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  1. Forgot to get in here and thank you Mitch for sending the Malice clips. They are great, thanks! Oddly enough, a week after they got here I found a set of the large Malice clips at a local store. These work great and even work as a belt clip for some items. Take care my friend, peter
  2. Hey no problem on the OD M5, Glad vthe LEO's got em, they and the military guys always get first in my opinion. I will probably want a Khaki M5 too. Can I reserve one of the Khaki small RPs if not spoken for? Let me know or bill mev through Paypal. Have a good weekend, Indy is about to start, if the rain holds off. Peter PS GO LAKERS!!!!!!
  3. Hey Mitch, Good to see what you are up to. I will take the short. I wanna see how a knife can attach to a pack strap. The wife is doing better, thank you. You off for the summer? OD M5 yet?? Got a small rollie around? Inquiring minds must know! Catch you soon, Peter PS Thank YOU for your service to protecct our freedom!
  4. Hey Mitch and everyone, Sorry for my absence, I have been busy working and taking care of a sick wife. Everyone have a GREAT MEMORIAL DAY. Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving io preserve our freedom. Peter
  5. Hello Mitch, Sorry for the absence, I have been messing around with knives and working on Ebay for my wife's business. I HAVE TO get out to Geocache in the next few days, it will be 80+ degrees! Allright,dude, my address is: Peter Ker PO Box 850 Port Hueneme, CA 93044 Thank you in advance for getting those for me, you are too kewl! Anything new expected in? There a OD M5 available?? Take care, Peter
  6. No new gear, just some knife sheaths that I want to attach properly. I bought a RAT-7 knife, It comes with a teriffic sheath BUT it is setup for MOLLE and the malice clips would attach it perfectly to my Camelbak! Keep me down for the OD M5 and small rolly polly, I don't care if it takes a while. Bill me for the Malice clips and shipping through Paypal.I am really POed that they are not taking care of you, do you think any emails from customers would help? Lemme know. I will tell them I have gear from Bianchi, Eagle Industries, Balckhawk Industries, Spec Ops, Camelbak, Sheathmechanic.com, Bladetech, etc and that I didn't really need another gear company. Yes, the designs are good but YOU, Mitch are the difference. Your knowledge, experience along with the willingness to share it are why my friends and I bought so much gear. It is good business practice to take special care of new customers. However, existing dealers that got you where you are, should not be overlooked. There needs to be a balance. I live in SoCal and can easily go to the outdoor or gun shows they sell at. But then I wouldn't be able to check your opinion on whether or not a bag, holder or sheath will work for what I want it to do. Oh well. off my soapbox. This is the knife and sheath, Its a Rat-7 that comes in a Spec-Ops sheath. I also had Dave at sheathmechanic.com make a Kydex sheath for it: Take care Mitch, Peter [/size]
  7. Hey Mitch, How about the malice clips, got any small? I will take 3 sets, Peter
  8. Hi Leemann, Me too, can't wait to get an M5 for a survival kit. I use my Thermite all the time but extra space like that will be great. We wll have to keepn buggin' Mitch to get those and the Rollypolly. LOL, Peter aka Agreatscot
  9. Hi Leemann, The M5 has the following: Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 2.25" (main compartment) compared to the M1 at: Dimensions: 3.6 in x 5.5 in x 2.1 in The Thermite is: Dimensions: 8" x 4.75" x 3" (main compartment) I can't wait to get one. Sounds like Mitch will be getting them sometime after March 15th. I don't know about the malice clips. I like the straps for on the belt wear. Take care, Peter AKA Agreatscot
  10. Thanks for the info Mitch. The M5 looks good. Does it use those new attachment straps? I hope you will be carrying extras on those, I'll buy a couple sets. How about the small Rolly Polly, how does it attach? Take care, Peter
  11. Hey Mitch, Too long no talk! I have been too busy lately to do anything. What is the status of the Rollypolly and M5. Let me know when you will get them. Hope you are well, Peter
  12. Hi DigiFerret, Sorry for the delay. I have not had time lately to hit Geocaching due to workload. I have the CP-M and use it for my Startac phone. I love it! I wear it horizontal with my antenna facing back. I used to have problems with bending and breaking the antennas but not anymore. I bought a second one and use it on the strap of my Camelbak for my military model compass. The CP-M (and the others too) have heavy velcro that allows a lot of adjustment. I have had several other cellphone cases, Coach, Bianchi, Motorola but this is the best. Take care, Peter
  13. Hi Everyone, Geocaching is not letting Mitch know when there is a post so it would be best to Email him too. Happy New Yeay! Peter AKA Agreatscot PS I will let him know about your order.
  14. Paypal sent! Be sure to check out that Mora knife and Kydex sheath deal. I have 2 sheaths from him for my Becker utility and desert crewman and they are awsome! He takes Paypal too. Hopefully I will get some geocaching time next year, I have been chained to the PC lately!!
  15. Merry Christmas! Quick note: We can use a black CP-M, an OD cp-m, and a black single sheath along with the DC Proteus. Let me know after Christmas and I will Paypal. Take care, Peter
  16. Sounds like a good idea. I would add: A basic compass, note pad, pencil, CITO bag and spare batteries. Of course there are other things I would want like a Swiss Army Knife, first aid kit,gloves, poncho,etc. Since these are personal choices you could include a list of other items recommended by others like the 10 essentials list. There are some really good posts if you search 'what is in your backpack. '.
  17. Oh, yea , put us down for a green and a khaki M-5 as soon as available, too kewel!! I'll let you know about the rollypollys. Oh, and two question?? On the rollypollys why do they show us them in desert camo and don't offer it. And when will we get a Thermite XL or Magnum or Viagra version?
  18. That is good news! Email me if I owe you for anything. Have a good weekend. It looks like in the northeast to Geocache a metal detector might be need along with a GPSr. LOL!
  19. Hello Mitch, Any word on the big brown truck bring you the new goodies??
  20. Hey, the new products look great. I really like the M-5 and the Rollypolly. Do you know what size Rollypolly is in the pictures? The H-1 sounds good, I would like to see and read more about it. do you know WHEN!?!?
  21. Hello Mitch, Thought I would give you a quick review of the OD Proteus I bought recently. Some close friends invited us to join them on a trip on the 'gold line' a metro light rail. This is the latest addition to the light rail in Los Angeles. We went from the east end of it in Pasadena, through old Pasadena, ending up at Union Station in downtown LA. Union Station was built in the late 1930's and is a terrific art deco building featured in many movies. Then across the street to Olvera Street for some great Mexican food This was the first use of the Proteus as a digital camera bag. At first I wore it with the waist strap, then after boarding the train I stowed waist straps and attached it to my Camelbak Motherlode using the Proteus back straps and the Camelbak Molle loops. It was great! The main compartment held my camera, closeup lens set, mini tripod and extra batteries. One side pocket had my SAK and leatherman. The other side pocket had more extra batteries and my spent rechargables. The front pocket holds spare memory cards, a lens cleaning kit, a glasses repair kit, note pad, photon flash light and spare batteries (I know, battery fanatic) for the Photon and my Surefire. I also had a pen in one of the loops next to the front pocket. This is really a well thought out bag. Usually multi-carry bags don't really work that well but the Proteus is different. It works really well as a waist bag and attaches quite solid for backpack attachment. Since our friends planned this outing I did not get to Geocache, but I will next time on the gold line! Peter AKA Agreatscot
  22. Hi Mitch. Add to my list a Khaki M-1. I will email you the list of what we are looking for. Take care, Peter
  23. OK Mitch, we are waiting for that list of available items. Any CP-M in OD?
  24. quote:Originally posted by TNRonin:Ok, let's try this again.... Peter, I have a tightly packed box headed your way tomorrow! Wohooooo Here is an animated .gif with the CP-L and my sportrak. WoooHooo is right, can't wait for that box! The gif looks great, guess I will have to get 'HTML for Dummies'and learn that stuff. LOL!! Thanks, Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates! [This message was edited by AGREATSCOT on November 08, 2003 at 04:19 PM.]
  25. The forums are up again!!! OK Mitch, where is that promised GIF with the CP-L and your Sportrac?? Thanks, Peter Geocachers do it with coordinates!
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