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  1. I think some posters to this thread are confusing terrain rating to cache difficulty. Which seems to be what the original poster was talking about. If the cache is honestly rated a 5 for difficulty, then you better be prepared to spend some time looking for it. That is why it is rated a 5! A high terrain rating means it may be difficult to get to but not necessarily hard to find. The current rating system is just fine if used honestly and objectively. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  2. Just thought I would give a heads up on some good cache containers. I had bought several of these containers awhile back at Storables, but I just noticed that Safeway has a promotion currently for sets of varying sizes. They seem to be very sturdy and the silicone gasket on the lid may do the trick for keeping moisture out. I currently have one cache that has one and no problems so far. Prices at Safeway for a set comes out to about $1.25 ea. Seems like a great alternative when an ammo can is too big. Lock & Lock containers The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  3. quote:Originally posted by Sparrowhawk: I happened to mention the idea to him of filling a hollow metal fencepost with popcans, leaving the last few inches empty for sneaky caching. Then put the fencepost cap back on. I've already considered that idea for a new cache, and have tested it with simply stuffing an oversized piece of foam rubber into the pipe, leaving a few inches near the top for the cache container. Works well. Rubbing the inside of the cap with some candle wax keeps the cap from binding. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  4. You might consider Bald Peak. Not sure if you can get a complete view of the sky, it's been awhile since I've been up there. But there is an open grassy area. Otherwise I might recommend Larch Mt. over here on the east side. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  5. quote:Originally posted by logscaler:Red and I where stopped twice in Portland, Oregon a while back for just the same events as already posted. Wandering around the sagebrush in circles out in the desert isn't like urban caching. You should have carried your laptop around, and you would have blended in just fine. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  6. Hmmm, Definitely one of those five star hunts but, it must be a virtual cache. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  7. Those are really neat and are at the forefront of what caching may be heading to. A big ammo can full of junk or a wet and moldy rubbermaid container really is not necessary in a lot of situations. After all, isn't it the thrill of the hunt that comprises the majority of the fun in geocaching? For me, finding the cache and signing the logbook as a testament to my adventure is all that is really necessary. Yes, they are a little spendy but, why should anyone complain about supporting this website? It ceases to amaze me how much griping goes on in the forums for a sport that is essentially free for anyone to use. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  8. . [This message was edited by Navdog on May 31, 2003 at 10:26 PM.]
  9. Yeah, that's some pretty twisted logic in some of those clues. Guess if that was a geocache you would have to rate it at six stars. Surprisingly, the nearest current cache is almost two miles away, although a temp. disabled cache is 40 mi. away. I guess Slinger wins the pot on the closest cache and it proves that there are still virgin parks in the Portland area! The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  10. That's cool. It's interesting to see the yearly changes in the photos. I remember seeing a cache log about some back alley. Is that cache still active? I also remember an old thread about that red car and scanning portlandmaps.com and seeing few red cars on the main street. Wondered then if that was an oregonemobile. What can I say, I'm a map geek! The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  11. This begs the question of quality over quantity. Is there not some type of memorial nearby to honor those you choose without spreading 50 micros about? The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  12. Central Oregon Geocaching COGEO The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  13. GRESHAM!!!That place is only a mile from me. Oh Well, I guess I'll stick to geocaching. No money in it but, at least I can find something. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  14. More backtracking. A menaced prince will have his say. From dictionary.com: The chief of any body of men; one at the head of a class or profession; one who is pre["e]minent; as, a merchant prince; a prince of players. ``The prince of learning.'' The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  15. Backtracking to one of the first clues. As sites go, this one is Bo. Nadia loves it, Don't you know. There is the Bo Jackson Fitness Center, a three story building at the Nike Campus. But why would there be all these clues hinting at Nike if there is no public access to the Campus, or is there? The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  16. quote: CYBret: "What would you do." I've never understood the numbers game. I see nothing wrong if you were to physically go to the cache and write in the logbook, then state on the online log your reason for logging it again. Anyway, technically it is a new cache with a new name, so who is to know or care? If I were the cache owner I would understand your situation. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  17. quote:Originally posted by Snoogans: What proof do I have to give that I can maintain them? Cash receipts from local restaurants and attractions in the area for the last five years. Affidavit from family members you actually show up at their house on occasion. Cash receipts from gas stations along the way. A security deposit in case your cache is abandoned. References from three other cachers that you are an upstanding citizen of the caching community. DNA and fingerprint samples. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  18. I sometimes think that we in the Pacific Northwest must live in heaven... O.K. maybe a wet heaven, but the most danger we have to worry about here is slipping on a slug. Hey, don't laugh they're huge around here! The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  19. You're placing a multi along a historic road and you can't find a place to put a physical cache? Doesn't seem like you are trying hard enough. I don't want to sound harsh, but why can't you run the cachers through the cafe as a leg in the cache and place a physical cache nearby. They will still get to enjoy the memorabilia. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  20. Not sure who to be upset with on situations like this, the cacher who is ignorant enough to walk through it or the cache placer who is ignorant enough to place a cache in an area that has poison ivy/poison oak and not mention it on the cache page. I feel silly sometimes listing all the warnings on my cache pages about various hazards and I sometimes think the terrain ratings are a point too high, but I would rather have less visitors to one of my caches than have someone who is not use to wandering in the wilds get into trouble. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  21. quote:Originally posted by dasein: Doug went to the all-you-can-eat oyster dinner and couldn't stop raving about the tasty fresh oysters and crab. Ummm... nobody mentioned the all you can eat oysters. That would have been worth putting up with all the traffic. Double darn nabbit!!! The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  22. quote:Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:Navdog wrote: quote:the Terpenning Swim/Recreation Complex on 158th. .... I've never walked around the site I think it is high time that you do http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=12920 Ha! Ha! It's bad enough you westsiders have all the good parks let alone multi-million dollar recreation complexes. But when they close the only Pizzacato on the outer eastside and we're stuck with kiddy wading pools, life sucks!!! The only consolation for an eastsider like me is that I am only five minutes away from Edgefield Manor. A short stint in seven and eight. This could also mean 1978. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  23. O.K. the Nike Cup is played at the Terpenning Swim/Recreation Complex on 158th. On the web site for the event was a pic of Brandi Chastain. I've never walked around the site but I believe there is a nature area/ trail there and I think some small ponds. The compass bearing clue doesn't necessarily imply it is from the Nike HQ. A flashy All-American has ties to land 'round here. Just means it is nearby. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  24. One thing bothers me about the lily theory. The lily was a beauty, but you can't relive that fun. When I first saw this I thought about a historical object that is no longer there, like an amusement park ride. Not sure how this can be construed to be a lily pond. The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
  25. Sounds like you guys may be on to something about Nike/Tualatin Hills Nature Park. But I don't think there is public access to the Nike jogging track. Isn't there a track and some athletic fields at the Swim Center on 158th nearby? The adventures of Navdog, Justdog, and Otterpup
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