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  1. As one of the people watching that Iraqi cache, i'm glad it's archived. I was getting SOOO tired of people posting notes regarding how pro-war they were, usually including a snide comment about how the cache might be soon glowing with radiation and the like. To a lesser extent, i was annoyed by the people that posted notes wishing peace to the region. Both viewpoints--hippie AND mullet--had nothing to do with geocaching, so i'm hoping that by archiving the cache i won't have to read anymore about that cache in irbil, iraq for a while. My geocaching friend slinger91 and i were thinking about hitting that cache up until about two weeks ago when we found out about the american and european 'human shields' that were supposedly flocking to iraq. Finding that cache is pretty prime bragging rights, don't you think? PDX to Amman, Jordan (RT) is $1300, then the $300 taxi ride, plus a hotel in Amman, food, gifts to bring home for the girlfriend, etc. We figured that for about $8000, we could start a pretty could forum topic entitled something like 'WE ROCK, WUSSIES.' all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  2. quote:Originally posted by yumitori: One day in Portland. Assuming the protesters down the street ever find it in their hearts to remove themselves from the center of the Burnside bridge, i figure that one of the best caches to do in Portland if you're only here for a day is this one. That way, you have some homework to do before your vacation. And while you're in the neighborhood, you might as well do my best cache. Promise to bring me a 22oz of Scape Goat or Moose Drool, and I'll snail-mail you a CD tomorrow. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  3. 5am? I have to drive all the way from the motel 6 in yakima, and i don't think I'LL even make it by 7am. i mean, sheesh, some of us have to spend most of the night before (and part of the morning of) getting in fights at local taverns or stuffing dollars in area G-strings. Let's just keep it at the original time so as not to distress the four humours. That is to say, a mixture of coffee and bacon ingested rigorously at 6:20am may soak up enough beer to get me to the start point by 7. if i'm lucky. 'Specially if i'm out with a bunch of loggers the night before! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  4. quote:Originally posted by Cache'N'Carry:and thanks to George Bush, we should see the price of ammo cans going down due to the increased surplus. Dammit! I wanted to be the author of the 200th post on this thread! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  5. quote:Originally posted by yumitori:... Rough itinerary includes - ... Two days traveling to Portland, via the Olympic Peninsula, with an overnight stay near Fork. This cache is a multi, but since you're in the area, it would be a shame NOT to do it. It's my favorite cache. On your way down the Oregon Coast, stop here for lunch or dinner. Here is my favorite place to stay on the coast. Tell Rosie I sent you. Be sure to stop here for gifts to take home and a enough free samples to hurt. Most lincoln city caches are easy drive-bys, but most of them have great views of the rocky coast and the beaches. If you're staying in Newport, then this is the best hotel because you can stumble there after after an evening spent here. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  6. quote:Originally posted by travisl: ... Event - I qualified it as an event, due to the need to find the coordinates of the meeting place, and the gathering at the end. ... Of ALL the 'event' caches i've been to, the BCM is the one i feel most justified in logging as a find. jumping jesus on a pogo stick, i had to find like 37 caches that day to log red robin as a find. Normally, all i gotta do is show up at fricking mcmenamins or lucky lab, drink a pint or five, and tell a random geocacher that their gcxxxx was really challenging. but at the BCM, i had to drive around with a bunch of people i didn't know all day--to find micros in ballparks, ammo boxes in 200 yards of scrub, virtuals in downtowns i hadn't heard of, and tupperware in places that i wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. I recently set up an event cache at a bar near my neighborhood just because i thought that the fact that people get dressed up as klingons to sing karaoke in their native tongue was worth sharing to people that i--in some weird way--care about. In retrospect, i should've made dancing with the star-trek girl a requirement for logging a find (she WAS kinda cute, in her own nerdy way). Anyway, if joe geocacher can show up to one of my sad events and count it as a find then i think that things like the BCM and the upcoming YCM should count as two smiley faces. With little ribbons around them. As proof, i offer the following: A) travisl's events include a month of planning, pdf documents (updated more-than-weekly), and hotel and parking information--complete with maps. oregone's events include about a 48 hour notice with pleas to buy my lower-middle-class-income-earning butt an IPA. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  7. is that with the exception of two TJ dollars, 5 bazzle coins, a gg&gr chip, a few joedohn items, a pdxmm set of laces, a fractal marble, and about a baker's dozen other things, EVERYTHING is like a travel bug in that it lasts about two or three cache hunts before it gets dropped off in another cache or placed in one that i've hidden. travel bugs, in my opinion, are for people that like extra notification emails. I, for one, grab them from caches and move them along as rapidly as possible. And i like checking up on the ones i've had by looking at 'my cache page.' It truly is interesting to me to find out where these things end up. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  8. Yup, too successfull. I have like 700 finds or something, including about 100 in the greater seattle area (moun10bike's neighborhood) but have never even seen one. That's one of the main reasons why i still don't have a quality sig item after almost 2 years of doing this. Didn't jon spend like $750 or there abouts to get those made? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  9. I had read whidbey walk's thread before going out and seeing it tonight, so i was pretty excited when i saw the swiss cheese statue in the movie. I kept looking to see 'rabbits waterfront scramble,' or 'one for the little people' but it wasn't to be. fractal's right on the movie, though. No real plot, but it's worth it just to see the fake MAX train going over my bridge. And the chase scene is awesome. I love how they go from NE Tillamook Street to NW 21st to SW Broadway to SW Naito Pkwy back to Broadway to the Steel Bridge to the Hawthorne Bridge to the Burnside Bridge then back to the Hawthorne Bridge. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  10. Makaio, Will you say goodbye to your hot neighbors for me? And apologize to them for me, too? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  11. While i was out with that reporter, i happened to mention Klingon Karaoke. Anyone that went to that geocaching get-together may want to check out tomorrow's living section--that same reporter did a story about that too. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  12. I mean, seriously. What are you going to do while waiting for the bus? Or when you first wake up in the morning? Or after a meal or during a beer? If it weren't for us smokers, the social security system would collapse in weeks. Roads would crumble and schools would close. Entire communities in Virginia would be forced to either work at Taco Bell or legalize gambling. What will happen to your sence of scornfulness when you're forced to go outside during parties for 10 minutes at a time at regular intervals? By quitting smoking, you're falling in with the herd, conforming to the homogenous. Say goodbye to any individuality you may have held dear. But most importantly, how are you going to reward yourself after a strenuous, rewarding hike in the wilderness for a geocache? Nobody likes a quitter! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  13. Here is the event page. Give it a bit to become available for viewing as it needs to be approved. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  14. By a wide margin, it looks like saturday's the day. If i'm out in K-falls, i'll leave my key with someone. Now, any objections to me submitting the event cache page on geocaching.com? Basically, it will say 'meet at lucky lab at 7pm on saturday night.' all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  15. I averaged the home coordinates of all the keyholders and came up with the following coords: N45 37.380 W122 57.780 I think the nearest place to meet to there is the Helvetia Tavern up in Trafcon's neighborhood, or the Rogue restaurant in downtown North Plains. Friday at 8pm? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  16. Sassy's has food? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  17. quote:Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:Gosh, Oregone. What's the hurry? - that's only 12 days from now! I don't even have a key and I want this thing opened before I head off for Spring Break! Well, it probably has to be a weekend so soup can make in from salem and slinger from raymond. And this weekend is the get-together down in K-Falls (weather permitting). Getting all six keymasters in town at once should prove a logistical nightmare, unless we get six 1980s-era sigourney weavers as gatekeepers, that is. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  18. quote:Originally posted by Sassquatch: Now I guess it's up to the key-holders to figure on a time to meet with all and any interested parties. Let the bidding war ensue. Sunday, March 23rd. Sassy's at 8pm. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  19. quote:Originally posted by Trafcon:Oregone, Are you open either at lunch time or about 2:30pm tomorrow?? What am I, an INconvenience store? yes to both times. By the way, does Dr. Isotope like kittens? Because that kinda means a lot to lauren and hence it means a lot regarding whose side i'm on. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  20. all i know is that the swirly icon equals seven. There are six keys out there, one of which i have in my possession. It's a master-lock key with a red square handle: kinda looks like the key they give you at the airport when you store your stuff in a locker. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  21. Here is what i received in the mail today. Who else got one? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  22. The first item i ever took was from joedohn's (jaw2925's) 'No thanks, just browsing" cache. Now archived, it was the closest one to my house at 1.4 miles away. I took a metal matches container decorated with something hindu on it, but i believe i gave it to either mysister or bellemanda. I left a mixtape from an old girlfriend and a buck. as far as sig items: i try to keep them, but always seem to lose them around my apartment. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  23. No offense, Criminal, but i don't think that has anything to do with geocaching at all. I think you're just looking for excuses to push the envelope here. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  24. You wanna give me a 10-9 on that, Big Ben? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  25. Sassquatch, Don't you understand that Wednesday is hump-day? (emoticon!) all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
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