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  1. I would like to thank everyone again for purchasing our coins!


    We are excited to see our Maritime Geocaching Logo on the coin and to be able to share it with the world.


    All invoices have been sent out and if you would like to be on the waiting list or have questions about your order please contact me through my geocaching profile or email me @ maritimegeocoins@gmail.com


    I will post when the coins have arrived and when they start shipping which I expect to be the beginning of February.


    I will be updating the web site http://geocache.webhop.org/coins with the shipping information as well.

  2. Coin inflation.  Soon they will be all $25.00  Mark my words. :ph34r:

    Oh, you mean like the Conn... err, nevermind.

    Go ahead and say it. Connecticut. Tho$e coin$ are $elling for way too much.


    How about a reason for the $10 price of these coins? Are you just trying to get funds for your group? It looks like your back is the same stock die that dozens of other coins have used already, so I fail to see why the cost is that high. And no, I'm not whining, because I'm not buying any of these.

    I agree. There is nothing wrong with charging whatever the market will pay for a product. That's how a for-profit business runs (like the coinclub). I think most people are questioning a non-profit (I assume) organization charging that sort of price. if this is a fund raiser, so be it. I didn't know that the guidelines allowed the trackable coins to be sold at that sort of profit though?

    (we are also assuming profit... I paid $5.50 per coin for 300 coins with 3 dies and 12 colors. This one does not look that complex, maybe your supplier is overcharging?)

    Wow.. That is an excellent price! These were more than that! I am assuming it is a U.S. price? (We have to add from 20% and up to that depending on the exchange rate!)


    I know people are assuming we are making a big profit on the coins, if they only knew the all of the costs!

  3. Hello,


    I am flying into Houston on Monday Sept 19th from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is my first trip to Texas and would like to do some caches while there.

    If anyone has some suggestions for caches that I "must do" while there I would love to know about them!

    I guess I will be staying close to the HP training center on SH249..




    The Lost Geeks

  4. We are now carrying Bison Designs products for the Canadian market! The bottle holders and keychain products are high quality aluminum and sturdy belts.


    See our official Geocaching supplies on our newly designed web store!


    (Deleted by moderator)

  5. This is a great story!  It's almost like finding a time capsule.


    With that cache being #1 in Alberta, but #2 in Canada ... does anyone know what the #1 Canadian cache is?


    And for that matter, what is the #1 cache for geocaching.com?


    GCA6 ... c'mon A6!!!  right now we're at GCQxxx.  At this rate, we'll be getting into 7 digit Waypoint codes soon.  This is SO cool!


    Hi All to answer your question dani_carriere, the first cache in Canada is here in Nova Scotia GCBBA. It was placed on 6/18/2000 by Ken Kane and still going strong!


    Geocache by Ken Kane


    The Lost Geeks

  6. I seem to be having issues with the PQ's as well. I had not been getting them so I deleted and re-created the query that I had. It seems to run once then it doesn't seem to run the next day. It is very intermittant so I created another query and it only ran one time but it is scheduled to run every day.




    The Lost Geeks

  7. Is there anyone interested in helping us log this locationless cache? (GC3153)


    Our user name is The Lost Geeks which translates to 84° 35.078. If you are close you will be able to log this as well, we need someone to go to this location take a pic of the GPS and send it to us.


    Please take a look at the cache and let us know if you can help. Just click on our profile and send along an email.


    Thanks in advance!!


    The Lost Geeks

  8. We would also be willing to help with an event.

    It would be a great way of meeting others with the same "geo-addiction" to go out caching with!! :huh:


    The Lost Geeks

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