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  1. My Sportrak Map really buzzes when I remove it from my car power adapter. It gets quiet after a while though...
  2. On my Sportrak Map I have the following options: DEG/MIN.MM DEG/MIN.MMM DEG/MIN/SEC DEG.DDDDD I use the second option : DEG/MIN.MMM and I've found most of the caches (if the original posting of the coordinates is right)
  3. I know enough (basic) HTML to post the newsletter on a site and to contribute where I can.
  4. I don't know if a CITO discussion should be started in another discussion forum but I just want to say that the one cache that I visited that screamed 'CITO Event' to me was Algonquin Bound's "Bayview Point Cache" (GCH0VT) - in the Hamilton area (hence getting on the good side of the HCA although it could be on RBG land?). Anyway, that one has my vote.
  5. Will this be posted as an event cache on Geocaching.com? There was a fair amount of discussion last night at the Pub night in Stoney Creek and quite a few people mentioned that they were interested in attending this event. I'd sure like to know more about what I'm getting into ! Thanks for the great idea, I look forward to hearing more.
  6. I bought my Sportrak Map in August /03 and mailed the rebate in on Sept 3rd/03. (Must be mailed before Sept 30th). The rebate offer said to allow appox. 8 weeks for processing. If you have not received your check after 10 weeks to visit www.wheresmyrebate.com or call (800) 390-2344. I visited the above address in Nov. and it said that the rebate was "approved". I called them at the end of November and they said that the cheque was due to be mailed Dec. 8th/03. I received the cheque Jan. 9th 04. - 4 months after I submitted it and a month after it was supposedly mailed. There isn't a postmark on it, but it came from NY - not that far away. Okay, I'm in Canada and the cross-border situation probably caused some delays. I sure wish I'd gotten it sooner, our Canuck-buck has recovered slightly and the exchange isn't quite as good. Ah well, at least I got it. Good luck to all! I've sure learned some patience.
  7. I used to be quite paranoid and would wait around for someone to cache with. I ended up doing more pacing around the house rather than caching! I've met a few fellow cachers at event caches but most have buddys/partners that they cache with or they prefer to cache alone. I understand that. I like to cache at a certain pace and I've only found one or two people that go at the same rate. One day I was fed up enough that I said "To heck with this" and went out... sure, I was a bit scared but now I'm pretty confident on the trails. (I save the 3+ terrain for the rare days that I've actually managed to drag someone out with me - unfortunately, there are quite a few around here.) My daughter was so concerned that she wanted to buy me a dog for Xmas. Yes. that would be ideal but it doesn't fit my lifestyle right now. If I could convince the cat to come along, I KNOW I'd be safe, but she's not into it ... yet. I figure if anyone approaches me I'll just tell 'em that my GPS is a 'tazer' and I'm willing to test it out if they're game!! Besides, with -25C weather right now, I don't think you'll find too many weirdos out there - other than our fellow cachers! Good luck to you.
  8. Sounds like this is shaping up quickly. I am curious though why Hamilton was put into the Toronto group. Since the Bruce Trail runs through the area, I would think that it would fit into the SW Ontario region. I tend to look up to KW and down to Niagara for my caches (and Halton). Just my .02 cents worth. Count me in for any volunteer positions!
  9. I thought I'd give the upgrade a try on my Sportrak Map. More buttons to push to get a Goto and multiple shutdowns have convinced me that it wasn't a good idea. Hope I have the earlier version somewhere. I believe there's a copy on a Yahoo discussion group.
  10. Thanks workerofwood, I downloaded Vikao - neat program and certainly easier than Plucker. Now i can grab a fast map off Mapquest or whatever before I head out the door.
  11. I just downloaded a new gpx file and used the new cmconvert and the squiggles I had previously are now nice quotation marks. I just want to applaud Maeglin for all your hard work on this wonderful piece of software. I look foward to the next set of changes (I'm running a Sony Clie with colour) Best $9.74 (Canuck Bucks) I've spent for software for my palm! Thanks Maeglin!!
  12. cachengrab, let me be the first to join your "Newbie" organization. When I read your comment gm100guy, I was SO FURIOUS that I had to walk away and try and calm down. Okay, I'm a hormonally and vertically challenged female too which puts me in another category entirely! You're not making friends here, gm100GUY. Whew, thanks for letting me get that out. From my years of experience as a Manager of Volunteer and my schooling in the field, let me tell you that EVERYONE no matter who has a valid point of view and should be allowed to express an opinion. I suggest you do not dismiss anyone due to any restrictions. Newbies or those new to any organization usually have a fresh view on things. I have not been caching as long as most of the people in this discussion but I have attended as many of the event caches as have been offered in this area and I have over heard some of the discussions of 'organizing' a group. Other than TT's logo, that's as far as it's gone ... until now. I applaud all those who have taken the idea and have started the groundwork. I know it's not easy to move forward with this sort of thing, I've been involved in new startups in the past. Emotions are running high right now (and I suspect the season has contributed to some of this). Once the dust has settled a bit I know that we can move forward and have a great cohesive group. There are alot of really dynamic people that I have met in the past 6 months! We all want the same general thing, and I know we can be adult about it and reach that goal. I look forward to the IRC chats or whatever it takes to get this off the ground. Thanks for allowing me my .02 worth.
  13. Ahem.. not a 'guy' and don't know how to sew... and I'm still waiting for the handshake. I agree that this needs to be organized fairly soon and that input from everyone is important. Blue Quasar has volunteered to get this off the ground. Let's not get bogged down in too much organizational detail to start off. That can come later. Forming a 'shell organization' to get it started is a great idea. We're talking Southern Ontario - what sort of boundaries do we need? Should we be talking about the Golden Horseshoe Cachers Assoc. or South Central Ontario...? (awkward, I know). Once each area has their groups organized, THEN we can get an umbrella organization and work on Mandates, Mission Statements, Job Descriptions etc. GHMCMC (GCG1AP) wasn't found in a day (that I know of).
  14. I second Ian's nomination of Blue Quasar and agree with the name and logo of the organization. I imagine we will also need postions such as VP, Secretary, Membership etc. and I've had experience in other organizations with these jobs. I'll toss my hat in to volunteer wherever possible.
  15. Changes? Yes ... more button pushing to get to a 'goto'. Improvements? I read that the maps update faster and I did notice while driving around that it's not quite a jerky as it was before. I had the whole unit shut down on me yesterday while I was out during a multi. Luckily I had done the math on a scrap of paper and had kept the numbers so I could re-enter the final waypoint. (whew!) I believe the changes were mostly for the new turn-by-turn maps but they don't work on our Sportraks. I am thinking of going back to the old firmware. I don't see that there are really any advantages to the new setup. There was quite a discussion about it here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...gellan+firmware although most users were from the Plat. Gold and Pro camps.
  16. Thanks for the update, could of used it today - I was getting lazy and just marking the 'found' time. This will improve things immensely.
  17. According to Magellan's website: http://www.magellangps.com/en/products/pro....asp?PRODID=113 It's compatible with Meridian® series, SporTrak® Pro, SporTrak Pro Marine, SporTrak Map, MAP 330 or MAP 330M handheld receiver. I haven't used the Topo map (as I am in Canada) so I can't help you there. Sorry.
  18. The Magellan/Garmin/Lowrance debate goes on for ever! I have a friend who has 5 (I think at last count) GPS's and each of them have their advantages and disadvantage. I took a long time researching each of them and reading the forums until my eyes bugged. I narrowed it down to 3 models and then went to a store that sold them. Not your WalMart, Radio Shack etc. but one that specialized in navigation and GPS. (In this case, http://www.radioworld.ca Radio World in Toronto) they sell all makes and models so there's no bias. I talked with a fellow there and he helped me to narrow it down to the one I needed (note: not the one I thought I wanted). Am I happy? Yup. For the price restriction I gave myself (I wasn't sure if I was going to use it much - (laughing hysterically) and so I didn't want to invest alot.) I ended up with a Magellan Sportrak Map by the way. The $50 (U.S.) rebate and included Canadian Map software helped to win me over. Just be aware that whatever you buy, in a few months it won't be enough and you'll be wanting bigger and better.
  19. A very close friend of mine was in an accident where the airbags deployed. She now has severe brain damage and needs 24 hr supervision. She (like myself) is very small and the officials said it was due to a ) Older airbag model b ) Too close to the wheel She was driving in the city and not speeding. They figure she was going approx. 15-20km/hr. I went into my dealership and asked about having my airbags removed. They gave me brochures and talked to me for quite a while about my decision. I have since bought a new vehicle and have checked the airbags (they are the 'good' type). I'm presently using a clip on the vent type of attachment (for a cell phone) but I've read elsewhere that this can be expensive (if the vent snaps). I'd like a dash mount for my Magellan from S. Claus but I'm now hesitating and I'll look into this alot more. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!
  20. Yup, I was in T.O. today (hey, I'm hip! I say T.O.) and took the picture(s) with my new camera on my way in. I'm waiting for a response from Hedbergs.
  21. Well, on my 1st page of unfound caches I now have 5 archived. (2 were previously archived before this whole kafuffle started). Hmmm 2 archived on my 2nd page.... Well, I am going to guess that I will have to do an up-to-the-minute check on any cache before leaving the house at this rate. This certainly changes my lazy mode of once a week downloads for my palm and GPS. I hope that this does not turn into a flame war. I'm thrilled that the HCA is open to dialog and I am willing to help out in any way possible. I know that others (i.e. the Land O Lakes Tourism Board) have turned this around to be a vehicle to bring people to their area. (See http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=37906 as an example) Please feel free to contact me if I can help out.
  22. Oh no TT, Flick's ego will now be as big as the hills he hates to climb! Thanks very much for the offer and I'll ease up on Kris for now. I'll come bearing gifts and take my chances!
  23. Hmmmm.. looks like in the middle of a residential area in Mississauga. I'll try to stop on my way to Toronto on Wednesday!
  24. Hmmmm I'm trying to convince my daughter to leave her boyfriend for the day (it's not going over very well right now but I've got a couple of months to work on her). We are both directionally (and vertically) challenged but willing to join in the fun. I've got an 'all wheel drive' vehicle so I'm ready for the run. (Hmmm maybe I can convince Flick to jump ship and join me! No pushing out of ditches! )
  25. Tews Falls was a memorable cache for me. I am TERRIFIED of heights and believe me, if this were risky in ANY way I would not have done it. Did I mention I hate heights? I have left a couple of caches off my list because they were way too dangerous and I am not willing to risk even a bit to get a cache. I'm sorry to see this one go. I'm hoping that a virtual is possible because this area is gorgeous and worth the trip out there. Thanks J.A.R.S for the great cache.
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