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  1. Congratulations to :- B and C Inc - 250; rodnjoan - 1100; and Team_Olo - 550 !
  2. Swaziland trip. The year is rushing to an end and corporate functions and holiday plans upon us. We've decided to take more time planning this trip and we're aiming for 12-14 March 2010. We'll keep you posted. Worm & Leon St
  3. Congratulations to : boerseun - 250; Wildbirds - 850; W@lly - 600; KeithWood - 1050; CrystalFairy - 2600 and 5_star - 50 !
  4. Veels Geluk Dakardrix met jou 900 !
  5. Congratulations to : Tricky Vickey and Mickey - 3500 Leon St - 650 iPajero - 3500 Die Pienaars - 1000 Greenjam - 1000 Elsies - 600 HeinG - 450 and Redglobe - 1450 !!!!
  6. After looking at a lot of options and talking to several parties, we're keen to have the event at a restaurant next to the Malolotja Nature Reserve, just outside Mbabane. There is something for everyone on the menu. http://www.wheretostay.co.za/restaurants/taste-of-africa/ http://www.wheretostay.co.za/_common/scrip...aste-of-africa/ This is a great opportunity to make it a family weekend. Below you’ll find a lot of accommodation options and most of them are child friendly. (Replies being copied verbatim, without spell check) : http://www.game-reserve.com/swaziland_malolotja.html Good day Jacques Camping site non electrical. Cost of the campsite will be R70p/p/p/n and once off Park entry R28p/p. Campsite has Ladies and Gents ablution block, small kitchen wash up area. Hot water provided with donkey boiler. Many Thanks Charmaine http://www.swazilandhappenings.co.za/mbaba...commodation.htm http://www.safarinow.com/go/KubutaSwaziland/ http://www.venues4africa.com/region/Swazil...ional-Parks-/53 http://www.safarinow.com/go/MlilwaneWildlifeSanctuary/ At Mlilwane we do have camping ground with electricity points. The rate for camping is R65.00 per person per night.There is a communal kitchen and braii areas in the camp. The stove in the communal kitchen does not have an oven. Please bring your own cooking facilities. We also have a restaurant for meals, breakfast is R75.00 per person and dinner is R120.00 per person served from 6.00 to 8.00pm. Regarding Hlane campsite it does not have electricity points. The rate is R55 per person per nihgt. Also there is a restaurant, ablution block as well as the campers kitchen. There is a once off entry fee payment of R35pp for everyone entering the parks that is payable on arrival at the gate. http://www.lidwala.co.sz/ Hello Jacques, The dorm rooms costs R110 per night per person. So for 6 people it would cost R660 per night. Please let mem know as soon as you can, if you want me to reserve anything for you. Kind regards, Philile Mbuli Lidwala Lodge Hello Jacques, We can only accomodate 8 people in the dorms that cost R110 per night per person. And then we have 2 private twin rooms that cost R300 per night for a room, and the rest is camping space but then people will have to bring their own camping equipments and camping costs R70 per night per person. Let me know as soon as you can if you are interested in anything. Kind regards Philile Lidwala Lodge http://www.linx.co.za/accommo/provinces/swazacom.html www.wheretostay.co.za/swa/ http://www.visitswazi.com/ www.africastay.com/swaziland www.swaziland-direct.com/ http://www.biggameparks.org/accommodationbackpack.html# www.swazilive.com/ www.swazi.travel/ http://www.essentialtravelinfo.com/accommo...land/index.html www.stayinsa.co.za/themaps/Swaziland1 http://www.booknowsa.com/listings/Swaziland "Good day Hennie, Thank you for enquiry. Listed below are the campsites with electricity that you requested. please note though that the electricitry is around or nearby the camp; meaning that you have access to electrical cooking facilities, etc I hope that this is what you want. 1. Hlane Royal National Park (Simunye) - +268 528 3943 - Has gas stoves and lamps to allow for cooking but no actual electricity. 2. Malolotja Nature Reserve (Nkhaba) - +268 442 4241 - some have electrivity and some have gas only. 3. Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (Ezulwini) - 00268 528 3943 - has electricty points 5. Nisela Safaris (Nsoko) - +268 303 0318 - has electricity but at an extra cost I trust that this is what you're looking for. Happy planning!! Regards, Nokwanda Dlamini-Masuku Information Officer Tel: +268 404 9693/75 Fax: +268 404 9683 Email: infodesk@tourismauthority.org.sz" LeonST is busy finalizing his breakfast venue for the Saturday morning and should add a post soon. Barberton accommodation : http://www.roomsforafrica.com/dest/south-a...aref=ago0809518 http://www.mpumalanga-travel.co.za/barbart...CFeFc4wodsH8swA http://www.barbertonchalets.co.za/caravan_camping.htm Updates to follow soon. Wormgeocash & Leon St
  7. I still think it is an awesome achievement ! I don't think I'll be able to do this soon and I'll rather post my route and planning after I've been able to achieve it. Congratulations guys ! Worm
  8. Buya Lapa Swaziland Wormgeocash and Leon St are planning a trip to Swaziland between 12 to 14 November 2010. Leon St will host a breakfast on Saturday 13th Nov either in Badplaas or Barberton and Wormgeocash will host a braai on Saturday afternoon in Swaziland. We've identified some places to stay close to and inside Swaziland and will have them available on the listing and further forum posts. This will enable teams to choose to come through Saturday morning, attend the breakfast and enter Swaziland to cache and attend the braai or staying over on Friday close to the breakfast or border. We'll most probably stay over Saturday evening in Swaziland seeing that there are many locations to choose from rather than leaving after the braai to stay just outside the border. Swaziland is a small country, no more than 200 km north to south and 130 km east to west. The western half is mountainous, descending to a Lowveld region to the east. The eastern border with Mozambique and South Africa is dominated by the escarpment of the Lebombo Mountains. The climate is temperate in the west, but may reach 40 degrees in summer in the Lowveld. Rainfall occurs mainly in the summer and may reach 2 m in the west. Communications International telephone calls are easy to make, and there is a mobile phone communications infrastructure. The international code for the Kingdom of Swaziland is +268. There are e-mail centres and Internet Cafes in Mbabane and Manzini. Major cities Mbabane is the administrative capital, with a population of 60 000. Manzini is the hub, situated next to Matsapha Industrial Estate. The population of Manzini is about 80 000. Lobamba is the legislative capital. Internal transport There are 300km of railway lines augmenting a network of around 800km of paved and 2 000km of unpaved roads. Buses are available, as are minibus taxis. The Northern Region of Swaziland is home to the country's two principal towns, Mbabane, the capital, and Manzini, home of Swaziland's international airport. The royal and legislative capital is Lobamba, situated halfway between these two towns. Swaziland North is also home to the country's National Parks. Visa Non-locals need to have a valid international passport to visit this friendly country. Do check with your travel agent to ensure you have the correct travel documentation. Road Tax A road tax amount of R50 is payable at all Swaziland borders upon entering the country. NEW SOUTH AFRICA/SWAZILAND BORDER REQUIREMENTS : With immediate effect, all vehicles leaving South Africa through Swaziland borders, will require registration documentation (or certified copies thereof) to be provided to the border/customs officials. Should the vehicle not belong to the driver, a letter confirming ownership and authorization for the driver to be taking the vehicle out of the country, need to accompany the registration documents. Car Hire companies will need to be advised to also provide this documentation for rentals. It is not advisable to leave these documents unattended in your vehicle at any time, but rather carry them together with your passport on your person. Should a vehicle arrive at the border without these documents, you will not be permitted to exit South Africa to Swaziland in that vehicle. Border gates Operating Border Hours Ngwenya Border Gate/Oshoek- 07h00-22h00 Matsamo Border Gate/Jeppes Reef - 07h00-20h00 Mananga Border Gate - 08h00-18h00 Lomahasha Border Gate/Namaacha - 07h00-20h00 Mhlumeni Border Gate - 07h00-20h00 Lavumisa Border Gate/Golela - 07h00-22h00 Mahamba Border Gate - 07h00-22h00 Gege Border Gate - 08h00-16h00 Salitje Border Gate/Onverwacht - 08h00-18h00 Sicunusa Border Gate - 08h00-18h00 Sandlane Border Gate/Nerston - 08h00-18h00 Lundzi Border Gate - 08h00-16h00 Bulembu/josefdal 08h00-16h00 Once we've got confirmations from a variety of places, we'll do the listings. Wormgeocash & Leon St
  9. Update : New Event cache listings submitted yesterday (soon to be published if Rotsip is happy) : Heritage Braai Day - 24 Sept 2010 - Rooihuiskraal Animal Farm QC VIII - 13 October 2010 - Cuppucino's – Centurion 10-10-10 @ 10:10:10 - Flash Mob - Irene Village Mall QC VIX - 17 November 2010 - BTC – Menlyn Retail Park Worm Greetings
  10. I'm going to an area close to this cache this weekend ....................................
  11. Update : New Event cache listings submitted yesterday (soon to be published if Rotsip is happy) : Heritage Braai Day - 24 Sept 2010 - Rooihuiskraal Animal Farm QC VIII - 13 October 2010 - Cuppucino's – Centurion 10-10-10 @ 10:10:10 - Flash Mob - Irene Village Mall QC VIX - 17 November 2010 - BTC – Menlyn Retail Park Worm Greetings
  12. After talking to Happy Hunter SA this morning I'm hoping they can plan something for Sat 25 Sept in Vaal Park as I'm planning an Event in Pretoria for the Friday 24th September 2010. It is National Braai Day and Heritage Public Holiday. More details later
  13. After talking to HH SA this morning I'm hoping you can plan something for Sat 25 Sept in Vaal Park as I'm planning an Event in Pretoria for the Friday 24th. It is National Braai Day and Heritage Public Holiday. I could maybe be not the only one who would like to attend both events (if I can get away from my Sat Craft Market duties). If you've got more details about your event down south, maybe you must post it on the "Synchronizing SA Events" thread as well ? Worm
  14. Well done Besem on your 1400; Happy Hunters SA on your 800 and Elsies on 400 ! Worm
  15. The Wormy team are planning an event in Gauteng on Sunday 10-10-10. Not that any cacher needs an invitation to cache over a weekend but this is to support a Groundspeak Drive : "Plan to Go Geocaching on 10-10-10 - We want to see how many geocachers can go geocaching on a single day! We've chosen 10-10-10, since the date represents 10 years of geocaching and 10 years of Groundspeak in 2010. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your worst enemy (if that's what it takes) and let's see if we can beat the previous record of 56,654 accounts logging on April 18, 2010. Even one log counts since we are counting how many accounts log a cache rather than the number of caches logged" I've had this date in mind for a "Flash Mob" Event for a while, maybe I'll combine it on the day with a new cache or two close to the venue. Details to follow ! Worm
  16. Well done : Elsies - 350 I&J - 150 and Discombob - 1900 !
  17. [/u]Well done to : W@lly - 500; HeinG - 350; DamhuisClan - 600; BruceTP - 450 all from Gauteng !
  18. Hi Have anyone heard of a "cache" (unpublished) where you can log in your lost TB or coin ? I heard it somewhere west of Nigeria in the Ocean. Thank you
  19. Well done to : iPajero - 3150 The Huskies - 1650 RedGlobe - 1400 Noddy - 1700 and Leon St hitting 550 in Lesotho with us !
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