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  1. I tried going into the search feature...and entered "Search only in" Italy. Then I went to the map...it zoomed into Italy showing all sorts of caches. I went to Verona (Veneto)...and there were no caches there. However if I go in from the main page, selecting the map, zooming out, and then in on Italy; specifically Verona (Veneto), I find over thirty caches in the area: L'ARENA di VERONA by Fedeb | GC3PC0W | Veneto, Italy [bT] Piazza Bra by Bubi Team | GC1X2RV | Veneto, Italy Non solo Giulietta e Romeo by Elena e Martino | GC4RJCN | Veneto, Italy etc. How is it that they are not there in the New Search?
  2. I have also been frustrated, even after finding the old style listing of geocaches...but only for my home area. Here is a solution. Go to main geocaching page: https://www.geocaching.com/ Note that on the right it has: Search for Nearby Geocaches with coordinates below Next select Play/View Geocache Map Shrink the map and move to the location that you want to search Zoom in on that area, select a cache site and open it Select the coordinates (i.e. N 51° 37.585 W 120° 49.560) and copy them Go back to the main geocaching page: https://www.geocaching.com/ Paste the coordinates in on the right – below Search for Nearby Geocaches Click on the search (Magnifying glass) and you will have a list of geocaches in the old style You should then have a list of the caches you desire – 20 to a page which can be selected and downloaded. These can then be loaded on the GPS through something like EasyGPS.
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