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  1. I used to be able to upload a Word document to my travel bug's page showing which counties he has already visited, as this is his goal. I notice that the upload now only supports .jpg .gif and .tif files and will no longer accept .doc files. Would it be possible to reinstate the upload of .doc to travel bug pages please?
  2. I'm not sure we will be able to make this now unless we can get our car fixed tomorrow or Saturday. We were caching on the N Yorks coastline today and the car started "playing up" so we decided to abandon any more caching for the day (we managed to do 4/7 caches) and just get home. I'll 'phone the VW garage in the morning to see how quickly they can take a look at it but until it's fixed, we don't want to risk a 2+hr drive each way in case we break down. We hope everyone has a great time and look forward to meeting some fellow cachers on some other occasion in the future.
  3. Leoness

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    I just tried that and no change. ...and still no photo either!
  4. Leoness

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    I have the same problem! In addition... I just tried to upload a photo to my profile page but when I "view profile" it doesn't appear! What am I doing wrong?
  5. If it's any consolation - I didn't get any Easter eggs!!! But then, I'm on a diet so hubby thought that buying me chocolate wasn't such a bright idea. Instead, I went out and did a remote cache, walked 5 miles (the last mile was up a steep hill) and burned off a lot of calories in the process.
  6. I think this is the TB reference... They Think it's all over... by Slytherin Ref: TB368
  7. 79 caches (of all types) within 25 miles of home (N Yorks) of which... 2 are mine! 5 are currently archived 56 I have found (not including my own 2)
  8. Is that the collective noun for a group of geocachers?!!!
  9. Er... are you speaking from experience, Stu?!!!
  10. You found a Victorian Mailbox or a bomb?!!!!
  11. It'll be interesting to see if anyone wants to admit to this one!!!
  12. As we move house frequently and sometimes abroad (my husband's in the armed forces), we don't want to place too many caches as we know we will be moving on and will therefore find it difficult to maintain them. We have currently found over 130 caches but have only hidden 2. We have friends living locally to these 2 caches who could, in an emergency, check them out for us once we leave the area later this year. We have deliberately not hidden any more as we don't want to impose on the goodwill of our friends too much!
  13. Many thanks, Bill. I'll try to remember that for next time. btw... what do you think about logging a TB in that way?
  14. On a similar topic, I have a "watch" on SuperTed TB and have received numerous messages today because he's been logged into and out of several caches in Tokyo during the course of one day! Sorry, I don't know how to do a link - the reference is TB76C9 SuperTed.
  15. minstrelcat - that's got to be the longest explanation to a cache I've ever seen!!!
  16. Thanks for enlightening me! I guess it's just a matter of degree and the size of the batteries!
  17. I also have a pedometer, which I bought for walking the dog as we're both on diets, and I try to do 5 miles a day if I can. I took it out geocaching for the first time today and we clocked up 3 miles for 4 caches (one of which was a virtual we could park right next to!). Over the Easter break, weather permitting, we're hoping to do Ingleborough, Pen-Y-Ghent and Whernside (N Yorks) so I am sure we'll be walking a lot further on those days!
  18. Pyoung1s - if you're heading down to the West Country and would like to pick up a TB from N Yorks, there's Bozzie TB in the A1/M62 Bug Hotel (GCA528) cache wanting to go that way. He belongs to Molyball's wife and is heading to Cornwall. We left him there just over a week ago and I just checked that he's still there, waiting to move on.
  19. I've got 4 months left in which to do 870 caches to match that!!!
  20. I don't like it either, it was fine as it was (if it aint broke, don't fix it!) and I shall continue to use the link back to the old version.
  21. <<<<< still laughing, especially after Pharisee's last comment!!!
  22. Do you think the trees cut a tangent across it slighty which would imply that it's older than the wood ?!
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