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  1. I use memo books that are perfect bound. This means that each individual sheet is glued to the spine, they can be opened flat without damage to the spine. The pages won't fall out even under considerable use. They have fifty sheets and you can use an exacto knife and a sturdy straight edge to cut them to any size. I've easily cut them down to 1/2 in. wide by one inch in length.
  2. Army surplus store often carry them. Ask in you regional forums. You'll get a more direct answer to a local store.
  3. Sorry, but I don't think Salami would be considered healthy food. A couple of clif bars are always in my pack. They are a good source of complex carbohydrates and don't melt in the hot summer heat.
  4. Well said, and the overriding factor in how I design many of my caches. Learning how to bushwhack into some urban park caches without a trace can be frustrating and rewarding at the same time.
  5. If the cache is in the parking lot of the hotel, I see no problem with it. The way I understand it is you can go in to the lobby with the cache to log it, but this is an option, not a requirement. Since I have found your cache in it's new location, I think it is a nice spot. Placing it in a hotel parking lot would somehow sterilize the experience for me. Travel bug hotels near airports are a great idea, but you have to consider how often do cachers visit on layovers compared to normal local caching traffic.
  6. Congratulations. Is it me or is already doing the secret hand/chin thing?
  7. Nor will one less smiley lose you any prizes, so I guess it comes down to morals. If you feel it's right to pretend to find something you didn't, log it. If not, don't. Sometimes a little extra effort on the part of a cacher deserves a find. Other than that, it is up to their own morals and the cache owner who has the right to delete any find on their cache.
  8. You need the ultraviolet lights turned on in there!
  9. Fry's had some great front door/driveway motion sensors that would play a short recorded message when triggered. They were only about ten-twelve bucks.
  10. Doesn't everyone have fantasies of kissing a frog? Personally, I'd like to know if it was female or male before I did.
  11. Quoted from the other thread baecause I think it is a great idea!
  12. Hey, you took the time to put it together and hide it for the other cacher, go ahead and log it. If it bothers you just post a note and thank him for leaving it in the spot you chose. One more smiley face on your cache list isn't going to win you any prizes.
  13. I bet if it was patchouli soap... animals wouldn't touch it!
  14. Hey, you know that in other parts of the world... not all geosmurfs are blue.
  15. I'm not sure who is involved with Todays Cacher, but I applaud your effort in creating it, and hopefully it will be a valuable asset to the geocaching community. In the end it will be the stories told and the connections that are made to the readers that will make it a success.
  16. Pictures of the Mitchell Point Tunnel along the Old Columbia River Highway have always fascinated me. Sadly it was destroyed in 1966 when the I-84 freeway was built. Designed by Samuel Lancaster, it was part of his romantic and deeply spiritual attitude toward the environment and mankind's relationship to nature.
  17. In the Columbia Gorge there are the restored Mosier Twin Tunnels along a section of the Old Columbia River Highway that is now a four mile trail with great views of the Gorge. Inside the tunnels is an inscription carved into the rocks by travelers who were trapped in a snowstorm for a week back in 1921. The Mosier Tunnels Revisited Cache is located nearby.
  18. Must be one of these. Looks like there are a bunch of these types made for different cachers in Utah. Click here to see some of them . Not sure how you actually track them. I would email the owner of the one you have.
  19. This is geocaching.com not geotravel.com It continues to amaze me why some people can't understand and accept the fact that the basic concept of geocaching is the placement and hunt for a physical cache. You also don't have a good concept of human nature if you fail to see that if there were no limits on virtual caches, everyone and their aunt and uncle would be placing vacation virtuals and regular virtuals like weeds across the globe. I could go through travel books while sitting on my couch and getting the coordinates to every statue in Europe and placing virtuals by the dozens even though I have never been there or ever intend to be there. Personally I would see this as rather rude to the local folks that may live near one of these and would like to place a physical cache in the town where they live. With no limits to virtuals, I am sure that a third of all caches now would probably be virtuals. Face it, people are lazy, if they can get away without having to fuss with maintenance or finding a good durable hiding spot, they will. This sport has grown because of the hunt for the logbook. I just don't see any viable sites on the internet called geotravel.com. Maybe there should be, but it's not what the basic concept of caching is.
  20. How about something like this. Folks liked this guy I made when you were wanting us to design your avatar last July.
  21. Can you imagine how the other four entrants are feeling? They probably have no idea what has been going on and are feeling a little inadequate, I would think.
  22. Maybe this is what you are talking about. These Wild George Tokens are made by Utah cacher Wild George and seem to be numbered. They don't look like something you track at WG.
  23. Navdog


    If you are talking about these letters in a cache page description, then this seems to be the only cache with that example. It is a multi and it looks like you are supposed to find these letters on something from the bearing line given.
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