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    Thanks Jeremy, I know this is not a poll, but I will vote for no polls.
  2. It would be cool if you could order those with your own custom GC# to one of your own caches.
  3. Well, I guess if you're nudecacher, you travel pretty light.
  4. Here is a direct link to the Trimble planning software. It's a free download and although a little geeky, it works great and is kinda fun to play around with. Trimble Planning Software
  5. Looks nice. Charcoal is a good neutral color. Will there be other color choices in the future?
  6. I call this a reverse GOTO and it works well for shorter distances, as my GPS V has a minimum waypoint projection distance of .10 mi. Also you can project a waypoint on the same bearing line but with a distance further from target. This allows your gps to display the correct bearing and heading as you walk to the target. Then all you have to do is walk the correct distance as displayed on your screen.
  7. Although not inexpensive, Ram Mounts are extremely well made. I used the suction mount adapter on my windshield for awhile and it stuck like glue.
  8. I have been intrigued with this idea for a long time, but have had doubts about how well the log/limb would stay in one piece and not begin to crack apart from weathering. It gets pretty wet here in the Northwest. Plus the problem with keeping the bark on it, but I guess that really isn't too important.
  9. No, I think it was a Canadian Goose.
  10. That's not necessary, there is already a .10 mi. rule in place on this site and the approvers take care of that. Also this site works with land managers on geocaching placement policies. There is no guarantee other sites would. Look how many letterboxes are places in National Parks and other restricted areas that pertain to geocaches.
  11. So you wouldn't be upset if, while you had your cache listed on NC, that I placed a cache thirty feet from yours and used the same name but listed it on this site? Not at all! The more the merrier. In fact, I challenge you to do that just to make your point. I think doing so would say more about you as a person and a geocacher than any point you would make by the action. ________________ Gorak 25 105 97LU Not saying I would do that, just pointing out potential problems with competing cache services.
  12. So now you write TNLS? (took nothing left something)
  13. So you wouldn't be upset if, while you had your cache listed on NC, that I placed a cache thirty feet from yours and used the same name but listed it on this site?
  14. For me to list my caches on your site, it would have to be much better than this one. I certainly wouldn't pay for a membership at two different sites. So my question is, what can you offer me that this site doesn't have that would tempt me to jump ship? And sorry, easy locationless/virtual guidelines won't do it, nor will an off topic forum thread.
  15. Amen brother. BTW, I think the lurker thread confirms your feelings.
  16. Wow, I totally missed that feature before. I have always wanted the abaility to access archived caches from a zip code. There is good history and insight in knowing why a cache was archived. Especially if it concerns a ban at a particular park.
  17. A whiner checker would be great.
  18. Two caches I have placed that will challenge your navigational skills with map and compass: The Legend of Skull Hollow Bushmaster
  19. For me, I have noticed satellite geometry has more of an influence on gps accuracy. Below is a graph for a 24 hr. period that shows pdop values near my house. Obviously, if you were caching around 1:00 pm, you might have a more difficult time zeroing in on the cache location. Of course, placing a cache at that time may be the reason a few days later the first finder notes his coords were off from what you posted.
  20. Has anyone tried those generic inkjet refill kits, where you inject the ink into your existing cartridges, on an HP printer? Just wondering if image quality suffers in any way.
  21. huh? Never mind, I looked at your profile.
  22. I use the Suunto Vista hand bearing compass. It's been great in helping me design some multi-caches with it's pinpoint accuracy, as well as a handy little gadget to help zero in on a cache. I can stand back 100' from a cache and usually pinpoint exactly where the box is.
  23. Try clearing your cookies or temp internet files.
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