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  1. Okay, found the option in Plucker: Under "Limits" / 'Stay On Host' / 'Stay on Domain' filters Check "Limit to the exact server only: if started on www.plkr.org, only allow www.plkr.org My file is down to a manageable size! (248k) Thanks.
  2. I'm another Magellan user and I have occasional days that the thing just doesn't want to settle down and work. I've even been out with someone with an identical unit (Sportrak Map) and we get different readings. There is a firmware update being discussed in another forum : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=59865 edit: Here's an older discussion but worth paging through: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...558&hl=firmware I haven't taken the plunge yet as I've heard that there are some drawbacks (like extra button pushing to get to a 'goto') but some advantages (faster drawing maps!) If you read the manual, it does suggest initializing your unit to speed up satellite acquisition. If you travel over 500 miles with your unit turned off or a complete loss of memory (hmmm... which I had a reset button!). I've done this occasionally and whether it fixed things up or maybe it was my imagination.. who knows! Certainly the tree cover/cloud cover/surrounding rocks can have an effect plus the batteries level. I've experienced all of this. I start looking when I get within 10m of the cache. I've found that Garmin cachers and Magellan cachers rarely have similar readings. Good luck!
  3. I've been testing a couple of versions. I've found that when I export the HTML files and add them to my PDA, (via Plucker) the hints don't come through. (This I discovered in the 'field' when I needed them, should have checked first!). I changed Plucker's depth to the next level (4?) and I got a huge file that took the current pages as well off the site. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Otherwise, a great software! Haven't tried Beta 6 yet, just noticed it. Thanks.
  4. I liked the list Firehouse16. I've got one for you to add: "Kidderized" A cache that had it's contents replaced by cheap junky toys that would only interest very young kids. (feel free to write your own interpretation)
  5. A couple of us completed this back in November. I had phoned the office first before attempting the trek and they assured me that if I emailed them the answers, they would mail me the binoculars. We had a great weekend and did most of the Kingston caches the next day (and island ones too - including a 10km hike to the end of a spit). The Land 'O Lakes Tourism Board were very prompt and I received my binoculars as promised. I've since received a letter from them and they want a picture with me and the binoculars... It's a bit of a drive from Hamilton/Burlington - plus the drive around the area to get the answers (230+ km from Napanee up and around and back to Kingston). All but one are 'drive-by' and the one is an easy hike - 3km? on a flat trail. I don't know that I would attempt some of those back roads during the winter with a light car though and we were there in hunting season so be prepared! It's a gorgeous area and worth a visit.
  6. The first time I went out I couldn't find 3/5 caches. I was frustrated! There were reasons for each of them: 1) The cache went missing but I had printed out the sheet a few days prior to looking. 2) I thought it would take me right to the cache. Accuracy is reported to be 10-15 feet. One day everything was 40ft away! Under trees it's anyone's guess. As DustyJacket said, when you're close, start looking around for likely hiding spots. 3) I found out that on my Magellan that you have to set up the Map Datum /Primary & Secondary Coord System to WGS84 (in the setup menu). It doesn't always default to that. The accuracy improved from there. Also, is your GPS set to WAAS? I don't think I can turn mine off but I've seen Garmins that didn't have it enabled and we were both going in different directions. Hope those help. Once I found someone to tag along with for a few caches then I could get the idea of the hunt. I was using the wrong screen to search and no wonder I was frustrated!
  7. Yup, there is some delay on the Yahoo mail - I've not received things 'til the next day (ie a cache find). I don't 'zip' my PQ's and even with it set at 100km it's still only 516kb. Have you tried setting up a new PQ ? I've occasionally setup ones and been frustrated that they didn't work and then have gone back and discovered that I've forgotten to check off something (whoops!) or checked off too much. I usually give it about 24 hrs for the "order" to go through.
  8. For the most part, I usually TNLN but if I find a cache that is exceptional, I'll leave some treasure that I have saved up. It's like leaving a generous 'tip' for great service. If I'm with my daughter, she gets first pick - a sure way to keep her coming out with me (even at 20 she's like a kid in a candy factory). Lately there have been caches with scented candles and doggie treats that I think racoons have had their fun with. I've also found broken glass and bits of paper (from Kinder eggs?) rattling around. I did find a doggie biscuit in one cache that was shrink-wrapped though. That's a neat idea. In our area the winter is fast approaching and the contents need to be frost-proof. I would like to make CITO (Cache in Trash Out) containers - there's a great discussion in another forum and people are making stickers for film containers that hold garbage bags. It's unfortunate that people cannot do more for the environment they are enjoying. I've seen enough Tim Horton cups on the trail to start my own franchise. Wish we had a www.sciplus.com - looks like neat stuff!
  9. 1) GPS: Magellan Sportrak Map PDA: Sony Clie PEG SL-22 2) Cache Notes: Hmmm well, I'm waffling between Spinner/Plucker and CacheMate. They both have their advantages. Used to use MobiPocket but I find the above alot easier. 3) Upgrade: Yup. After 3 months I find the Sportrak doesn't have the space I need (sigh, too many caches around here!) I'm wishing for a GPSMAP 60C if the taxman doesn't grab all the cash.
  10. I picked up a little Sony Clie (PEG SJ-22) and it's great. It's an older model (and therefore dropping in price) and uses the Palm OS. The colour screen seems better in sunlight than the Palm series. Comes with 16mb ram and 320x320 High resolution colour LCD (over 65,000 colours ). Memory sticks are available. Has a jog dial for scrolling too. It's great! Oh, and as far as the case? I took off the flip cover and got a Palm case (semi-rigid leather with a metal clip on the back- $10) that it slides into just fine. I can clip it to the inside pocket of my jacket or on my knapsack strap.
  11. I use Yahoo (http://mail.yahoo.com) as my geocaching email and have not had any problems receiving my PQ's each week. I do check my 'bulk mail' folder occasionally as I have found some things have been filtered in there. You have some sort of filter setup to delete your spam or do you have it setup to filter it into a temporary holding (ie bulk) folder that you can do a 'search and destroy' occasionally?
  12. I just heard on the news about a woman who fell to her death at Mount Nemo yesterday while hiking with her husband. I was wondering what all those sirens were about while I was out (alone) hiking not too far away. Please people, with the wet leaves and snow (this afternoon) let's be extra careful. My thoughts go out to the family.
  13. Congrats Dirtrunner! I just did my 112th today at lunch hour (learning from Algonquin Bound who is sure to pass me sometime very soon!) I have to thank a few local people who allowed me to tag along on some trips. Couldn't have done it on my own. I just figured it out and I'm averaging one a day, hmmm better up the rate !
  14. Well, up until a week ago I was using MobiPocket to put the files on my Palm device but then I discovered "Spinner". Spinner and I'm hooked ! Mobipocket is a simple install and doesn't need a conversion but with Spinner, the search is so much easier and the display is great. Even has "Nearby Caches" at the end of each log. You need 'Plucker' so you can put the html files of the cache pages on your Palm but the instructions GPX Spinner Help There are helpful links on the page. These people have done a great job!
  15. If I want a postal code for an area, I just go into www.google.ca and search for the town. For example, I'll want to go to Elora - I searched for Elora Ontario and I found the Elora Mill - the advertisement has the address and Postal Code. For me, that's close enough! Often you can find the address of the town hall and that's usually pretty central. Hope that helps! I'm not lost, I KNOW I'm going the wrong way.
  16. I think I learned the most while picking brains of the 'pros' at the geocaching events. The Pub night at St. Catharines was no exception! Next one is planned for Hamilton area - the date I believe is Jan 17th. Not sure about the location yet, but I'm sure we'll be notified if you have that option on geocaching.com checked off (weekly notifications). Hobby? Hobby? This is no hobby, it's an obsession! I'm not lost, I KNOW I'm going the wrong way.
  17. There is a cache near Pearson it's called "Not the Airport Hilton" and the waypoint is GCH31J. It is VERY public and the parking is tricky !!! I'm not lost, I KNOW I'm going the wrong way.
  18. Thanks Cornix, it worked. I should have known... Don't follow the instructions first, just try it. The instructions said: - Go to Options / GPS Settings - Click "Autodetect" That's where you'll find the 'test'. Thanks again, -1short.
  19. I just bought my first GPS and I am having troubles already! I installed Mapsend and when I tried to connect to my SporTrak it finds it okay (using Autodetect) but when I click "Test" it responds with "Busy" on the COM port. I'm using Win XP and can connect using EasyGPS and I connected to upgrade the firmware... I have done the following: Upgraded the Magellan software to v4.06 Uninstalled the COM port and reinstalled it Made sure there isn't anything else trying to use that COM port Shut off all software (Anti-virus etc) Made sure the Baud rates match on both the computer and the GPS Turned off NMEA Uninstalled and reinstalled MapSend Walked around in circles and almost tore hair out Wore out batteries trying to get this thing working Any suggestions? I send a note to Magellan support too. Trying to cover all my bases. [This message was edited by 1Short on August 10, 2003 at 03:37 PM.]
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