amount of poison ivy up that way, wow). 10's not bad for a day, especially since it started at 5:50am picking up Algonquin Bound and hitting deadstop traffic on the 403/QEW. I'm looking forward to the next cache machine. Count me in! Hopefull Trimbles Trek won't wimp out next time.
  4. I started out with a fella but he wouldn't let me hold the GPS ... so I got my own. I'm now on my 2nd GPS and loving the caching so much I'm officially 'addicted'. My daughter gets dragged out every once in a while (when there isn't a party somewhere to either prepare for or recover from). We did this cache together: Ultimate Chicks Survival Cache I noticed lately that at our monthly event caches there are more and more women caching - either with partners or alone. A few of us have been talking about a really nasty series for the men in the area... one of these days we'll actually get it planned and executed!
  5. Ended? You mean it's over? (Looking around...) Hmmm I was wondering. Auntie Em, I don't think we're in GAGAFAP II anymore. Those guys said they'd be right back. Go figure. Is it September yet?
  6. Ah Cholo, It's road hockey in the summer - that's how we keep our population culled down to a manageable level. Keith - any news on the Saturday morning event? I'm trying to make plans to meet up with cachers for a day of caching but 'near the pub' is kinda vague.. even for those of us with a new Garmin. So far all I have is "Meet you at 10:00am somewhere in Brampton." Details man... we need details!
  7. Yeah, and my Tag #2 is winning! (not that it's about numbers or anything).
  8. I have to agree with the Kilted Yaksman! Smithwicks (but then I'm a bit better aged than the young Trimbletrek). Question: will the Yaksman be kilted while drinking his Smithwicks?
  9. If it means beating you to the Smithwicks? I'll be lined up at the door.
  10. Ah... bein' too soft on the youngun' there Keith! Why in my day....... hmmm never mind. I have enought in the Brampton/Mississauga area to keep me going for a week. Don't go puttin' any extras out on my account. Looking forward to the day.
  11. I agree! I know of more than a few caches in one area that were 'kidder-ized' by a family group. There were some good trading items but the large family went out and exchanged all the goodies for cheap kids junk. I don't trade that often but this sort of exchange makes for a disappointing find when I've got my adult daughter with me (she loves to trade). I have helped to 'restock' a depleted cache that I've come across if the items are low and junky. I also take a few items that are a bit nicer if I come across a really great cache - often one that takes a bit of effort to get to and is in a good spot - to say "thanks" to the owner and to make the hike worth while for the next finder.
  12. Yup, my GPS (60CS) now has the Hortons listed on it... (and other Donut establishments of renown and some I've never heard of!). I'm liking this Garmin software. It's dated though... I looked for the nearest gas station while in London and it was gone!
  13. I'm looking forward to this although I'll be a bit late in arriving! (Thought I'd post something so it will rise back to the top of the list incase anyone missed it the first time)...
  14. I have a new 60CS and I'm liking it.. except for one place on a trail recently. Everytime I passed by one spot I lost reception. - It was a bright blue-sky day - No leaves on the trees yet - I was on top of the escarpment (rock faces cause havoc) - Newly recharged batteries - No powerlines or other interference around I passed this spot 3 times and each time I lost satellite reception. That was the only time all day I had trouble. I am going back (with my Sportrak Magellan too) to check this out. Maybe drag some others along. Weird.
  15. I can tell you that the online version has skipped my road (a concession rd) but has the one just south of me. sw of me and north of me. Mine is a fairly well travelled and has a light down the end of it. Magellan has it on their maps but not on Garmin. I can see the river that's down behind my property though!
  16. Arrrgg... forced to read the manual but I sure learned a few things. Page 18: There are 2 compass settings. "Course Pointer" or "Bearing Pointer" (default). You want 'Bearing Pointer' for caching. One of my data fields was set wrong - that might have mixed things up. Page 37: When you navigate to a geocache, the Compass Page changes to "Geocache Navigation" mode ... but I assume that's just the display.
  17. Huh JB, you might just have hit the nail on the head. I'll check that out. Maybe RTFM is in order! <blushing> Thanks!
  18. My compass on the 60CS does the same TeamJiffy. I long for my Magellan compass that is relatively stable and shows the location of the sun which is good when I am turning around and around and getting lost. No holding it level either. I'm not level headed and neither is my hand. I'm beginning to question my sanity of the extra $$ for the compass. There must be a fix for this ?
  19. RadioWorld in Toronto just put their GPS's on sale. I bought mine last week and they honoured the new price by giving me a $40 store credit... hmmmm... now what do I need? The sales people there are very knowledgeable (they've even heard of 'geocaching') and you can play around with the units (they're not on extendible lines that make it impossible to use).
  20. The hiking pole sound like a good deal. I think I paid between $35-$40 for mine from MEC Headlamps - got 2 .. one pricey one and one cheapy from Radio Slack (I think I paid $20?). Both work well on the night raids... as long as my batteries are charged! <DOH>
  21. Amazon Annie


    Got both a Garmin and a Magellan and they both get me to where I'm going! I found that my greatest learning curve was through event caches - where I got to sit down and talk with other people and actually SEE the GPS in action. I also got to hook up with some local "Power Cachers" who took me out and broke me in! I hope you can attend the event this Sunday - Annie's 50 - we should have some good people there and lots of hint are alway flying in the air during these times. If you can't make it, the next pub night is Keith Watson's Pub Night at the Frigate & Firkin on Saturday, June 5th. If I don't find you then 'tag' me - I'm always ready to welcome new people into my newest obsession!
  22. Allllll Righty Then! Count me in on this one. I finally get to do a Dirt Runner Event! Fortunately it lands on a day off and in an area that I haven't done but have wanted to tackle in a long time. I look forward to meeting you and caching the day away.
  23. Does Purple Fever know about this? It sounds like he'd be a great person, he fits the bill I believe.
  24. That sounds like it fits "Purple Fever" to a 't' He's a Canuk He caches in the US alot too He's planning on travelling overseas soon with his GPS.
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