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  1. Sorry you are so self conscious. Finding well placed urban micros discreetly is an art. Placing urban micros that can be found discreetly is an art. Sounds more like geotravel.com. sounds like an oxymoron to me... and it also sounds like you just don't like micros.
  2. MOC's may help. But here is another idea to use temporarily. Why not make make the caches multis, where the first waypoint is actually an answer the cacher will have to come up with before they go out and hunt the cache. They email you the answer and you send them the coords to the cache. Yes, it adds some inconvenience, but it preserves your cache locations that you may be fond of. Archiving your caches means that another cacher will likely fill the spot with another cache in the near future.
  3. Since you are doing a multiple choice test, it would be very easy to set up a password to access a web page consisting of the string of answers corresponding to the choice of the letter assigned to the correct answer for each question. So the password may look like ADBCECAAD... The only catch with this solution is that it would require 100% accuracy for each question. Edit: As an afterthought, even if cachers were unsure of one or two questions, adjusting the answers a few times on a question they were unsure of, to unlock the password would still make it fairly easy to come up with the correct password.
  4. Great containers. We have used one as a map cache, since it has a rubber seal, it is waterproof.
  5. There is a link on your My Cache page also to look-up or email a member.
  6. Glad they turned out well for you Pepper!
  7. That's interesting, I think that Garmin, or Magellan could offer a unit with higher internal capacity, but it contradicts the basic marketing ploy of only offering something a little better than your competitor, when you know you can offer a better unit six months from now and all your customers will be happy to upgrade.
  8. Since Garmin spent considerable money putting these new products on the market, you would think they did some market research, so maybe removable memory is not that important in their eyes and most GPS consumers. Especially those who really don't travel around more than 1-2 states.
  9. Navdog

    Coordinate Search

    Do you have the correct coordinate numbers, are you entering them in the correct format as chosen. Be sure you have the correct latitude, N, and the correct longitude, W.
  10. Cool, the perfect tool to get the coordinates for the cache you placed up in that tree.
  11. If a cache owner really wants a self limiting cache, why doesn't he just archive and remove it himself after a certain time period. Why create possible confusion and frustration for other cachers.
  12. Navdog

    Poison Oak

    You may be on to something! What a great way to keep muggles away from your ammo can.
  13. Not surprising, but they will still look nice. One other idea, if you are not going to have them individually numbered, it may be nice to put "2004" on them as a mint date.
  14. Navdog

    Poison Oak

    Judging by the green growth of the weeds in the picture and a few tiny seedlings, as well as the new growth of the suspect plant, it is possible Travisl's picture was taken one of the last two springs since the cache was placed and not this winter.
  15. Navdog

    Poison Oak

    Poison-oak generally grows in acid soils, and is not limited to any particular soil texture or drainage pattern. It occurs on well-drained slopes and in riparian zones. Poison-oak is a somewhat shade-tolerant species commonly occurring in seral woodland and mixed evergreen forest understories. The bright green leaves have three round to ovate, diversely lobed or toothed leaflets that usually resemble oak leaves.
  16. Navdog

    Poison Oak

    Definitely not Virginia Creeper! VG is more of a vining plant and has five leaves: As EGH said, Poison Oak has only three leaves and the lobes can be fairly sharp in some plants to very rounded in others. The most common mistake in identifying it is more likely to occur when it is growing in an area of Oak seedlings that look very similar at that stage. Remember the old adage: Leaves of three, let it be.
  17. No, I can work up a design with the logo for you to look. But, it might be a good idea to ask before you order any coins. The reason I pointed out the geo-man thing is that we were turned down when we asked permission about the pdxgeocaching logo (see below). I've seen this type of image on numerous designs lately, so I wonder just how much an image of a figure jumping in the air is really protected. Obviously using other elements of the geocaching logo makes it more germane to that.
  18. Just so I understand, you don't want the coin to have any colors except for the actual finish of the metal? It's interesting how much this logo resembles part of the geo-logo. But it would be best to address any design issues with Groundspeak first.
  19. Is this what you mean? So there would be no color on the coin. Does that help reduce the costs? Although I have made these to resemble a gold/brass coin, I've seen other materials used for coins such as a nickel look which is more of a silver color. Also, I suppose we could overlay the geocaching logo onto the peppers like your actual avatar.
  20. I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I'd be happy to work up a few ideas that would portray something personal in the design. But, first I need you to complete this Personality Test as well as this Rorschach Test to help develop possible design themes for your geocoin. Or you could just give me some ideas as to what you may want on the coin.
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