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  1. Does this include pushing buttons when its in its holder? I use N95 and if Caching My hands hardly away form it!
  2. As some may know I am a N95 Cacher and have used t for all my Cache finds to date. Have posted before about other free software avaialble to comliment Geocache Navigator. Now the question is what Caching phone do I go to next? My contract is up (On Orange) and my phone bills are big enough I can have almost any phone! What would you recomend? Was thinking somthing like: MWG Zinc II (SirfIII Chip) or E-TEN Glofiish DX900 ANything else avaiable on Orange? Thanks for any help. So in answer to first question its the only way I go Caching... GerritS
  3. I might as well start by promoting my own here, Why Here Now Past and Present (approx 3' walk). You can also pick up a Fat Controlers find while in the area. Near Wilversley plain carpark 50 48.491 7 38.444 there are several that fit the discription where you never go that far from the car park. "Ellies Wellies" and the Picnic 2. There is often an Ice Cream van here, although not certain which days. Great for kite flying here. Lymington is worth a visit especially on Saturday for the market and several caches there (Lymington Park Cache). Although Muggles on a Saturday are every where! You can also pick up a "Deadmans Ransom" Parking at 50 43.982 1 32.995 makes this a 10 minute walk but its well worth taking the left hand path walking to much to the "left" out onto the wall and turning right coming back from the wall makes a nice 20min walk. If you are feeling brave you can always try 7 reds, but that one is worth reading up on first. "Hop to the beach" and "Come for a swim" are pleasent caches that can be done in one. Ice cream is also available. Think there is a flight of Railway sleeper type stairs. "Miss the crouds" "holly post" "woods corner" and "Sir Dudleys Ride" (which I did not find ) make a nice walk as well but maybe a bit far and terrain not the best for miss the crowds. Also Bournmouth has plenty to side track children and some intresting Caches. For children "The Pirates Suprise" is worth looking at although only available on Mondays and Tuesdays! There are other Caches in the area that can be combined as well although I have not done them. Great Pines and A finxley fix are also work a visit as its a nice corner of the forest to drive through. Hope I have not listed to many! Gerrit
  4. Little update on the google maps bit add a position in the regulat format: N dd mm.mmm E ddd mm.mmm And you get a waypoint on the saterlit view! Cannot wait to try it todays Caches where out of phone range so no chance there. Hope this helps some one...
  5. I've got to agree, yes the N95 can have its moments, trees and such like but it is often compensated by the exerlent work of GPS Navigator. Beware if you operate in areas of poor phone reception it can cause the phone to shut down and restart which is frustrating. I find stopping when walking when I get to within 32' of the cache and standing still often helps find the position. The GPS seems to lag this far behind, depending upon what mood it is in! I have also got some Garmin Software for route planning, it even goes ping when you pass a Cache and if you set it up right can go direct to caches. If you are caching in the same area allot of the time consider ViewRangers Software that really helped getting me started. It is top notch but you have ot buy the maps for it and they are specificaly for view ranger Also there is some exelent freeware: http://www.smartcaching.de/index.html This allows you to put LOTs of Caches in the phones memory and can make them landmarks that show on Nokia Maps I also have a "Compass" Function that gives North from the bearing of the sun. It can help if you are having a dum day. If you are really keen you can download a solarium so you can identify stars on night caches.. Then you can get google maps installed which although data heavy can help. Unfortunatly I have not worked out how to get it to wayppoints on to that (is it possible can any one help? ). It will lshow your GPS Postion and eror circle. I am on Orange and for 1 pound you can get unlimited data for the day, great for caching . I used to run Nokia SportsTracker to log my routes as this you can show on google earth when you got home. I stopped when I could see how many worng turns I took Plus when doing Multi's you can take photos of key Items to refer to later although this often shuts Geocache Navigator down. Finaly if you have not already downloaded it there is some essential software called "Lightsabre" its absoltutly no use for caching but is great fun! As you can read in my recent thread, I have not bothered with a Cache bag just my N95 and a pen normally... Downside is battery life 4 hours max (no phone calls), I charge mine every time I drive anywhere in the car. Also turning phone of turning off Bluetooth, Wirless scanning and 3G to Dual does help although slow data transfer not noticable on Geocache Navigator but if you are using your phone as a modem it is! I have done a 8 hour day caching by turning of the GPS using a map then turning on to home in on the cache, irritating but I did get lots of caches over a large area If you want any more help just mail me, particulalry if it comes to finding free software... I can proberbly help... If any one else knows of good caching software my phone still has one or 2 bites of memory I am trying to fill... I would call my self an N95 Addict but in truth I am waitng for the N96 Gerrits
  6. I normally go caching with my Phone/GPS, Cache notes (for multi's) and dog's bags if required. If I remember I take a pen, pad and dog leads. I reading about caching bags. What do you guys put in a caching bag? So far I have used any available pockets and often find my self short. I just cannot decide what would be usefull or not, so stuff my pockets but seem to take nothing. What size bag do you use? Bumbag ruck sack sholder bag? What do you put in it? Gerrit
  7. I had been considering my self a newbie but now I have gone over 200 I guess I can offer some help in the Hampshire/ New Forest Area... If not I could proberbly be used as a bad example! Gerrit
  8. UPDATE A friend of mine has just achieved a good cache find... On Ebay, she found herself a GPS Enabled Palm type thing with Memory Card,car holders, car chargers cables etc. The full kit for 55 Pounds. She is setting it up for Paperless caching ONLY another 20 or so for Palm software (any advice as to whats best?) and she will be paperless caching in no time! Infact Friday to be precise Thanks for the advice, keep it coming there are plenty of gadgets out there and its good to keep learning more about them. GerritS
  9. I introduced some friends to Geocaching last night, 1DNF to start with did not seem like a good start... The following two where Multis and where a great success... Now the problem is what equipment to recommend. I cache on an N95 which has its moments but normally gets me the cache it allows near paperless caching which I enjoy being able to pick up caches in passing... Now what would you recomend for: 1) A start up Cacher with no GPS, on a budget. No particularly technical phone (the last cacher I introduced bought blue tooth GPS Dongle £20 ebay now on 102nd Cachefound and 3 hides). 2) What is the ultimate Caching System? Allowing down load of Caches on the go easy waypoint transfer the full hit. Can you build up to this step by step? All advise appreciated.. Edits for grammer/spelling mistakes!
  10. I would agree but after a couple of micros today... I knew they where micros, there name said micro's... My complaint please do not put them next to them on the ground right nest to a post. Especially one in a car park... I have Geohounds (luckily not with me today) I know what they would have done on 3 of todays caches... Just pleased I did not have geohounds with me today... Gerrit
  11. I would agree but after a couple of micros today... I knew they where micro;s, there name said micro's... My complaint please do not put them next to them on the ground right nest to a post. Especially one in a car park... I have Geohounds (luckily not with me today) I know what they would have done on 3 of todays caches... Just please I did not have geohounds with me today... Gerrit
  12. Here in the forest the forestry comminsion regularly close car parks. For nesting wild birds, even it it is questionable if humans have any impact with the forst livestock tramping around. They also close car parks of a winter to "rest" them, make of that what you will I have also found several paths bared by fallen tree's and gates locked. Most annoying when you have a baby buggy... I also get annoyed about fallen trees, tree cuttings and logs accross footpaths. I Cache using an N95 and Cannot fault view ranger here, it really helps you know you are in the right place. Although it does not help when you way through is still blocked!!!
  13. Hi, My daughter has been Geocaching for a while with me round the New Forest. Things I have found to be invaluable: 1) Mutsy Urban Rider Buggy (4 large wheels Articulated!). Syles gates and thin paths are always going to be an issue. Some People swear buy 3 weeled mountain buggys (Keep an eye on Ebay for these). 2) I bought a baby back pack from Ebay for about £30-00 I am shure it is not super quality you get what you pay for but she seems happy enough it and it won't be that long till she is walking or to heavy! Hope this help's Gerrit PS I also ignor any comments and buggy recomendations on caches and have subsequently hours of fun in boggs, crossing fences you name it we tried it. PPS Styles single handed are near impossible!
  14. Nobby, I apprechiate your advise, can I request that Cachers put caches where I can see them... I guess having seen snakes in the forest several times, I have become much more aware off thier presence. This one was actually beside a busy car park, T.A. Folk that was the area I was in when I saw this one . Another visit to reptillary may be required, but then if I see one I won't go near it anyway! It seems the reason for concern is there, although the advice seems to be they will try and get out of your way . They wont stop me caching but then neither do nettles even when I am wearing shorts , or do prickles when I am retrieving a cache without gloves . Maybe thats my true concern, the Snakes and other creatures out there might be smarter than me
  15. Today when caching I came accross a baby snake. He was only small but they do get bigger... I understand a UK Adder (I dont know what this was) bite is not fatal but, I might enjoy Caching but I am starting to wonder if its worth the risk! I have had several toad jump out at me recently and had wondered about snakes... Now I think I have good reason to be worried... How often do you put your hand down into dark holes, is thatnot where scared (hence dangerous) Snakes go? http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/440904...60321c5293f.jpg I was wondering if there have been any UK Caches that bit back?
  16. This is the main thing. It doesn't matter how go a container you get if its not put back right it's ruined. Its happened to us a couple of times now. I have been pondering an underwater Cache but how do you stop marine growth! I have boat and even with anti fouling paint I am lucky to get 3 months without weed appearing...
  17. Maybe I am still green to this Caching thing BUT.... Personaly I made my first Cache what I enjoy doing a 3 mile 4 stage multi. I thought about making it a series of smaller Caches, but then I like setting of on a walk and not knowing where it will take me! A good one should be circular and have an estimated distance or time... They can also pass any existing Trads as a bonus... Not that I am fussy! Circular walks with multiple caches strike me as being about the numbers (not nessaserily a bad thing ) as being about the caches. Next week I will have to take one of my Geohounds to the vet a specialist no less (thank goodness he is insured )... While waiting most of the day for him I have a choice of 10 geocaches in a circular walk (good for the numbers) or 4-6 random caches in and around a local town in nearly a circle depending on what happens with the Multi's. I think I will do the random ones although bad for numbers they are the Caches I enjoy... Certainly what I realy find frustrating is turning up at a Cache site and thinking, you could have hidden something bigger or even worse, what was the point in that! To me Caches need to mean something to some one, a good view, a little history, a nice walk, a difficulty hide, a tough puzzle, a stupidly large box hidden in an area full of muggles, a broken frog on a front door step (it is out there! ) just please NOT "this makes an easy Cache and grab" that does not make a good cache... Although having said that.... If there are any Wirral (Prenton Area) Based Cachers who would keep an eye on a Cache for me. I have hidden one that Deceangi quite rightly (with hind sight) questioned (The danger of Geo Litter), it is 194 miles from my home base but I do go that way regularly ish ... Please drop me a line! It could be discribed as a Cache and Grab but it means something to me! If not I will retrieve in the next week or so
  18. dude! that is class. always wanted to go to sea, like as my job. Closest I ever been to that was volunteering on the Prince William tall ship. Really quite envious. No - don't do it..... I spent 8 years deep sea on product carriers and then with P&O Containers after I graduated - started off well, but by the time I left we were in and out of port in 8 hours or less. Did a year as Chief Engineer "coastal/european" too, and that was even worse. Until recently I was an Engineer surveyor with Devon County Council, so got to drive all over the county doing caches on the way....... now in a proper job though I did one trip deep sea and Ive stuck to my Anchor Handlers and Supply Boats since then. We often get more time port, but go up and down more when it gets rough working 6 hours on 6 hours off. Having played on the old Sir Winston Churchill and Malcolm Miller it was fun, when you work at sea like all ways to earn money it definatly becomes a job. Its just the time off thats great!
  19. My daughter has been Geocaching in her all terain buggy and backpack since she was 9 months. She has got assorted swops, sadly she has not learnt to swop yet so daddy has to keep pocket full of non baby attractive swops . Shes gets quite excited when she see the Cach appering! Often I use her as a waypoint when my N95 is under tree cover. I put her in the most likley position and work out form there, Ive not lost her yet...
  20. Merchant Seaman 8 weeks on 8 weeks of works quite well...
  21. I use the N95, it a love it hate phone: GPS (Sirf II) Not the greatest positioing, slow startup, 5 Meg Camera uses all the ram so all other apps shut down. Car route planning available Garmin XT, Nokia Maps etc, View Ranger Stunning Software but you have to buy maps if caching in one area pricless. Poor Battery Life 3 hours from full with GPS Running. But Fast Charging, Trimbles Geocache Navigator. Full Web brousing capabilitiues. Bluetooth, Wifi. etc What I do if charge it evry time I am at home or in the Car. It normally does most of day then, or just turn of the GPS when you are not using it... Biggest advantage as long as you have your phonewith you you can always sneek of and do a Cache . Best Gerrit
  22. I read this the other day presently I am recovering from a days caching. My legs sting from Ancles to top of shorts . My arms start at Tshirt down stinging , My fingers have randon holes in , from prickles and I had a GREAT Days Caching . Next time I will try and remember to follow above advise... Gerrit
  23. Is any one else out there Caching on an N95? It has some advantages, you always have your GPS, Camera, Telephone, Map, and routeplanner with you. Trimble's free Geocache Navigator ads even more to your to your capabilities. Disadvantages, running out of mobile reception at key moment. If you are within 10m of a tree you will be within a 100 meters of the cache (N95's hate tree cover). It works better in tree cover upside down trust me you get some wierd looks and fall over allot of stuff. I look at where I live! You try to take a photo and all the other applications shut down and you have to restart it all... But I cannot recommend View Ranger enough... Enough of useless drawl, time to find Opera! Thanks for the tip GerritS PS did I mention an N95 poor battery life?
  24. Caching in the rain I mannaged my biggest day 12 Caches (not huge by some standard) not bad for a day in the rain. As people rightly point out it keeps the Muggles at bay and thier is a constant shower to keep the dogs clean.
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