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  1. I am looking for a way to convert by hand.
  2. Is there a way to convert from 46.123456 to 096.33.222 and vice versa?
  3. I am in the process of putting together a series of puzzles and dedicating the series to character actors. I would like to put a picture of the actor/actress in the cache description but am struggling. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  4. Go here: http://www.geocaching.com/account/default.aspx Scroll down to "Your Preferences" at the very bottom. Click "Change" in the top right corner of that box. Change "Distance Units" to imperial. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save changes". B. Thanks for your help.
  5. 15,000 What an accomplishment, Congrats. Makes my 1,000 look pitiful, but I have an idol to look up to. Thanks for all your efforts.
  6. Hi Vaughan, yes indeed that is a ham callsign. I have not ventured into APRS, as yet, but will check out the link you suggested. Maybe, another look on eBay is called for too. Cheers, Colin (KC9PDY) Greetings from Watertown, SD. I do both Waymarking and geocaching. I have several GPSr, one of which is a Garmin Colorado. I like it. I also use Garmin Etrax for marking waymarks. It is easier to use for that application than a Colorado. Also, I am a novice Hamster. KD0HWL
  7. Several times over the past year, the distance from point A to the waymark changed from "miles" to "kilometers". I really don't comprehend Km (LOL) so I don't want this to change to Km. How can I alleviate that problem?
  8. My streak is 127 +/- (don't remember for sure but close enough) and did it just to complete the 100 day challange. Like some other cachers, by the time I hit 127, I was just plugging along to keep the streak going. It was kind of refreshing when the streak ended. Right now I am filling days on the calendar and have a streak going since Dec 31, 2011. The daily grind is starting to get tiresome too, but will try to condinue to get all days filled with at least one cache until May 2,2012. May 2, 2011 is when the 127 day streak started.
  9. Being from South Dakota, the human critter is not a big problem. So, typically I carry two tools, cell phone and 9mm beretta. I cache alone a lot and many places in SD, the cell serivce is minimal so if I fell and broke an ankle or leg, I would use the pistol to signal for help. I didn't used to carry, but more and more reports of mountain lions in the area, it only seems right to carry some sort of protection, just in case.
  10. I first discovered geocaching while on an army land navigation course. I liked it and then found myself with other priorities. I know, a lame excuse. Anyway, 569 days without a find is my shame.
  11. I first discovered geocaching while on an army land navigation course. I liked it and then found myself with other priorities. I know, a lame excuse. Anyway, 569 days without a find is my shame.
  12. It seems like when I first got into geocaching, one of the stipulations was that saturating an area was not the way to go. Now I find that people are putting caches every 600+/- feet along a bike trail, or a highway, or some other trail just to get 'numbers'. Personally, I think this is not the intent of geocaching. Some may think that having hundreds of geocaches hidden is cool, but you and I know that they are not well maintained or kept track of. I have made a decision NOT to search for these 'saturation' caches. To me a cache should give you something to enjoy besides getting your numbers up. To travel down a highway and every 528' find a cache just doesn't seem like it was what geocaching was meant to be. Opinion 101
  13. There were two different caches I found that were the size of 30 gallon plastic tote container. One was full of 35 mm film cases and the log was hidden in one of them. The other was at a rubber band gun factory and inside the cache were free rubber band pistols.
  14. As a newbie to this forum, I noticed a number of different letters used as shortcuts to written out words, tnln - does that equal took nothing, left nothing? are there any others that i should know before it really get into this hobby? lol - laughing out loud
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