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  1. The date for the event is getting closer and I just wanted to remind everyone to head our way! Check out the cache page for updates! gcv46w It will be a great time for all who attend we hope to see as many as possible! There will be people camping overnight and a group night cache as well!
  2. Wecome! come visit us at www.maritimegeocaching.com or at www.atlanticgeocaching.com you will find loads of friendly people here!
  3. I find that the shipping has slowed down into and out of the U.S.. We ship everything with Canada Post and find it seems to be taking a little longer to get out to the customer. For us in Canada to get a package to the U.S. with a tracking number and insurance the price starts at $10.00. This makes it very hard to sell to the U.S. so everything goes without tracking numbers. Even in Canada the price for tracking numbers and insurance is around $8.00 and up. Consider yourselves lucky that you can track things for under a dollar, it is well worth it!
  4. I've got those ones...I guess I'm looking for things to put in the caches as much as anything. Archie McPhee Toys, Gifts, and Novelties is a US based place shop along the lines I'm looking for... Thank you Knitter! We are Canadian and an Official Geocaching supplier! We also carry the line of Official Geocaching products as well as other goodies that are used in the Geocaching world! Drop by and check us out.. The 3 Geeks Outdoor Store
  5. I keep getting that handshake wrong... I need a hat!
  6. Another link to the Geocaching event this summer for the 1st Cache in Canada! Parks Nova Scotia
  7. I am glad to hear you are happy with the coin! We wanted it made and produced in Canada and the local company did an excellant job with it! I hope people are making plans to come down to the event and celebrate with us Atlantic Canadians! (There are rumors that we know how to party!!) Here is the link to the event GCV46W 6th Anniversity of Geocaching in Canada Cheers, The Lost Geeks ps. There are still coins available at Atlantic Geocaching Association
  8. Hi, We also have the Atlantic Geocaching Association with loads of information. Take a look in the forums and make sure to drop us a note when you are down as there will be loads of people who will love to go out caching with you! There is a section for the area you will be visiting so drop a post in there and someone will get back to you! The Lost Geeks
  9. Canadian Coin update All of the orders placed to date have been shipped. There are still coins available at www.atlanticgeocaching.com. Thanks for your support! The Lost Geeks
  10. Well I have to put my .02 worth in! I feel that Eastriver Nova Scotia is the Geocaching Capital of Canada! This is where Geocaching in Canada started . Geocache GCBBA by Ken Kane Cheers, The Lost Geeks
  11. Hi, I am very sorry for not posting an update for this. The coins have started shipping but we are still in the process. We had to go through all of the coins to verify the tracking numbers. When we first got them we noticed one was misprinted so verifing all 1000 coins put us a little behind. We have verified all numbers now and have started shipping as of Last week (April 14). Thank you for your patients. If you have any questions or concerns please drop us an email at orders@atlanticgeocaching.com Thank You, Brian
  12. The Event has been posted. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...66-4c50dd34e8c2 It will be a great time for all who attend. We hope many can make it.
  13. The coins are back from our local producer and will start shipping this week! They turned out great! There are some still for sale at www.atlanticgeocaching.com Thanks for the support!
  14. This sounds familiar! http://www.atlanticgeocaching.com/ (at the bottom of the page) And the big event!! GCV46W The $10.00US is a little high for us Canadians; but is it to raise money for an event like the 1st Geocache in Canada Coin? If so then it is well worth it! I will be watching for the pre sale.
  15. We really enjoy visiting the New Hampshire area and try to get down as often as we can! Has anyone made a New Hampshire coin or anything that refers to the area? The Lost Geeks
  16. I use the basic macros plus some routine VBA. I just have no legal experience in shipping software to non-US addresses for I've never had to do it before. Actually, I've never sent anything outside the US prior to shipping my first geocoin trades overseas. I know, I need to get out more. = ) If someone could PM me some links to some good (legit) web sites for info that would be great. I don't have any links to any legal info but GSAK is available to us as well as Cachemate. The only thing that I have ever noticed that said cannot export out of the US also said Canada. It is usually encryption software or something like that. But I am not an expert at all so maybe someone else out there may know the answer! If anyone out there has a template or something that will help me track my coins I would be very interested! Thanks
  17. Congrats Shaun and Holly!!!!!
  18. Another Canadian looking for a database to track my coins! any word yet? I have never had any issues purchasing software from the US before?!?! We do it all of the time at work, but I guess if there is something in your code that shouldn't be sent out it is better to know before sending it out.
  19. I guess that we can agree to disagree on their not being geocoins, although I do agree with you that they are painted manhole covers Jamie I'm with Eartha on this but then my Redneck geocoins I'm going to start leaving just to make fun of the whole geocoin thing aren't geocoins either. But I'll put a number on them anyway. Maybe I'll even dremel a dragon (with my lack of artistic talent) on them. Will they be available in stainless steel?? If so put me down for 2 I hope the coins make it up here to Canada! How do you explain that at the border??!?!?!?
  20. Received the GAS coins today! Really nice coins
  21. I also vote for the extra shipping charges to go into the fund to help out.
  22. The Maritime and MGA are the same coin: MGA coin for the Maritime Geocaching Association.
  23. Thanks for the update! I have sent a couple of emails to to the geocoin store about this but they have not responded. Has anyone else been able to contact them?
  24. I cant wait to see this coin in my collection!! The artwork looks great!!!
  25. Does anyone know if the following coins are going to ship to Canada soon??? January 2006 Signal Geocoin Geocaching Alberta South Geocoin February 2006 Signal Geocoin Wales Geocoin Ghost Coins Thanks, The Lost Geeks
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