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  1. So anyway, i think i found THE hotel to stay in while in Victoria. Check out The Strath! Over 275 feet of bar! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  2. Having been to both of the Cache Machines, i think i'm qualified to answer those questions. Cache Machines are indeed about numbers, but they're also about hanging out with geocachers. Having never served in the military, i can honestly say that the two CMs i've been to are as close to combat and the inherent comraderie that i'll ever experience. I'm sure that when Dave Ulmer hid that five-gallon bucket out in Redlands, he never envisioned a group of 30 people looking for it at once, but i'm also pretty sure that he never envisioned someone hiding a magnetized altoids box on the back of a stop sign and calling it a cache. (check out all my flashy emoticons!) These Cache Machine deals are like bad inside jokes about your dorm roommate at OSU--you can't really appreciate it unless you've been there. As for environmental impact, i think we're okay on this one--SO FAR. Most of the caches in Bremerton and Yakima were totally easy and not located in sensitive areas. In fact, if i had to stereotype and generalize, i'd say that every cache we found at both CMs involved walking about 300 feet over gravel and park-grass. If there were something called the Forest Park Cache Machine or the THPRD Cache Machine, however, i'd be raising red flags. You guys should come to this Victoria thing travisl has worked out. I can see by the description that it is the most expensive one yet, but then again, it affords me my first trip to vancouver island! Plus, they're pretty liberal when it comes to their age-of-consent laws. I figure it will be an interesting weekend. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  3. quote:Originally posted by fractal:...if anyone is interested. Um, i don't know. Only 25 accounts watching that cache as i write this, so i'm not sure if anyone is interested (emoticon). Those fractal geocaching decals are worth their weight in gold, by the way. When i was in yakima, EVERYONE wanted one. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  4. me after the bremerton cache machine: NEVER AGAIN! me after the yakima cache machine: NEVER AGAIN! me three months before the victoria cache machine: SOUNDS FUN! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  5. quote:Originally posted by leatherman: _Tell us more about _Soapy Boy_!_ Soapy boy will be making an appearance at The Cozy Cove Oceanfront Motel in Lincoln City, Oregon on the night of Saturday, April 12th. Rinsy boy will soon follow. I'll try to post some pictures of the "event." (can i get an emoticon?!) all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  6. To bazzle: get out of st. johns for a day! (emoticon #1!) To Lazyboy: get out of butte falls for a day! (emoticon #2!) To leatherman: get out of dixie for a day! (emoticon #3!) Although i've only met two of you, and although i've only slept in one of your fifth-wheels, i'm sure that all three of ya would probably make fun of me equally as i accidentally spill beer on myself. The original topic was microcaches, and the end-all be-all resolution to this topic is that all microcaches suck unless you either see (a)panties, (b)my find count going up, © someone buying me a beer shortly thereafter (which i would later spill on myself), (d) a forum topic about the whole dadgum thing, or (e) panties. I say 'panties' here twice because i honestly think that they're important. don't make me emoticon again here, guys. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  7. Aside from the obvious caches near the shanghai tunnels, i'm at a loss. You might go buy this book for reference to some others, though. I have a topo for some abandoned mines near the molalla area, but--as you said--they might be inaccessible due to the recent weather. Check out my nutria-related cache. It might be time to head out to the molalla river area anyway. Nice plug, oregone. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  8. quote:Originally posted by Mr. Snazz: 44° 03.872N 121° 16.567W Did we have the same woodshop teacher at PBJH? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  9. This thread is too clever to be conceived by one person. Mr. Snazz, are you actually three imaginary boys? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  10. Cool! I'm there. It might also be a good idea to post this on geocaching.com as an event cache. That way, people that don't read the forums will be there, too. Are we going to level out the bicycle jumps too? all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  11. I think it might be just you if you're talking about Portland (emoticon!). I think there are only 3 micros within a 5 mile radius of downtown: My PGE, DenaliNW's 'Proposals' (placed WAY back in 2001), and Kiwimonster's 'Poetry in Motion.' Portland is even short on the virtual cache department, in comparison to most cities. Have you been finding caches in some other city? I'd check myself, but the profiles aren't coming up yet with these new forums. Anyway, here's some examples: St. Paul, Minnesota has twice as many micros than Portland. Austin, Texas also has six micros within five miles from their city center, but they also have 29 virtuals. I think we're pretty lucky here in portland. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed [This message was edited by oregone on April 01, 2003 at 04:39 PM.]
  12. My favorite girl of geocaching. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  13. At the YCM yesterday, a lot of WA folks seemed interested in attending, so the sooner the event page gets up the better. The way i understand it, half of the camping spots are already taken up by oregon geocachers--including, but not limited to, YurtTown. Man, that's gonna be totally nuts. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  14. quote:Originally posted by Byron & Anne:With a little more information, We just might be able to do this one. Byron Here ya go: IVY PULL! all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  15. you might like these guys. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  16. Saw the movie for the second time tonight. Not because it's good, but because i seriously think that this is the second movie produced in the last 10 years that you can see the lower half of my left leg. The first, of course, being 'body of evidence' starring madonna. anyway, i think you can ALMOST see this cache in 'The Hunted' after the prisoner transport van crashes, but i'm not sure. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  17. What is your exact route? Because I'd hate for you to miss this cache. Although it's just barely off 101, it's easily one of the better oregon coast caches out there. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  18. I, for one, am the proud owner of a fresh pair of 'the doctor is in' G-strings fresh from cafepress. And yes, i'll be wearing them at the event. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  19. I'm still all up for the ivy removal at mary s young state park. my willingness to get up that early on a saturday morning proves my dedication to this, doesn't it? I figure that if we don't hear from kyle in the next week or so, it's mary young all the way, since they are one of the few state parks openly asking for volunteers. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  20. I have a pretty good idea for an upcoming Wednesday night crew get-together. It involves transforming my car to look something like this. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  21. Don't tell Lauren, but i too have a little one on the way (kitten-shaped emoticon!). all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  22. oregone


    I've had to suffer through worse. On a scale of one to ten on the annoying-wait scale, i give it a forty-eight: it's slow but you can still dance to it. By the way, bazzle, did you know that your twin-brother runs the best karaoke i've ever witnessed in pacific county, washington? From South Bend to Pe Ell, he has the most extensive library of karaoke-able songs i've ever seen. all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
  23. 6:45am. (emoticon!) all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed
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