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  1. Take a look at this... http://www.okic.org
  2. 100 - isn't that an i AND some ooo's?!!!
  3. Why isn't ANY pamphlet (whatever the topic, be it religious or not) classed as advertising and therefore banned?
  4. BTW... I just looked at your profile (Pengy & Tigger)... ... penguins???!!!
  5. Sorry... I forgot about the other number which comes with a TB! I'd just post a note on the cache page saying that you have it and asking the owners to get in touch. They might have lost the "other" number or they might just be newbies who don't realise they need to activate it.
  6. Maybe if YOU activate it and make a note on the cache page where you found it, the owners can get in touch if they look there to see it. They must know where they left it!
  7. Just think of the paternity suits!!!
  8. I just upgraded the difficulty on one of my caches having read this thread. It was previously a 1 star but now it's a 2 star as the route is a dirt track across moorland and is therefore unaccessible for wheelchair users.
  9. Try this... http://www.jr2.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/booth/booths/gout.html
  10. Oh... I just remembered an exercise I was given to do which I find helps a lot... Place your foot flat on the floor and curl your toes, drawing them underneath... hold for a second or two and then relax them back to normal again - as if you're trying to pull something along the floor. Do it several times and do it slowly. This stretches the plantar fascia and eases the discomfort.
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of geocaching. WARNING: It's highly addictive!!!
  12. I'm not sure what caused it in my case. A doctor friend of mine asked me if I'd bought new shoes recently as it can be connected with the height of the instep in the shoe. The only thing I could think of was that I had recently thrown out some S***** (well known brand but don't want to advertise) sandals which I had been wearing every day for long periods in the house. They had a high instep/arch which had stretched the plantar fascia muscle and because I wasn't wearing them any more, my foot was having to adjust to being "flatter". However, this doesn't explain why I only got the problem in my left foot as you would expect both would be affected! Ibuprofen helps to alleviate the inflammation and the pain, and massage helps too. It's easier to get someone else to massage your foot than trying to do it yourself as the strokes should be "up" and away from the heel (something to do with the lymph nodes, I believe!) Hope this helps. I seem to be "on the mend" now, slowly and after 3 months. It's hard not to do any walking when you have a dog who needs daily exercise and are addicted to geocaching!!!
  13. Insp Gadget - check out this web site... http://www.ourfootdoctor.com/yourfeet_plantarfasciitis.shtml
  14. I've had Plantar Faciitis in my left foot since January, although it seems to be getting better now and the pain isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. The plantar fascia is the thick ligamentous band in the bottom of the foot which is attached to the heel and runs forward to insert into the ball of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of this band at its attachment to the heel. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt whilst walking as the muscle gets warm and stretches. It only hurts first thing in the morning (after a long period of rest) and after exercise, when the muscle cools down and contracts again. Sbukosky - I hope your physio treatment works for you and that you are able to to enjoy your 5-mile hikes again soon.
  15. Hi Liz One point occurs to me - you might like to check the list of cachers' names to see if "Liz" is already taken! I wanted to be "Lioness" and that was already in use so I changed it to "Leoness" instead. (PS: Sorry we didn't make the meet yesterday but we had car trouble. I'm going to try to get to the Transatlantic Bug Swap meet (GCJ70V) on 16th May, if you're interested)
  16. Ditto - I also saw geocaching mentioned on the BBC's "Inside Out" programme then looked at the programme's website to find the link to geocaching.com. I put the link into my "favourites" and spent a few days reading up on the sport to find out how it all works. My husband already had a GPS but was working away from home at the time (and had taken the GPS with him!) so I had to wait for him to return before we could set out to find our first cache (which was about a month later). We were immediately hooked and hubby bought me my own GPS for my birthday a week later. (Actually, it's me who's hooked - hubby enjoys it too but I often go out on my own when he'd rather be doing something else)
  17. Gas cost to my nearest cache? Er... it's about 3 miles from home so I could walk it. The cost of the gas would be negligible.
  18. Think yourself lucky you don't live in the UK and pay nearly £4 a gallon for fuel. I think that equates to approx. $6 a gallon - not sure what the current exchange rate is.
  19. Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm way behind you on... (check figure to the left 'cos I have no idea!)
  20. This just came up today on a cache I have a watch on... "Took the mini torch and left a stone from a beach in pembrokeshire." Hmm... was the stone a diamond, by any chance or only semi-precious?!!!
  21. Leoness

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    As you can see, I got the photo to work!
  22. Many thanks, Stunod - I'll look out for it.
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