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  1. Delete the logs. The game has guidelines... signing the paper log is part of the guidelines. If a person doesn't have enough time to sign the log, then why would they bother in the first place?
  2. Here's a picture of me and my family in front of the location of very first Geocache ever placed. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  3. I would only use that in places where there are lots of muggles who might plunder the cache... like under the bleachers at Seahawk Stadium. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  4. They can't copyright the color green, can they? Maybe I should just design my own stencil and paint it on. I can do it in white letters and make it look all military like, with a "handle at your own risk" disclaimer on it (maybe a "Do not eat" one as well?)
  5. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  6. If you click the image above (which I assume is a photo of the actual sticker) it shows the larger image (which is what I would use to make my own stickers). I may just buy them, but I can start making one right now, and have it ready for Friday so I can place a cache. I may also just place the cache w/o a sticker. I can always add it later.
  7. Can I use THIS IMAGE to make my own stickers, or would that be a copyright violation? (I would only use them on my own caches) I realize no one would probably ever know, but I wanted to ask the owners of the rights to the image, and decided others may want to know as well, so I asked here instead of via email "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  8. The original post author has already taken his ball and gone home. I doubt his websites will ever be the best they could be, because from what I read, outside input is not welcomed. Remember the U.S. auto industry in the mid 1970's? There is a reason why Kmart went bankrupt. When you stop listening to and trying to please your customers, the end has begun.
  9. Did you notice the post my dog (Otto) put in that thread?
  10. 100% DEET Be warned though: it will eat the paint off of an ammo box and may dissolve ziplock bags (not sure). "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  11. Click Here for pictures of everyone's caching pets. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  12. How about something useful... Like a printout of the cache page and all of the log entries and photos of the cache container & location. A cellphone so you can give your coords to the rescue team searching for you! An FRS radio so you can talk to your partner (if you cache with one) when you get seperated. Two GPS's with the waypoint can save you from going back to get your family after you bushwack it to a cache and find the easy (long) way in for them. ziplock bags to put the log in or to replace worn out ones. Thick freezer types (you can get them in a small size that is narrower an longer than the sandwich type). A towel to dry out a cache that got soaked and to wipe the seal on ammo boxes and other gasket seal type containers. Extra pens to put in the logbook ziplock if there isn't one, or it isn't working. (standard med. pt ballpoints work best... waterproof ink, and won't scratch holes in slightly damp paper like a fine point). Garbage bags... to put a cache in if it isn't watertight, and to haul away litter. A stick to poke around and look for the cache with. A bright colored lanyard to wrap around your GPS to tie it on a branch in an orientation that will allow it to continue receiving and averaging while you hunt for the cache, and also to help you find the GPS after you set it down! (I plan to make a walking stick with a GPS mound at the butt of the handle and a spike at the bottom so I can stick it in the ground to hold my GPS for me). A machete to make it easier to get to the cache where appropriate. A compass is good to get to the cache if you have to walk out to a clear area to get good GPS reception and use a bearing/distance (dead reckoning) to find the cache. A good map, with the cache marked on it is helpful, but not always necessary. But as mentioned above, most geocaching is done within 500 ft of the car. A backup GPS and writing down the coordinates for the car might be a good idea, but I don't need a tent, blanket, MRE's and field artillery to go into the city park. I do carry a whistle, but that's because I Hash with my dog, so he's used to following whistles to find me. I do intend to get my kids some of the Referee Whistles that use three tones (phase shifting) to create the warble tone rather than a pea. They are by far the loudest I've heard... louder than the Big Ones that claim to be the world's loudest (and easier to carry when running). I did convince my wife to carry one as well. Having spent a lot of time out in the woods listening for whistles, I can say that the Fox pea-less whistles are easier to hear at a distance... perhaps the shrill tone is more important than the Db level alone is. I also keep a small spherical pin-on type compass on my whistle lanyard as a backup just in case mine gets taken out of my fanny pack. I hate getting to the cache and having to deal with missing equipment that I thought I had with me! [This message was edited by Mark 42 on October 14, 2003 at 02:53 PM.]
  13. I know that generally the approvers don't physically check the caches, but do they ever do it if there is some question, or just out of curiosity? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  14. That's the beauty of TV dinners... you always know what to expect! "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  15. D'oh! I meant to continue that satement with also have the ability to peruse other users' logs... Some people seem to always have interesting &/or humorous log entries. But it didn't dawn on me that I already can see my own log entries. Though it'd be nice if I could actually see the text of them on one page, like looking at log entries on a cache page. I also wish I could invert the order of the display of log entries when I look at a cache's log so I could read them chronologically. I also wish I could save preferences so that all log entries are displayed and all encrypted text decrypted right away when I look at a cache page. I know, I'm asking for a lot, but I'd imagine others would like some of these features as well.
  16. Actually, some places choose to put little or no salt & pepper on food to allow those who will eat it freedom to choose how much will be best. They may feel that more salt is required to make it taste good, but leave it up to you to determine how much more, so they send it out bland, never expecting you to eat it that way. Important if your customers are required to have a low sodium diet and such.
  17. When you are posting, you will see a little picture with blue and green in the middle, and white at the top & bottom, above the field you are writing in... If you have a picture on the web, you can show it in a post by clicking that icon and pasting the URL. To place pictures on the internet for Geocache uses, you can use This Link. After you upload... do not hit refresh or reload. Click the link (or your bookmark) again to see the image and get the URL. If you use "reload" it will upload the image again. Good luck, -Mark "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  18. It sounds like it is possible then... Can we get that feature added? I would like to be able to peruse all of my log entries and reminisce about the finds associated with them. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  19. quote:Originally posted by Deckyon:... the public comes in and tells the owner what they want. What's wrong with that? quote: The solution to the complaints is simple, "if you don't like the policies and procedures, leave." Or stay, and live with them, or try to reason with "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) to see if you can persuade them that your idea is a good one. quote: If the TOS/TOU bother you... Not sure what TOS/TOU is. quote:Only one entity is in control here, and that is Groundspeak. Unless they are willing to listen to their users (aka Customers). If people are dissatisfied enough, they will just start up their own website, which leads to many problems that'd be far worse than listening to ideas. quote: ...grow up and realize thatyou are NOT the only person here. Looked in a mirror lately? There are a lot of people here, with many good ideas. Expecting all of one's ideas to be implemented would be immature, but stifling ideas from even being expressed is childish. quote: I cant go to the physical cache and cut my name out of the paper log there, can I? Yes, actually, you can. quote: I think too many people lost touch with the true purpose of this place. You mean, to have fun? Wouldn't input from everyone who is enjoying this hobby/sport possibly serve to make it even more fun? quote: ...Lets get back to "sharing our experiences playing a very fun game." What about sharing ideas? Is that really so bad? For some of us, it's part of the fun. quote: BTW, I will not be replying to any post made to this one... I guess your opinion and ideas are the only ones worth listening to. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  20. Isn't part of the Geocaching policy (unstated, but implied) to go online and log your finds? What, you don't like that policy? I think you are mistaking sugesstions for improvements as gripes and whining. If it were my website, I'd welcome suggestions, and choose which ones to implement.
  21. I gues you each get 1/3 of a credit for your "number of caches" placed? (Just kidding) I actually spent nearly two full days helping a fellow cacher enhance His Cache because it was great to begin with, and we were able to improve upon it a bit. I suspect he would be willing to share credit, especially with the guy who originally helped him place it.
  22. Sounds like a bit of stats inflation, doesn't it? Oh well... anyone who emulates Maynard G. Krebs can't be all bad. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  23. I signed up, and that worked fine. So far, it looks like it works just fine. I'll wait to see if I get the alerts or not before I rave about how fantastic it is... Thanks for referring us to it!
  24. With freedom comes responsibility... Just give some guidelines. Besides, posting photo proof on a virtual opens up possibilities for others to download the images and use them for cheating, even with the current system. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  25. Mark 42

    Winter Caching

    Some people wouldn't consider a couple of meters of snow a deterrent, and some may even snomobile to them and dig them out. A note in the description seems like a good solution.
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