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  1. MVP = referees........

    I think you mean that the referees made some bad calls in Pittsburg's favor. I agree.

    I didn't even know that the state of Philadelphia even had a football team until last week, but now I'm quite sure there was some sort of liberal conspiracy against the Seahawks. Consider the facts: Pittsburg is one of the few metropolitan areas in the United States that is actually LOSING population every year. The other one? That's right, Detroit: The home of tonight's game. Either the governments of these two cities are making Soylent Green out of people, or they are importing them to the NFL Referee School in another one of those weird east coast cities: Denver.

  2. Words cannot describe how disappointed i am to miss this event this year. It unfortunately falls on the same date as the pixies concert in bend that i have 16 tickets for. Last year's shenanigans was unparalleled in its debauchery, especially since we were all minor stars for knowing igor71 aka the winner of the john belushi lookalike contest. For all that will be attending: I'm jealous.

  3. Thanks all. Tonight I did an unofficial count of what i have left to log and i figure i'm up to 1108 now, in case anyone keeps track of stats and stuff anymore, but i may have counted some twice or missed some. At any rate, i figure that number is +/- 20 or so. Since i no longer have a computer at home, it's much easier to spend a few seconds at work or the library to print out a cache than it is to actually log one online.

    The only time i feel comfortable logging one is when i can get the occassional house-sitting job, or when i stay with the nice people at the Grangeville, Idaho Super 8. We at the Grangeville, Idaho Super 8 are committed to taking all steps necessary to make sure you have a wonderful stay. Located right off of US Hwy. 95, Grangeville, Idaho is the gateway to the scenic Salmon River, North America's longest unbridged river. Whether it's antique-hunting in our quaint downtown shops, or enjoying the breathtaking views, Grangeville, Idaho is your destination for family fun. Just steps away from fantastic restaurants, Super 8 is Grangeville, Idaho's newest motel! We offer an extensive continental breakfast, an internet station, 250 gallon trout aquarium, and banquet facilities for up to 125 people. Come stay in the motel that won the award for "Best Curb Appeal" at the North American Motel Awards in 2003. The Super 8 in Grangeville, Idaho is the place to stay!

    To Mayor Vanderwall, Mrs. Vanderwall, and Libby the maid: I believe this satisfies our agreement. I've done my part, now you do yours, please.

  4. quote:
    Originally posted by Trekks:

    I might have to give up mine. There are 3 of us and only a ticket for 2. If anyone has 1/2 a ticket that my 20 year old son can tag along with, we would be happy.


    By 'son' do you mean 'daughter?' And by 'tag along,' do you mean 'make love to?'


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  5. Is it the kind where you pull the bottle out horizontally from (usually) the left side of the machine and the new one rolls into place? I've been looking for one of those. Seriously. I think it would end up paying for itself after, like, four or five parties.


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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:

    I just now reserved site A13. June 5th and 6th, right? icon_biggrin.gif June 5th is free camping day, which really rocks.



    With Snazz coming, Champoeg may turn out to be a total PICADILLY PALARE, complete with an INTERESTING DRUG or two. Since NOVEMBER SPAWNED A MONSTER, June of next year should be enough fun to prove that i WILL NEVER MARRY. And since SUCH A LITTLE THING MAKES SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE, i can attest to snazz's claim that he is THE LAST OF THE FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL PLAYBOYS. Ah, crap--you get the idea.


    Pendantic Morrissey jokes aside, do you know a girl named Denise, Mr. Snazz? Hangs out at the D&D?


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  7. If it were me visiting the Vista House (or, for the sake of discussion, someplace cool that was 300 miles from my house) for the first time, I wouldn't want to designate a plaque as a virtual because said plaque (or anywhere within .1 of it) might be the final location of a multi-cache.

    I can think of a couple virtual caches I've visited in the past that turned out to be the final location of an older, and usually more difficult, geocache.

    I like sassquatch's point: He said something along the lines of the Vista House being no big deal to us locals.

    Virtual caches like this are probably great for those visiting from other areas, however, so maybe you could make it a multi-waypoint cache. The first waypoint being, of course, somewhere in British Columbia.


    By the way, i wasn't being sarcastic with that last paragraph. When I was in San Francisco, California last summer, I found the coolest plaque near the bottom of a swimming pool in an historic hotel commemorating a visit by marilyn monroe. I thought it was totally the bee's knees, but i didn't want to step on the toes of the local cachers. So i SERIOUSLY considered making it a multi-cache with the first waypoint being the Andy Warhol suite at the Heathman Hotel here in Portland. Probably woulda stayed at the top of people's 'not found' lists for a little too long, though. I mean, it was a pretty cheesy hotel.


    But hey, next time you come to the Columbia River Gorge, you should do that 'Mosier Tunnels' or 'Snowbound' cache, or whatever it's called now. That's got the REAL history...


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  8. THIS JUST IN(!):

    I ran into Pandora tonight at Doc's, and--after many singles were exchanged--she said that she would 'consider' coming to champoeg 2004 for a nominal fee. She had more stipulations than a french lawyer (her words, not mine), but i think it will be totally worth it. So can anyone think of a way to construct some sort of pole in a yurt? Is it even possible?

    For those that don't know Pandora, consider yourself lucky. For those that DO know Pandora, i'm thinking about some sort of cement base and six-inch brass screws. And a Nine Inch Nails CD.


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  9. dadgum dasein, all of those emoticons gave me kind of a funny idea: Whaddaya say we nominate pdxkim for being in charge of Champoeg 2004?


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  10. quote:
    Originally posted by fractal:


    Or maybe some sort of a cook-off competition... Iron Chef style?



    I am SO there, as long as the 'theme ingredient' is chosen by whomever is organizing this event, and in order to find said ingredient you have to run out--using your gps, of course--to kitty's grave to retrieve it.

    I hope the theme ingredient is salmon, because i think i need a quick trip to the kitchen as well. or sausage. i like sausage.


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  11. quote:
    Originally posted by familyO'foxes:



    Your girls will be in good company, there will be several young kids there. We have 3:


    Samantha 7

    Andrew 5 (aka Andrewfox)

    Maddie 4




    Bodoni beat me to the punch on this one, but i feel that i should expand on the notion and let you all know that i am--quite possibly--the best temporary babysitter i know. How else are your children going to learn that hairspray is flammable? Or that things you find on the ground should immediately be put in your mouth? And seriously, where would your children be today if i wasn't there teaching them how to spot fake boobs?

    Anyway, the only thing you need to do to 'plan' champoeg is call ranger mike and tell him we're pulling ivy, right? Everything else will just fall into place like so many domesticated-yet-newly-cautious squirrels, i think.


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  12. Who's organizing it this year? I know that Maps-r-us don't/doesn't have to do it, and i know that fractal and soup are exempt, so who does that leave? Is it too late to claim 'not-it?' Because if it isn't, and i have to do it, then you better have the underlings in bed by 10pm. You know, because i like strippers. A lot.


    Anyway, we really have it scheduled for 'state parks day' this time, so that means that camping is free (barring yurts and cabins). Since it is said holiday, maybe we should consider reserving that picnic site that we've been lucky enough to get the last two years running.


    I wonder what yurtville will be like this time... Considering the exponential extravegance through the last two years, i'll be surprised if no one dies next june.


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  13. My friend Shane (whose geocaching name is 'chickenstrips,' although he refuses to register on geocaching.com because, in his words, geocaching is gay), a total wigger that used to wear a mullet back when christian metal was his thing but now sports plain backwards baseball-caps because of the eminem and the snoop dog and whatever else is popular to middle-class white kids today has at least a partial influence in my web-vernacular: When he started saying 'be-otch,' i eventually started saying 'be-otch.' The same can be said with the infusion of the word 'shizzle' into my vocabulary. For example, when i was at Dairy Queen yesterday, the girl asked me if i wanted dessert with my grilled chicken sandwich, and i replied: 'For shizzle my oreo blizzle.' This has been a trend in my everyday speech patterns (on and off) since i met chickenstrips about 10 years ago. Personally, i find this kind of speech laughable, if not offensive. It serves no purpose other than to whore out the english language to sexual deviants and irish immigrants. Saying 'aks' instead of 'ask' is--from my point of view--as bad as using an emoticon.


    Of course, you can't deny the power of both:


    Originally posted by oregone:

    Originally posted by Navdog:

    Yeah, I thought for sure there would be some eager beaver down there this last weekend.


    I was almost said eager beaver, but a random fever and an even randomer unexplained electrical problem in the CRX prevented it. Both of which could have been prevented had a certain photo-taking cacher made it down there first. [props)]



    As improper as it is to quote myself, i feel that the above usage of both fake emoticons and outdated-wigger-language demonstrates the fact that it is important to give props where props is due, be-otch.

    My point of view is as follows: We had a mystery to solve, and one of us solved it. Hence, he that solved it reaps the spoils. Common courtesy and common sense, right?


    All that throat-clearing preamble to an introduction diverted me from saying what i really wanted to convey: There's a certain amount of respect and trust that i expect (usually) when it comes to these forums. If we can't solve an honest-to-audrey mystery without somebody capitalizing on it, than what are we here for?


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  14. Laurencat and I will be in Cottage Grove for the festivities, so a sunday afternoon pizza thingie sounds fun. Hopefully i will have changed out of my toga costume by then.


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  15. Although totally not in the running to figure out this whole series of caches, i have completed a CD commemorating #6 and the Nehalem Falls Campground Jamboree. Look for a copy in a cache near you, maybe.


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  16. quote:
    Originally posted by geniustara:


    You just don't do that.


    I'm actually going to try to respond to this, despite what logic and proportion tell me.


    Firstly, I must reiterate that i feel there is nothing wrong with Springfield, Oregon. I have many good experiences with Springfield, although most of them are so off-topic that they don't even belong in found-logs, much less forum posts. Not to mention that a few of them haven't passed the necessary seven years for the statute of limitations.


    Secondly, by grouping all residents of Springfield and/or all poor people together in one stereotypical tricycle-strewn, Wal-Mart-shopping group, i may have non-purposely overlooked all of the blue-collar, triumph-over-adversity types that make milepost 194 what it is today: A diverse, multi-cultural community of many backgrounds that all contribute to society in their own special way.


    My only excuse for my reprehensible post is as follows: In my feeble attempt to be both funny and helpful toward new people moving to the Eugene/Springfield area, i thought i'd bring some low-brow humor into my representation of the area in order to seem lighthearted and approachable. Since i am familiar with both the real estate markets and the general lifestyle of Eugene/Springfield, I couldn't help but offer my relative expertise, but i could have done so in a more courteous, professional, and forum-worthy manner. I can only offer you my sincerest apologies. If you're not too busy watching Jenny Jones reruns, rushing off to QFC for 40-ouncers of Pabst Blue Ribbon and generic-brand dog food, or converting the defunct wheel-free 1962 dodge pick-up in your backyard into a third bedroom, maybe you can find the time to forgive me for my insensitivity. [emoticon squared]


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  17. Maybe someone with an accurate count could head up Friday morning and reserve a bunch of sites? I'm sure that if we're short a site or two, people can share.


    And I'm pretty sure that trying to find a campsite at places like Cape Lookout would be a lesson in futility. As we all know, some of those yurt sites are reserved nine months in advance!


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  18. I have indeed been there before, but i stayed in one of the five primitive sites, so I'm not sure about the group camping area. All i know is that it was almost totally empty in August of 2001, save the weird texas family that lost their 7-year-old boy--they were CONVINCED that he fell down the falls until they finally found him, alive and kicking, hiding underneathe a stump.


    It's a sweet, out-of-the-way, hard-to-find place right on the nehalem river next to the falls. I stayed there for two nights in early August of '01 thinking i was going to live off of crawdads, but the pickings were slim so i ended up heading into town every afternoon for lemon-ginger salmon at the Nehalem Dock.


    I can't imagine them outlawing fires there, but i suppose it could be possible. I think it's all POTBRR land, but i could easily be wrong. If someone in the area could check it out before the event, that would rock.


    As far as i know, all of that POTB land is public right-of-way and there aren't any caches out there. It would be kinda cool to place a cache in honor of your birthday and the event while we we're out there.


    I guess the best thing to do would be to run out there this weekend to check out the campground (and how crowded it is), and their current regulations involving fires. I'll call slinger and ask him to stop by there on his way to Trading Spaces.


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  19. May I suggest the Nehalem River Falls Campground?


    N 45 43.778

    W 123 46.265


    Drive-up sites are only $8, primitive sites are $5, and it's a relatively unknown place just 10 minutes from the beach at manzanita, the Nehalem Dock Restaurant, and my VERY difficult Nehalem Dock cache.

    Lauren is always working on weekends now, but i'm pretty sure i could make it, especially if Pandora isn't busy that night.


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