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  1. Hubby comes out caching with me from time to time but it's my hobby rather than his. Sometimes I ask him to accompany me if I don't feel the area is safe, for example. Sometimes, he just fancies the walk!


    He has done a couple of caches on his own in Kuwait and Canada whilst away on exercise.

  2. It works for me, HH! B)


    I have placed a few caches... two in N Yorks (one of which is now maintained by a friend of mine, the other I archived when we moved) and a couple locally in Wiltshire. I am able to maintain the local caches for the two years we are in the area and then I will either archive them or put them up for adoption so that they can live on.


    When we were in Catterick I was able to spend most of my time out caching and found every cache in the county. Since we moved south, I have been working and haven't been out caching nearly as much. Our next move may be to London where I can clear up all the urban micros!


    My point being, that whilst I don't hide very many caches, my local search area will change and so will never be exhausted! :lol:

  3. It did snow here once!


    Dying for some to arrive, but it would have to be really bad before it arrives in Southampton.


    Will head North over Christmas in the hope of seeing some!

    We'll be in Toronto by Boxing day - I'll bring you all cache loads of the stuff home!!!!


    Then you must definitely visit Niagara Falls whilst you're there. I saw the Falls frozen in January 2001 and they were awesome! :mad:

  4. I was born in Hitchin, N Herts (near to Letchworth - see lordelph's post above) and we used to regularly see black squirrels in our garden. There's even a pub in Letchworth called "The Black Squirrel".


    Then I moved down to Hampshire where I used to put food out for two white squirrels who regularly visited my garden. I assume they were albino.


    Then I moved to Germany where we used to have red squirrels in the garden. They are smaller than the greys and have tufts of fur on their ears.


    So, I've seen grey, black, white AND red squirrels! :signalviolin:

  5. some were very close to the county boundary and in a few cases were actually ON the county boundary and I had to email the owner of the cache to establish precisely which county they 'fell' into! 


    A good point! For one of our caches you have to park in Wales, but the cache is across the River Wye in England :blink: After considering the approach roads to the cache we decided that it made most sense to put Monmouthshire (where the parking coords are) after the title, although technically it's hidden in Gloucestershire :ph34r: Mrs B


    Been there and done that one! :blink::huh:

  6. Deego


    When you say "listed by county", how are they listed? By what criteria? ;)


    The reason I ask is that when I was doing all the caches in N Yorkshire (like Harrogate Hunter), some were very close to the county boundary and in a few cases were actually ON the county boundary and I had to email the owner of the cache to establish precisely which county they 'fell' into! :)


    I also remember one cache as being listed (meaning the county was included in the title of the cache) in N Yorks but was in Cumbria and another being listed in Co Durham but was in N Yorks! :(

  7. You don't say why you "don't do flying" but if it's because you have a phobia about flying, then it might be an idea to try to overcome that fear so that the whole world becomes open to you :o


    I recently overcame my phobia of spiders and, whilst it wasn't particularly debilitating, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I can now deal with those big black hairy ones in the bath without the use of a large tupperware and rubber gloves or coming out in a cold sweat with heart palpitations! :D

  8. I have just had a 'phone call from Harrogate Hunter (Robin) who is currently stuck in traffic on the M5 en route to Cornwall. :o


    He has recently acquired a PDA with Memory Map and Tom Tom. (I don't have either so don't understand the technical aspect of this request!) :D:D


    He has downloaded all the caches he intends to do whilst he is on holiday in Cornwall but his PDA has just crashed on him and he is no longer able to access all the information. :D


    He has asked me to post a note in the forums asking if there is anyone in Devon or Cornwall (I think he is heading for Truro) who has Memory Map and/or TomTom, who can help him by letting him download the small program he needs to get his PDA working again. :P


    He CAN access his emails and asks that any replies are sent via his profile email (I am also happy to relay any messages direct).


    I trust that someone will understand his problem from my description and is able to help!!!


    Many thanks


    Leoness (Jackie)

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