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  1. Looks very impressive, will be trying out it this evening. Thanks for sharing. The maps worked really well and only took a few moments to produce. I have set the output detail level to 15 which still gives 1:25K maps but takes quite a lot fewer jpg files for the same area - you can open the kmz file with winzip or similar to see this. This should allow a wider area of coverage. The maps render fine at 120m which is perfect for me when out walking but get a little blurry after that. OK this looks wonderful! Looks like I can easily Match Maps with PQ's so when I load my PQ's in to GPX I can drag in the appropriate map But HOW do I get th tile settings and to puts to work? Think I need an idiots guide on this one... I keep getting a small scale when I create atlas and look at file... Any help more than appreciated GerritS
  2. Micro's like all kind of caches have a place in the world, just not ours (GerritS)
  3. Truly magnificent cache box's are Ammunition Box's they cost a little more and can be harder to find but always worth the effort... (Gerrits) Always try and places a larger Cache when ever possible (Gerrits)
  4. If you're placing a micro... Don't place as many pages as you can in there. Cachers will write in the first blank space they find, not necessarily in find order. Be prepared to do regular maintenance to replace the log sheet! (Bear and Ragged) When ever possible when placing a cache place as large a cache as possible , removing the need for frequent maintenance visits. This also allows space for a hard backed stitched or spiral bound log book for easier logging, making them more sustainable. (GerritS)
  5. I work in the Oil Industry on ships where we count our daily fuel consumption in cubic Meters I drive a Discovery , I would hate to think my Carbon Foot Print. My job is to help find and extract the Carbon I was just curious how many miles per cache people do...
  6. OK I am stuck on ship and cannot go Caching (although hope to pick one up on the way home) so was looking at my statistics. One I have never seen quoted but would like to see how I compare (maybe this is one for icache one day?). Miles per Cache I average 12.15 miles per Cache. How do you compare? Thats total distance: Cache to cache (from itnotabouttenumbers)/ total number of finds. I know international Caches etc will make a large difference but thats part of the fun of statistics.. Edited to add the unique caching fact: I have never been caching in October! Whats your unique caching statistic?
  7. The easiest way is (possibly) to take the micro sd card out of the Oregon, and stick it in the phone. I use this method with my pda to organise/add PQs when I'm out and about and away from a 'puter. Your probably right, is there a way to transfare PQ's and mange them this way? Its sad the Oregon does not have a file manager type function... Then you could pre-store PQ's and drop them in and out of the "visible" memory as you wished. My other big bug bear is I find it easier to delete all waypoints when changing caching area is there away to keep the few I want to go back to? Presently I just hide my laptop in back of car. Not something I am always comfortable with. Although it has meant some good Pub Lunch stops when stopping to charge laptop, although the find rate falls afterwards
  8. Thanks for info, will mail Groundspeak soon. Luckily I am not one to ask how to much but but it would be great if you guys can share your findings. That way when I come home I can have the best tools to hand I have not paid for GSAK I just drag and drop the files into unit. Which reminds me here is a technical one, one of the reasons I want to trans-fare to Gmail account for Caching is I can receive attachments, then I can use use SMART GPX to get latest PQ's. Now then is there a way to let a Symbian Series 3 Nokia phone plug into a Oregon to trans-fare files straight from phone? That way you can also trans-fare Bing maps onto phone as well .
  9. Sorry, seems I was a bit vague, yes I have Oregon 400t. With regard to GPX files when I go to my Account Details there are two versions for GPX Files 1.00 and 1.01. Although Googling seems to show GPX 1.01 and your above mentioned GPX Ver 1.1 are different and allot of comments about compatibility issues and messing things up... I am away at moment and do not have GPS to hand after your comments I would try putting both in GPS. Concerning changing Email accounts ever time I try changing my email account from present hotmail account to Gmail account it say: "You are either not logged in and / or do not have sufficient permissions to view this content." I am logged in and do not understand why I do not have permission... Thanks for all the help so far...
  10. OK 2 questions for you: I understand from searching the forums GPX 1.01 files include attributes, will they show on my Garmin 400t? How do I change my E-Mail address? Every time I do it says not logged in (which I am) or insufficient permission? Hope some one can help?
  11. "Cache Alive, but don't get caught" We would have to start a series! Would that be legal? Its certainly one series of Micros I would think worth whilst... I got caught in the summer 36 in 30. Although I was towing a caravan at the time, caused some confusion on the speed awareness course. They Kept complaining about caravans going slow and getting in the way!
  12. well in that case there aren't that many caches you can do .. a lot of the Central Southampton ones are multi's GCXDGG city walls doesn't require much walking though some googling before hand will help as there is currently work going on meaning you can't see the info panel for one of the questions. Side tracked and conduit house are trads that are fairly close together, another near by is Grandad's ditty box ... if you have time to solve the puzzle This map will give you the main ones: http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx...;zm=14&mt=m I hope that helps Have to agree or if in a car drive to "Wayout West woods" to west off city a hand fiull there or Nettly country park... Southampton is not exactly trad rich...
  13. l'd not worry to much about not drinking, I know in the 2 events I have been to most cachers are driving so a Pub is more of a convenient meeting point than a place to go on a session. I have not been to that event but would suggest there would be a surprising number of coke drinkers . Cachers are as a whole a friendly bunch, there is no need to worry. Once you have been to one the problem is excusing yourself from the next one, when you have other commitments .
  14. My First Cache was an easy find, made easier by meeting 2 Cachers just signing the Log... They left us to fill in our log entry and then left with a strange problem, I have a cache in hand HOW DO I HIDE IT? It was a local cache where I frequently used to walk the dogs with my X wife. Well it seems I continued caching and the Wife became the X. I do not think the 2 where that linked but maybe it should become a warning to others...
  15. Etrex again, after lots of bidding I bought my first Etrex for £45 on ebay. It took a few weeks bidding on every one that came up but got one in the end. Also a friend started with second hand Garmin IQUE PDA Ebay for £35 pounds. You can debate the Pros and cons but that started her off on a budget. Its now in the hands of another cacher and still going strong.
  16. Hazel, Have to agree here never mind canister type, as you know I am up that way some times with relatives. Ironically there is a local cacher down here that is up that way quite often and we both agree Wirral Caches are hard! Here in Hampshire normally there is pile of sticks or obvious hide easy to find. I did the same when I placed my cache up on the Wirral. Last time I was up there I checked in on my cache and nearly DNF'd it! Some one had turned a simple hide into what down here would be called an ingenious hide... My sister lives in the South of France and is plagued by under the rock and all you can see is rocks for miles around syndrome... I have done a few down there and know what she means... So yes I do think caches have a regional feel, just adds to the fun of the game..
  17. Well for me it would have to be something like these. Not very green of me but I would hate to cache without a land rover. You can see over the hedges, see parking coming up earlier, no worries about ground clearance... Plenty of space to store all your caching gear... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-4x4-Roof-...9#ht_2135wt_732 Saw these at the Outdoor show last year - very nice. Meanwhile..... I want one of THESE ! Ok my present Caching set up is not to shabby: http://img.geocaching.com/track/cd5d1dbb-2...d58691f37c2.jpg But will be putting above on my christamass caching list for caching gear to go in the back
  18. I must admit 10m or 30' for me, if I am of the beaten track I am following the arrow or map or what ever. If walking along a foot path/ track by the time I've reacted I am normally just on the spot... Think the distance might be set with your profile on the Oregon? So you can have it different for different activities. I just wish the anchor alarm was louder (any tips?) when you find yourself at anchor you want it to wake you! Gerrit
  19. I can agree with the sunlight issue and Oregon but have found rechargeable batteries and cranking up hte brightness solves the problem pretty much. I work away and do not use my GPS when away. I am glad I got the Oregon it is simple to use so I do not forget to much. My only bug bear is why do radar ranges say plus to increase range and Garmin GPS's Plus to increase Scale? You can easily find yourself navigating into port on the 24 mile range or searching for a cache on a similar scale . Dam machines when will they know what you are thinking ... Gerrit
  20. Well for me it would have to be something like these. Not very green of me but I would hate to cache without a land rover. You can see over the hedges, see parking coming up earlier, no worries about ground clearance... Plenty of space to store all your caching gear... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-4x4-Roof-...9#ht_2135wt_732
  21. Hampshire generally has plenty of power trails. As for choosing a good campsite, well I am new to caravaning/ camping and I could do with all the advice I can get!
  22. If you are still struggling let me know I wil write a step by step guide post is let others tell US how we can do it better LOL. Then we can get a good guide, I work at sea and 2 months later when I come back I like htee guides as I have forgoton what ot do myself... PS If some one has a similat guide to putting caches intoand Ique3600 for free I would be most pleased..
  23. Same here, I use the Talky Toaster OpenStreetMaps and use program (try searching forums for Bingmap) to get personnel OS maps. It does me fine and with this combination I need to spend no money, I can fit more than enough personel OS maps in to take a days walking. I have a standard set lined up for my home area and it covers ALL I need. With practice it does not take to long to get the maps...
  24. "I suggest you go out with your maps and take a long walk" OSM ones and can I modify them first, now where is that short pier...
  25. Paper less cahcing is great, I have Garmin Oregon 400. It can have its moments but then I normally have it FULL of Maps and Geocaches so I expect it... Do not forget you can do Paperless caching other ways... If you have a Nokia Smart (Symbian) phone smart GPX can deal with Pocket quiries, you can still use your GPS for position and phone as a loging device... I only had a phone for my first 300 caches do not forget the pocket pc or palm or whatever people call them, but as a all in one cache machine I do not go out my Oregon...
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