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  1. Since this thread was started back in February, I have placed another cache on the Ridgeway called A Symphony of Numbers
  2. Does that mean you've actually done 900?!!! Congratulations
  3. There's this one and I recommend a visit to the bobbin mill too!
  4. ...grilled with a bit of swiss cheese, and pepper. Mmmmm ... washed down with a fine bottle of Chianti !!!
  5. Not necessarily. Lots of people will find a cache because they like to find all the caches in a given area, for example, and not necessarily because it's a "good/interesting" cache!
  6. No... but it took me nearly an hour to research, type up and do the links in my reply, so maybe I should be!!! I can't speak passionately enough about the Yorkshire Dales - simply breathtaking countryside! Seriously, having started geocaching whilst I was living in N Yorkshire, I have been totally spoilt by the caches in the area and nowhere else seems quite the same. The good news for me is that I expect to be moving back to N Yorkshire in 3-4 years time!
  7. I think you need to speak to Stuey as he lives in East Devon and has done most, if not all of the caches in the area.
  8. Where shall I start - they're ALL good! I can recommend nearly all the caches in the Yorkshire Dales as it's a beautiful part of the country with some excellent caches. Since I moved south last September, a few new ones have been set which naturally I can't comment on. If you're looking for groups of caches to do then I recommend the Settle area, of which there are 11. The ones I have found and can therefore recommend are... Stainforth Foss A short walk along the Ribble to a waterfall Catrigg Force Another, more spectacular waterfall and gorge on the River Ribble Victoria Cave A longer walk out of Settle - fantastic views! Rye Loaf Hill A 5 mile walk to a trig point - great views Home View A steep uphill but quick cache just outside Settle town centre Castleberg Rock Another steep but short walk in Settle to the top of a limestone crag - lovely views over the town and surrounding countryside I am sure the others in the area are just as good but as I haven't found them, I can't comment. Any cache hidden by Sleepless42 comes with a guarantee!!! Then there's Swaledale which can keep you occupied for a whole day. They tend to be much shorter caches in terms of distance. Starting in Richmond and heading west... Easby View A lovely ruined abbey by the River Swale Roaming Round Richmond A multi around Richmond town centre Leoness' Yorkshire Den A short walk along the banks of the Swale Willance's Leap An uphill walk out of Richmond - nice views along Swaledale Munn End A longer walk on the moor up to a trig point - lovely views Fremington Edge Steep uphill but not too far! Bridal Reeth Beautiful summer meadow down to stepping stones across the River Swale Swaledale View Another steep uphill with great views Booze, but no Booze! A short but steep climb out of the lovely village of Langthwaite Punchard A much longer walk of a few miles to an old tin mine Britain's Highest Pub A cache & dash with good views! The best of the rest... Crackpot A longer walk to a ruined house - great views along the gorge Buttertubs An interesting cache near to the famous potholes. Aysgarth Falls Where they filmed the fight scene in the river for "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" And not forgetting, of course, the three Yorkshire peaks if you fancy a longer, more strenuous walk (Ingleborough, Whernside, Pen-y-ghent). And finally, if you fancy a 15 mile walk, taking in 7 caches, a BIG hill and the best limestone scenery in the Dales, then in the following order... Norber Erratics Interesting glacial deposits Sleepy Hollow Gaping Ghyll The famous pothole which you can be winched down into by the local caving club on Bank Holidays and Ingleborough Caves on the way past Ingleborough Second highest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Beck & Fall - Caved In See another famous Yorkshire pothole - Alum Pot Sulber Gate Hidden in the middle of a limestone pavement - fantastic scenery! Moughton Scar Fairly near to a trig point, right in the middle of limestone country - great views. I think I have put photos in most of my logs to give you an indication of the beautiful countryside. I hope that's sufficient to whet your appetite and I'm sure you'll have a great holiday.
  9. I highly recommend caching in the Wye valley/Forest of Dean as there are some excellent caches to be found in the area. Since we were last there (October 2004) some new (puzzle) caches have appeared. None of the ones we did was a strenuous walk and some of the views were excellent over the Severn and Wye valleys, especially from this cache and this cache. If you do go to this area, I'll be interested to see if you can find this cache without any help!
  10. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, dam n lies, and statistics.” Benjamin Disraeli (had to put a space in the 'dodgy' word otherwise TPTB would have changed it to "dagum"!)
  11. But we still don't know who works for McVities!
  12. "this is probably the next one I'll find" Sounds like too many probably's in this list ! Just go for it and have a day caching, as for waiting for summer, is it not summer all the time down there !!! You should see the weather here ! p.s. A woman who hates shopping centres - now I know you are telling fibs ! I DO! (hate shopping centres, shopping, crowded places etc) OK... so I'm not a typical woman and I'm happy to be that way! As for the "probablys" - I like to keep my options open . The last couple of caches I've done have been in Hertfordshire where I spent a few days over the Easter holidays. Not to mention the fact that now I'm working, there's very little time in which to do any caching at all. I'm saving the whole of the Kennet & Avon canal series for a monster caching/cycling day out in August, when hubby can come with me and we can bag at least 24 caches in a day. Anyway... isn't it about time you finished all those caches in N Yorkshire!
  13. Are there any wolverines in the UK?
  14. Comment deleted as it was "below the belt"!
  15. My nearest 20 unfound caches and why I haven't found them yet... 7.4m SW - cache only 2 weeks old with 2 finders and then temporarily archived 8.2m W - virtual cache in a shopping centre - I hate shopping centres! 9.4m E - this is probably the next one I'll find 9.4m W - I didn't like the recommended parking spot, yet to arrange another 9.9m E - 4 part multi - I need to set aside some time 9.9m E - archived 10.6m NE - temporarily archived by approver, requiring owner's attention 10.8m S - probably one of the next ones I'll do 11.1m SE - a protracted multi again requiring a lot of time 11.4m SE - will do with the ones above and below when I have the time 11.9m E - see above! 12m E - probably one of the next ones I'll do 12.8m E - multi requiring some time 12.9m SE - multi requiring some time (may do with above) 13.2m - S - I have a day's cycle route planned for all these in the summer 13.3m - S - see above 13.3m - S - see above 13.3m - S - see above 13.4m - S - see above 13.4m - S - see above
  16. Well that certainly takes the buscuit. I'll get me coat... Crumbs! I'll get me coat too!
  17. My sister-in-law (who is German) calls her mobile 'phone a "handy"!
  18. I used to have a cache on The Gallops just outside Middleham but unfortunately, I needed to archive it due to our move south last summer. I recommend the walk to the spot though and there's a trig point there if you want a quick 10 points for CotM! Edited to add... you could use my archived cache to do a "find all nearby caches"
  19. Why, Deego? Is that something that you might enjoy?!!!!!!
  20. I just looked at the photo on the cache page and it doesn't look the same, so I guess not!
  21. That's not this cache by any chance is it? That railway bridge looks very familiar!
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