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  1. Thank you Elsies, see you are racing to 200 ! Worm
  2. Congratulations to gerhardoosMPsa - 1450; cache-fan - 1850; danieviljoen - 1100; The Krugers - 300 and RodnJoan wit their first 1000 !
  3. I'm using the BB 9700 Bold. It is nice to have it with you in case you forget your GPS at home. You can use the free Black Star app for caching but for US$10 you get Cacheberry. You'll need a data plan of course (R59 for BIS for unlimited web access and email push) and then you can log your find online before you arrive back home. Or you can add a Field note to help you with logging your cached for the day. You plot your cached for the day on BB maps to see where you have to drive. The navigator shows you where to drive but without voice instruction. I've read the touch screen BB's is not ideal for outdoor activities (due to dust and scratching I presume). Worm
  4. Congratulations Team_Olo on your Half Tonner !
  5. Yes well done Jors and Cabey 700 and Adysally 550 and JPMZA on 200 and HeinG on reaching 300 !
  6. I haven't seen one before but I think you'll get some info here : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=196476 Worm
  7. Congratulations Fish Eagle on your 1,5 tonner !
  8. We'll be hosting an Event on Youth Day, 16th June 2010 which is a public holiday and also the day South Africa take on Uruguay in Pretoria. Cachers from overseas are most welcome to join us and see some wild roaming about on the premises. See link please. Worm Greetings
  9. Congrats RodnJoan on your 950 !
  10. Thank you very much Dakardix and congratulations on yours too !
  11. Well done Wormgeocache! What a great achievement as all the Microfest caches we have been priviledged to do so far have not disappointed us at all! Thank you Dakardrix & GEO936. It was fun and very nice having some close to home when you only have an hour or so.
  12. But it seems like the most entertaining one was Out of the Box. At first I thought the logs were joking when the 3 Muscateers (Jors, Wormgeocash and besem - the winners on the day) mentioned a ladder that Jacques brought along. But no, very serious. Until I saw this pic and nearly fell on the floor laughing out loud .... The ladder didn't help on this occasion but it cam in very handy on two others though !
  13. Welcome Rodney and I know you're going to do a super job as reviewer as well ! PS. No we've got one less FTF chaser in Centurion..........
  14. Thank you Andy for your work and time done for the geocaching community ! It was great meeting you on events and getting help for my placed caches. Good luck with your other commitments and keep MPL's name high. Thank you Worm
  15. I'll sponsor a 1000 Red Wiggler Composting Earthworms with full instruction manual, I think just a gift voucher on the day or in a temporary container. The winner then has the choice to keep them in this container or to upgrade to better "worm farm" which I'll guide him/her to build/buy it.
  16. ..... all Geocaching.com services including the web site, ...... , will be inaccessible. We'll have a webpage set up on the Geocaching site with this downtime notice and we'll provide status updates ........ How can they have a page set up on the GC site with status updates if the website itself will also be inaccessible ?
  17. Well done Megaben on your 600. It was a honour caching with you reaching this milestone.
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