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  1. The Garmin product page specs actually say the maximum SD card size is 32GB.
  2. Cache listings are not displaying properly when viewed from a mobile phone (Nokia N97), the favourites icon is pushing the listing date etc. to the right and covering the log, watch etc. box. Selecting watch listing also currently does nothing, it just refreshes the cache listing. This all worked fine prior to the site upgrades. The same issue is described and shown in posts 186 and 191, just on different devices.
  3. Something that should have taken 2 min instead took 55min to complete, lets hope that is the end of it. I only had the one window open, but it seems others were getting the same lockout all over the site when we were having the PQ issue.
  4. This is what happens to me every time I attempt to download my 1000 cache PQs, the site insists I'm not human
  5. Yes and this annoying 60 sec delay pops up when I'm trying to grab my PQs And I waited my 60sec, completed the captcha and it has now reset and giving me another 60sec wait before being allowed to try the captcha again And again!
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