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  1. Mitch, Thanks for the notice, that is fast service. I have looked at the MPB and it looks great. If I had not bought a Swiss Army case for my Laptop in June I would get one. The Empress (my lovely wife) would exile me if another laptop case came into the house. Take care, Peter
  2. Hi John, Did you order the Motherlode? Inquiring minds want to know! Agreatscot
  3. quote:Originally posted by Doc-Dean:How about a hat in the http://www.tilley.com/shop2.asp?path=rootTilley_Hats style (minus the Tilly hat price) ?? http://www.tilley.com/prodimages/fathersdayLTM3_detail.jpg --------------------------------------------------- Free your mind and the rest will follow http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung/aktion/action-smiley-076.gif Without the Tilley quality?? I don't think so!!
  4. quote:Originally posted by SamLowrey:Also, I put something more substantial, like Gatorade or even juice, in mine. But I think it would be a good idea to have a small bottle of water in case pure water is needed (clean something, for instance). I am thinking of adding a second bladder with Gatorade or maybe Sangria!
  5. quote:Originally posted by bmcilvoy:I agree with what others has said - Good advice. I might add that most people under estimate their water requirements to survive just one day in the summer desert. PPS: Folks, forgive me, I can't spell. Hi Bernie, WOW! Thanks for sharing that. it really makes you think about the chances we take without weighing the risks. With 20/20 hindsight three questions come to mind. 1. How much water should you have had. Not that you woukd want to attempt this again. 2. August??? Maybe early April or late October. 3. How much better would it have been with a GPSr? I grew-up in La Crescenta, CA with the Angeles National Forest as our backyard. In the summer (and weekends during the school year)we would hike over the hills on all day explorations. We even 'cached' water canteens frozen the day before to retrieve on the way back. I learned to respect the desert and visit when I can. Death Valley later this fall! Thanks for the posts everyone, I have picked up some new ideas. Peter AKA Agreatscot PS My spelling is perfect, at least when I use Microsoft Word XP! LOL!
  6. Thanks again Mike Desert_Warrior, those are great tips. For anyone interested in more detail or planning a desert trip this is the best book available: Desert Survival Skills by David Alloway Happy Trails, Peter AKA Agreatscot
  7. quote:Originally posted by Tahosa:Packs: Also carry a GPS case which straps on the pack straps, and the lanyard goes around the pack strap. Tahosa - Dweller of Mountain Tops. Hi Tahosa, Nice pack and gear. Where did you get the GPS case or who makes it? It looks real handy and protects the unit. Thanks, Peter
  8. Looks like one image did not come out. I will try again. I hope this works. It looks to me like this might work for you. This way the Motherlode is not too much bigger than a Mule just a little longer. I may try it on my mountain bike next weekend.
  9. quote:Originally posted by John & Bretta: Even though it is not the same model that I'd be getting, I still wouldn't mind seeing it in its "small as possible with bladder" state just to give me an idea. If you don't mind doing a pic or two of it... Thanks! - John... Here you go John, Sorry for the delay, we got home too late to take pictures. These are taken with the bladder full and the cinch straps fully tight and empty of my gear. This was a good project as I can now reorganize the contents before reloading and get rid of the extras. If you need other pictures let me know. I will leave it as is today. Take care, Peter AKA Agreatscot
  10. quote:Originally posted by John & Bretta:Anyone have a picture of a Motherlode with it empty except for the bladder - John... Hi John, I could shoot a couple of pictures tomorrow when I return home for you. The only thing is that my Motherlode is the older model (really the middle model, it has the Molle straps but does not extend out in the top.) Let me know, Peter This is a picture of my pack loaded with a Maxpedition M1 I bought from TNRonin attached to the Molle straps. Works great! I think you can get a pretty good idea. TNRonin Maxpedition
  11. Thanks Mitch, Sounds good for the order. I have the Point Magu hike coming up later in September and these will come in handy. There are 2 caches along the route I hope to visit. There is also a 'Virtual Cache' but I don't know what that is. Sounds like something from The Matrix.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Have Cache WILL Travel: Where the heck are you guys geocaching, the Sahara? I can see taking a liter of water along if you are going to be making a day of it, or maybe two for a hot, arid climate, but a whole friggin' BACKPACK of water?? . One more thing, The water bladder on most Camelbaks only takes up a small percentage of the packs like the BFM, MULE, and Motherlode. The packs have separte compartments and pockets to hold first aid kits, survival gear, camera, extra batteries, food, extra clothing, compass, PDA, etc. and cache mintenance and trade items. Take care.Peter AKA Agreatscot [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on August 28, 2003 at 11:55 PM.]
  13. Ok here goes: M4 in OD Single Sheath, quantity 2 in OD Rat Wallet in OD That is it for now, email me the total and I will use Paypal. I am thinking about the Thermite Versipack as a future buy but have a couple questions. I am left handed and will the Verispack work OK on the left side. Is it designed to attach to packs like the M1 and M4. Thanks again, Peter AKA Agreatscot
  14. Sounds like a great show TNronin. Let me know when you are ordering again so I can finalize my requests.
  15. I have 2 Tilley hats. Wear them all the time. One is a T3 that has snaps like the Aussie hats. Quite dashing! The other is a T4 with wide brim. It is also great for driving to cut down glare. I hardly use my visor it the car. Tilley has new hats with vent mesh aroubd the brim to reduce heat. Called Airflo models. I am saving for one.
  16. Hi John, From reading I have done Camelbak changed the Motherlode due to requirements by the military. If you look at the new model there are alot more Molle straps. These are required for all packs and vest gear to add gear to the outside. The 'military' packs from Camelbak are made by Eagle industries, a top gear supplier to the military. They are tough heavy duty material far superior to the civilian models. They are in daily use by our troops (God Bless them!) making them more effective and saving lives. Team Shuey is providing a great service to the Geocaching family by providing these Camelbaks at a really good price. I looked at one at a local military outdoor store and what a saving we get at Team Shuey. I am saving up for a BFM now. On the hike you are talking about I ask, is there potable water at the campsite? If not I would go with the BFM and extra 100oz bladders. I have a old model Motherlode and it is fine for a 2-3 day hike in summer. In winter I will need the BFM. Good luck, Peter AKA Agreatscot
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