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  1. quote:Originally posted by The Frantic Cachers:check here......http://www.tnrdgrnr.com/maxpedition/products.htm Geocaching Home Groundspeak Forums GPS Garage Sale Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you MAXPEDITION TNRonin has a thread in the garage sale area. I have ordered a CP-L for that very purpose. Peter AKA Agreatscot
  2. quote:Originally posted by Bo Peep & The Sheep:I have just this week started putting heavy weight rubber gloves in some caches, if anyone needs one on site, it is there. http://blacksheep.rootsweb.com/gc/geocan.jpg Trash-out, EVERYtime Great ideas everyone. I use needle nose pliars and an empty plastic coke bottle to pickup on the beach where I walk. Seal it with the cap and toss it in the trash in the past. Now I am worried about people getting it for the recycle program. Bo Peep, you have me curious about the GeoCan?? More info, please??
  3. quote:Originally posted by gitarmac:I have a nite eyes generic one that works great. I cut off the flap so the top of the gps is exposed.... How about a picture, sounds interesting!?!?
  4. Hi Mitch, Yes that is another Tan Single sheath in addition to the 1st one and one black single sheath. My buddy that is getting the 2 tan sheaths uses a 3 liter Camelbak Thermobak in desert camo tan for trail running (is it really trail jogging?). There is no storage in that one. he is going to put the 2 tan single sheaths on the pack straps for a flashlight and a knife. He is also planning to wear that tan Thermite with a dog spray (pepper spray?) in one pocket and a Swiss Army knife in the other. Sounds like a good combination. to me. My other buddy wants a CP-M in black if you have it. Let me know about when shipping might happen. No rush by me, but they are 'chomping at the bit' if you know what I mean. Let me know when I need to Paypal more. Peter
  5. Hi Mitch, Here we go again. Another add to that order, another tan single sheath. I think I will wait a couple days to Paypal to see if they want more.
  6. quote:Originally posted by John & Bretta:...Shuey was also kind enough to donate two MULEs to be given away as prizes at the http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=73819! Team Shuey rocks! Thanks again, Shuey! - John... Team Shuey you are fantastic in your support of Geocaching! That sounds like a great event, John. The GeoGolf is a fun idea. What is the length of the course, if you know. Great idea to get the MULE for your bike rides. I use mine when I go mountain bike. I think the BFM might be a good move. Those side pockets are the only difference and shouild be real convenient. John, you rock for your support of the Scouts! Hey, team Shuey do you carry gloves. How about a geocaching glove? Most of us throw gloves in for our excursions. I could use an XL cowhide exterior, lined. Have anything like that? With the camo Geocaching patch (or a reasonable facimile) on the back of the hand! OOPs I may be going too far.
  7. Hi Algonquin Bound, Congratulations on the new Magellan! Sounds like a good buy. Can you say who you bought from (that is the Ebay ID)? Thanks
  8. Ok Mitch, I just emailed what we need and sent the Paypal. If anything is wrong or unavailable let me know. Not a rush. I am really enjoying this Thermite. It is really comfortable and holds a lot. I even wore it the other day with the M1 on the belt to carry my Handspring Visor so my small binoculars and camera would both fit.
  9. Well here we go already. My buddies want a black single mag sheath and a khaki single mag sheath. I think I better collect from these guys before you ship. Let me know when you can get these. Thats all for now, or at least until tomorrow. LOL. Thanks again, Peter
  10. Sounds good, Mitch. I can wait on the CP-L, that sounds fine. By that time, my friends and I might add other items anyway, LOL!
  11. Checked with my buddy and the Khaki Thermite will be great if the desert camo are still backordered. My other buddy wants that M1 in black. Add these to my purchases(OD M-4 and CP-L) and I will Paypal you and they will pay me and split the shipping. Ship all at once with my order. Thanks, Peter
  12. Hello Mitch, When do you think that next order will ship, I may have a couple items to add for 2 buddies of mine. One M1 in black and maybe another Thermite. And by the way, I nailed my first solo cache this morning. In August I went with friends as they did some caches but did not log them since I just followed. [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on September 21, 2003 at 09:09 AM.]
  13. quote:Originally posted by Cadence (OddTodd-K7PKT & CheleBell):Go a step up from the HAWG and you'll be happy with the storage. Todd-K7PKT Cadence (OddTodd-K7PKT and CheleBell-XYL) Hi Todd, Question, do you feel you should have gone to a larger pack, lets say the Motherlode or BFM for a little extra space? OR, did you go with the 'HAWG' as related to 'HAM' LOL! Take care, Agreatscot AKA Peter PS: Shuey Et All, the Avatar I am using is a BFM! In this case a BFM is a Big Furry Monster!
  14. Wow! That was quick. I went to Ebay and it is gone already. Good sale.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Wampa:Now I need some advice... Blowfish (no molle, few compartments, right size, right price) M.U.L.E. 3L (molle, lots of compartments, size?) H.A.W.G (molle, lots of compartments, might be too big?) Transformer (molle, tons! of compartments, maybe too big?) I think I'm partial to the transformer mecause of the additional compartments, and I can change sizes at will.... Any thoughts? Hi Wampa, I know this is a tough choice. I have 3 camelbaks: a black MULE used around town and mountain biking a OD Motherlode used for the trail and even flea markets. a desert Camo Thermoback 2 liter. used for yard work and beach power walks and could be added to the outside of the other packs, especially the Motherlode. The MULE is a really nice size and is great for short hikes. If you need to go further the size can be a limit. The new models have MOLLE straps so you can easily attach other things. Be sure to get the military or maximum gear as these are much tougher and better made. Good luck ou your purchase, Agreatscot [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on September 17, 2003 at 09:08 AM.]
  16. quote:Originally posted by Moonbase:.... Just a note; External antenas cost about 100.00 bucks I found one on E-Bay for 20.00 brand new -- so there is some shoping tips for ya. I was just going to ask this and you answered most of my question. What external antenna works? Is there a brand or specification? Thanks.
  17. Hi Team Shuey, Sorry to hear about your PC problems, no fun. I spent 5 hrs today helping a friend recover his PC from a nasty virus, what a pain. So, is the contest on? Do we start cranking out the art? Take care, Peter AKA agreatscot
  18. Hi Team Shuey, Sorry to hear about your PC problems, no fun. I spent 5 hrs today helping a friend recover his PC from a nasty virus, what a pain. So, is the contest on? Do we start cranking out the art? Take care, Peter AKA agreatscot
  19. Hi Team Shuey, Sorry to hear about your PC problems, no fun. I spent 5 hrs today helping a friend recover his PC from a nasty virus, what a pain. So, is the contest on? Do we start cranking out the art? Take care, Peter AKA agreatscot
  20. Hey Mitch, The Thermite and the single mag holders have arrived! That was quick shipping. This Thermite is going to be really useful. I already loaded it with my Magellan GPSr and Silva Ranger in the main pocket, Handspring Prism in the front with a notepad and pen/stylus combo, Flashlight (surefire E2E) in one side pocket and my Al Mar Sere 2000 folder in the other side pocket. There is still plenty of room for other gear in the main pocket and the back pocket. Now I will not have so much stuff in my pockets. One of the single mag holders is now attached to my Camelbak strap with a large Swiss army knife. Very secure and handy. I am using the other mag holder on my belt for my flashlight and it works great with the horizontal attachments. Now I can't wait for the Point Magu hike coming up at the end of the month. It will be a good field test for this gear. Thanks again, Peter
  21. quote:Originally posted by desertwalker:One of the best desert books out on desert travel, survival, and adventuring is The Ultimate Desert Handbook. Hi, Thanks for the tip on the book, I will get a copy. I am sad to report that David Alloway whose book I mentioned in an earlier post, died March 11,2003. It is reported that his foot was crushed by a horse while on an outing. He ignored it for a while and eventually went for treatment but it was too late. This does show the value of the first aid as you mentioned desertwalker. This is a link to his company web site: David Alloway Skills of Survival One final note David Alloway is the only American invited to participate in the Walkabout. The Walkabout is a 120mi 10 day 'race' through the outback of Australia, considered the most difficult desert competition. Peter
  22. LOL, I have seen that expression. Anytime I gripe about antiques and collectables she brings up computer gear, books, knives, multitools, magazines, Camelbaks, guns, flash lights, compasses, hiking gear, GPS, Maxpedition, and Geocaching! Then I quickly change the subject. LOL. She still 'borrows' the M1 whenever she wants.
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