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  1. I think another cacher saw me, or came right after me. Someone else had found it earler the same day (I was there 8/1/03 at 18:45). Here's the cache, if you want to see my log entry) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=32926 Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  2. This is the site I am using to build a High Res aerial picture of Banner Forest by combining many images zoomed as close as they go (stitching them to make one huge high res image) http://www.globexplorer.com/library.html Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  3. They are out of the SporRrak PRO ($129), but have the SporTrak MAP ($99): http://www.flyingjestore.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=ShowItem&item_number=4&product_code=EL259&sku=100 Here are three more links which allow you to compare the SporTrak GPS, GPS Map & GPS Pro models. http://www.gpslocators.com/maspgpshare.html http://www.gpslocators.com/maspmaphagps.html http://www.gpslocators.com/maspprogpsre.html I had trouble with the link (in msg above) to their homepage, so I'll post it again (editted): http://www.flyingjestore.com/ [This message was edited by Mark 42 on August 01, 2003 at 11:13 AM.]
  4. Lets see, there must be a nice private bush around here somewhere... Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  5. I think what I will end up with is this scenario: Wife & kids will do enough caching while I'm at work that when we go together she'll let me hold the GPS because it's nothing special to her after doing so many w/o me. Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  6. You would have to seal it in a ziplock bag (get as much air out as possible) and the thoroughly wash the outside of the bag with detergent & water to eliminate all scent traces of food. Otherwise, a wild animal can pick up on the scent, and will tear apart the whole cache to get at it. Not worth it, since most people won't use it anyway (from the responses above). A tennis ball to throw might not be bad (too large?). Be careful about commercial chew toys... some are scented/flavored (I have a chicken flavored frisbee for my dog, but it looks the same as any other official Whamo frisbee once you take it out of the packaging. One thing very handy for dog owners... a "water key". On school campusses, many business buildings & churches, the hose bibs do not have a handle to turn on the water. it takes a special key that fits into the round receptacle and has a square drive (Keeps kids from playing with them). You can buy the "key" (tool) at any hardware store for about $1.50 I always carry one when I jog in the city with my dog (rare these days, but when I didn't live in the country we did jog city). That way, I can almost always find water for both of us. Maybe I'll buy a bunch & start putting them in caches. Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  7. I went jogging Tuesday, and I saw a pile of feathers (had been there before, actually). The next day (yesterday) I found out that I was standing near one of the caches (there's several) in the forest I jog through. I had a hunch, and looked around the area a bit (it looked like a good spot for a cache), but I didn't do an intensive search since it was a longshot... until I saw the cache location & clues on the website the following day. Had I known, I would have spent longer looking for it (also would have known what to look for). Here is a link to the details of that cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=acc98712-2239-4c44-9e8f-66395dc2b53f Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  8. I know that forest quite well, and have jogged almost (if not) every trail in it. It's about 800 acres, and there are some areas that are not near any roads. I'll eventually place some caches there, but first I need to experience finding a few so I will know what a good cache is like. The hare & hound runs ( http://www.half-mind.com/who.htm ) that I do are like that... to be a good hare you have to run a few as a hound (still, some people never get it... they try to be too clever & get the pack of hounds lost). Matter of fact, I did an impromptu trail through Banner Forest when a hare had to leave town at the last minute before his run. It was either cancel the weekend's run, or have an alternate hare step up... I stepped up, & warned everyone I was not well prepared. They said it'd be better than nothing... that was before I got disoriented in the switchbacks and spent 2 hours winding around in the forest before finding the cars. I ran out of flour and toilet paper (used to mark the trail), and started picking up trash & tearing it into small pieces. Fortunately, the DFL figured it out and picked up the trash as she went. Anyway, once I learn more, I'll start placing some caches (other places too). BTW, has anyone laid caches in 50 states yet? Are unmaintained caches allowable? Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  9. It says it's "Archived due to dischord..." Does that mean it's gone? If it's still there, and I can find it, do y'all want me to adopt it? I'll be custodian of it if you want. Click Here to See the one I'm asking about. Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  10. HOLY BUCKETS!!! I was out jogging yesterday, and I think I was standing on top of the feathers at this one!!! Something told me to look around, but I didn't see anything (but I didn't know I was looking for anything either). It's possible there was another stricken bird too... there were a ton of grey feathers sorta under a bush. I'm gonna hafta teach my dog to help me find these things! Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  11. At first, when I read Poor Richard's response, I was thinking 6'1" meant 6 minutes & 1 second... Then, as I continued to read, habit started making me see 6 foot 1 inch. Funny how ingrained habits can be so hard to overcome. Since I'm in Seattle, once I find out that answer, I can write a table for myself (if the one at the link given isn't specific enough). Hukt un fonix werkt fur mee
  12. You should be able to get a GPS like I have (Garmin GPS38 or similar) for under $50 on eBay, I would expect. Here's a search I did for my GPS on eBay. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&ht=1&query=garmin+gps38 Others here may know of some reliable older models that are now "out of style" to look for on eBay. Is there a classifieds section on this website anywhere? (maybe someone has an old one after upgrading?). Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
  13. My Hashing name is (because I'm an engineer) "Nerd Alert", & they named my dog "Turd Alert" (they like to name families in a theme when they can). Here's an info website (the thumbnails along the left are sometimes pg rated): http://www.half-mind.com/who.htm I have the (dis?)advantage of already owning a GPS. My dad couldn't use it on his ultralight because he has an all aluminum wing above him & can't get satellite reception. I have also found I have to put my GPS well forward on the dashboard of my truck to get decent reception. It's a Garmin GPS38, and has no provisions for an external antenna. My next GPS will definitely have an external antenna jack. That way, I can carry a lightweight 50 ft telescoping pole to lift my antenna above the trees! I have it with me today, and programmed three cache waypoints in it on my morning commute! (one of them is a small park with a beach, not far from home, which my wife and kids have been wanting to show me!) I also decided we could let my daughter sit down and decipher the "additional hints"; she has a learning disability which makes it hard for her to concentrate on tasks, & this will be a good way to give her experience in the pleasure of reaching a goal by sticking to the hard tasks that sometimes are required to achieve goals. BTW, I haven't seen this question in the FAQ (tough I may have missed or not encountered it yet): If a waypoint is given as N AA° AA.xyz & W AA° AA.xyz, how far off (in feet or meters) will a person be for every value error of y & z In other words, if it xyz are 435, but I'm at xyz values 436 or 445, how far away am I from the waypoint's correct location. It seems like I could take a reading in the clear, pace off the distance N. & W. from that point to where I place a cache (in poorer coverage area) and extrapolate (translate or re-interpret) that distance into the coordinates of the cache. Is there a FAQ on tips for getting better reception in the trees? Does an external antenna mounted atop a hat help reception? (I'm used to strange looks). Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
  14. Yes, I do suffer from OCD... On the FAQ I saw: So if I have a GPS unit, someone can track where I am (and where I'm going)? Shouldn't the word "can" be before "someone"? (sorry if this seems nit-picky... I'm hoping to just be helpful is all) Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
  15. You can get an older, less feature packed GPS for pretty cheap. (Click Here) You can Get GPS units for well under $100 on eBay Also try pawn shops & clearance sales at stores like Walmart. Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
  16. Having moved here from Huntsville Alabama, I can say this about the Seattle area: No Ticks No Chiggers No Water Moccasins (Cottonmouths) No 95 deg 95% days No Poison Oak or Ivy Few Mosquitos No Kudzu No Coral Snakes Very few venemous spiders. I've done Hare & Hound runs in So Cal, Huntsville & Seattle... Seattle is likely the most tame place in the world. Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
  17. I've been involved in a Hare & Hound game called Hashing (done by Hash House Harriers), so this is right up my alley. Today I aciidentally ran into your site & found out that there are at least (probably many more) two caches in the forest I jog & explore 2-3 days a week! I'm only amazed I haven't found any Caches yet (I've seen all sorts of stuff in the forest, and I do sometimes end up trailblazing & bushwhacking). I'm gonna hafta find the "Banner Nanner"! Hukt un fonix werkt fer mee
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