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  1. run the dog up stream "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  2. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  3. quote:Originally posted by Mr. 0:I've see "(sic)" used from time to time (here and other forums, etc) and I've never been able to figure out what it means If you see other Geaocachers...Act as if they aren't there, and if they try to make contact run like hell screaming in terror. They are a very scarry lot. Reminds me of Blind Umpire describing the Haunted Cache at the old delapidated mental institution building... a scarry night cache where he told me that he and a friend were tempted to hide in the bushes and scare the (fuvg) out of another group of cachers that were searching in the dark... If you scan down the Dictionary.com page a little... Sic adv. Thus; so. Used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally.
  4. I did try to monitor Ch 2 on our first couple of caches, but ended up turning it off because it keeps giving bursts of static every 30 second or so. We have a pair of Audiouvox FRS radios, which work okay, but it seems like in more recent times they haven't squelched out the static as well as they used to. Maybe it's some HAM operatior illegally broadcasting at higher than allowed wattage ? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  5. Sorry for the useless link. Here is what I meant to post.
  6. http://beach.com/stateofthebeach/6-state/beach_access.asp?state=WA http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=washington+tidelands+access&btnG=Google+Search
  7. Here is a link to the details. I'd like to also know where & when to meet and what to do if you have to show up late. I'd suggest a clipboard for signin and for matching up those who need teammates. Travis, if we make it there you can always join Sherri (Sherkanz) and me & the kids& Otto, but with the kids it tends to be slow going. And extra adult might just offset the handicap. I may get to see ya'll. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it" [This message was edited by Mark 42 on September 14, 2003 at 07:11 AM.]
  8. I just started caching, and am enjoying finding some of the older ones more than the newer ones... they have a character of history. Besides, why make a rule? Let freedom reign... if you want your caches to expire, pull them. But don't impose that on everyone else. Some people go to great lengths to find a location and place a cache. Just take a look at Cables and Pulleys and Bells. That one took the owner a lot of work, and I would recommend it to anyone coming from out of town, or new to the game. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  9. quote:Originally posted by CO Admin:Caches should stay active as long as the owner feels as long as no enviromental damage happens. ghost trails is a good reason to archive or move a cache. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  10. I rather like the idea, if they are good quality caches. I've started writing down notes when I go exploring for scouting Hash trails, or other activities with coords when possible, whenever I run into an interesting place to put a cache. But when I finally break free of my chores and place a cache, it'll be more convenient to dedicate the whole day to placing and registering tham all at one. Also, by placing a bunch it gives people who can't leave work on a moment's notice some hope of logging a First To Find. I have to do it vicariously by calling my wife and letting her and the kids go for me... I would have stayed home that day had I known! "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  11. http://virtualroberts.net/VirtualRoberts/spacemath/decay/LabDecay.htm http://epubs.siam.org/sam-bin/dbq/article/32944 Maybe some people think it's a treasure hunt, and like welfare... The stuff just magically appears from nowhere, or is contributed by people who have way too much to begin with (which just might describe my kids ) "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  12. I don't get it. When we first started, I was extremely concerned about my kids wanting to give junk for treasure, so I really emphasized to my wife that we need to watch that and make sure we arent just taking. A week later she Pooh put a watch in a Winnie the Pooh themed cache, which made me feel better about a couple of our earliest trades that I felt were a little questionable. Since then, I have been to a few that were full of absolute junk. Not just cheap stuff, but stuff that probably had been taken out of the trash after it occurred to the person that it would fit in a cache container. I guess some people don't teach courtesy and the "golden rule" to their kids anymore. But we'll be using it to build good character and show our kids what happens when too many people think only of themselves. Me... I tend to TNLNSL and leave it up to the kids to do the trading. Though I did almost take a Swiss Army Knife... but I didn't have anything of reasonably close value to trade. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  13. It's sort of an honor system... If the cache owner requests that it be a night only cache, then I would not look for it until after dark. If the owner doesn't care whether people do it day or night, but it is one that lends itself better to night, or is easier at night because of reflective clues, then I might do it during the day. Actually, it never even occurred to me that a "night cache" would be more interesting or easier at night. I always assumed that during the day it would be too easy, so the idea is to take up the challenge of finding it at night. I guess it'd be a good idea to clarify the intent (like please don't do this during the day... it'll be too easy, boring, etc. or let people know that it's okay to do it during the day as well).
  14. Maybe something like the image below for an icon. That way, if a cacher can't sleep, he can look for a nearby night cache quickly.
  15. Yes... I did post that image. It was just an observation, not a complaint. The main thread topic had run its course, and I thought it was veering in a new and interesting direction. (You'll notice, along with the image I followed the new course). It was mainly meant to perhaps make a few here smile.
  16. Actually, I'm working with color laser prints these days, but I did have success putting clearcoat on inkjet printout in the past. I did try the Clearcoat on color laser prints yesterday, and it works great (so far). The real product name is "Truck, Van and SUV Clear Top Coat" It did soak the paper, so it might be wise to either use several lighter coats (especially for inkjet prints), or lay the paper on some wax paper so it doesn't stick to whatever it's lying on. Once it dried, it didn't stick to the cardboard, but that was surprising because I really sprayed it on heavy, and it soaked all the way through the paper to the point I could see the cardboard through it. If I get a chance, I'll test some inkjet prints too for y'all. [This message was edited by Mark 42 on September 11, 2003 at 09:28 AM.]
  17. Where are those censors when we really need them?! God forbid we should discuss anything that isn't directly related to Geocaching. I prefer to see the forums as an electronic front porch... grab a cup of coffee, scoot a chair over, and join the conversation... or don't, if you prefer. But why stop people from enjoying the forums the way they like to? It's not like someone deliberately hijacked the message thread... it just took its natural course, and here we are. I don't need a moderator... I can choose for myself what I want to ignore. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  18. Before we moved to Alabama in 1998, I'd never seen a tractor in person. Then I had to buy one (we bought 20 acres)... I got really lucky and found the JD 2030 with a bush hawg & box blade for a good price. I eventually repainted the wheels so that they were not such a light chalky yellow (mage 'em match the stripe), and pinted the box blade. I got a sub-soiler and a lift boom, and put a 2" hitch receiver inside the square tube that reinforces the center of the boxblade. Man, a tractor is one heck of a useful tool. I even used it to work on cars! The lift boom is great for pulling engines, and the box blade makes a great hydraulic lift (if you're creative about it). Now we barely even need the riding lawnmower, but I may get an antique tractor to restore and tinker with (we have an acre now). Someday, I will own some land again. Hopefully in a configuration that'll lend itself to placing two or three geocaches on the property. But the day we left Alabama, I fully understood the "Trail of Tears". "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  19. Okay, I haven't tried the reboot yet. BTW, do I need to use FDisk too? "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
  20. quote:Originally posted by TEAM 360:or worse yet, how bout dat froggy? Embrace the 'Nanner
  21. quote:Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy:There's a much more pragmatic reason for removing tracts (and other advertising) from caches: when paper gets wet, it gets slimy and moldy. I can't think of a single time I've found advertising materials in a cache that they weren't about halfway back to being wood pulp I guess that means there shouldn't be a logbook either then.I have taken to carrying ziplock bags wiyth me because the seams wear out, and I have run into a few damp logbooks. I wish people would be more careful about not getting dirt, leaves & branches caught in the seal on ammo boxes and such. I'm not advising anyone to put any kind of literature in a cache, and actually I'm against it. I'm also against removing something just because I might find it offensive, unless I'm quite sure that most people would find it offensive, or would not want their kids to access it (like a pornographic picture or something). I find it offensive when people drop little religious tracts that look like a wadded up dollar (or more) bill, or tracts that don't have that disguise... but that's because I'm very offended by people who litter. If I see a tract on the ground, it goes into the trash. Lastly, I consider tracts largely a waste of effort & resources. In order to convince another person of your viewpoint you do so by building a relationship and by example. A piece of paper is not adequate to express the fullness of a life with Christ. Also, if you build relationships just to espouse your views, then you are being deceitful, in reality. If you want to reach people, then first get to know people. If the opportunity to try to share with them never occurs, and you consider that it was all a waste of time, then you should examine your motives. In other words, just be real. I would not put tracts in a cache because I don't believe the cache to be the proper vehicle for evangelism. If someone else does, then that's fine, and it's not my place to take stuff out of the cache, unless I trade something of equal value (and I would base the value on what it was worth to the person who placed it). So I figure, if I take six religious tracts (I actually knew an atheist friend who collected them), I would figure that's about $1.50 value. Maybe I took them to put with my tip on a restaraunt table. Maybe I just wanted to read them. Maybe I will use them to line my bird cage. But if I take them, it's not because I think they shouldn't be there... it's not my place to police or regulate other people's caches, unless they are in clear violation of the Groundspeak/Geocaching.com guidelines. Some people don't know that Altoids Breath Strips shouldn't be placed in a cache where rats, mice, or other animals might catch the scent (though they can't get into an ammo box, so it's not always an issue). Some people may not think religious propaganda could be offensive to someone. But the question is: what harm will it really cause? A pocket knife folds... low risk. A hunting knife is deployed, could cause an injury. But Prozac... maybe every cache needs some. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it" [This message was edited by Mark 42 on September 10, 2003 at 02:04 PM.]
  22. If it's not your cache, then leave it there. If you really feel it has to be dealt with, notify the owner of the cache and he can decide whether or not to remove it. You could make a case that even the "Cache in Trash out" "propaganda" is telling people what to do. It seems funny to me that you could put a little pamphlet about the importance of carseats and bicycle helmets for childrens' safety, but if you try to "Save a person's soul" it immediately becomes offensive. Is it really that hard to just ignore it when people excercise a little bit of freedom? If you put in a Harry Potter comic book or something, should I remove and rip it up because I consider equivalent to espousing witchcraft? (NOTE: "I" is used rhetorically). Or do you think that everyone else is too weak minded to resist religious propaganda? BTW, the "commercialism" connection is weak. If there were a donation envelope for a particular organization (Like PBS?), then it might be different. If it offends you, but isn't going to offend most reasonable people, just leave it alone.
  23. I miss Alabama... we had a nearly perfect piece of land out there... I miss my tractor too. "I'm not Responsible... just ask my wife, She'll confirm it"
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