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  1. We carefully constructed a series of caches (5) that are each part of an ongoing story.  Four can be found independently but information from the four must be found before finding the fifth. The creation was so much fun and so well liked that we were tempted to start a new series.  But we have opted out for the pleasures that are also associated with maintaining/enhancing the exiting series.  We found that keeping 5 caches in good shape was plenty time consuming.  Also enhancing the caches and the cache location environment to add to the backstory was better for us and the finders than adding more caches.  Quality not Quantity was the right tactic for us. 


    For example, the original caches were housed in a solar-powered yard lights and the light would glow at night indicating the actual location near the coords. Cool idea but a maintenance  nightmare.  The caches leaked and the battery recharge was iffy depending on seasonal shade.  The upgrade evolved to cedar birdhouses housing LocknLock containers.  The new houses have numerous Birds Eye reflectors which light up when a flashlight is  directed along the bearing line included in the description and this technique allowed us to keep the theme used in the Fairy Light series! The caches evolved to more secure and more fun to find with much less maintenance.  Plenty of other enhancements as well including special laser-cut Geocoins for each cache.


    If we had moved on to creating more caches, I think we would have reached a point of not being able to enjoy and support/enhance the original caches.


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  2. 16 hours ago, barefootjeff said:


    Just a thought, check that you haven't inadvertently clicked on the pencil icon next to the coordinates at some point and set Corrected Coordinates. If you have, the coordinates will be shown in italic font with an underline, like this example:




    If that's what's happened, you can clear it by clicking on the pencil icon and then clicking on Restore:



    Thank you very much, barefootjeff!  That had happened and the restore also fixed confusion on the list of waypoints on the site.  All is now well!  Only the correct waypoints show up without an extra one.  



  3. Thanks to the responders!  Yes, got to be a cache issue!  I'm glad the correct info is now in place but I cant get my browser to show correctly..  I'll give it some time.  Not the first time cache has caused  me pain! =)


    I tried all of the cache clearing methods.  Even logged in from a different computer that has never accessed Geocache site.  I still can't  see the coord changes.


    What am I missing?




  4. The posted coordinates for a cache must be changed as the landmark that was a reference point for the cacher taking a bearing and a distance has been removed.  The distance moved was about 25 feet from the original location and the Final location has not changed.  I used the Post Log entry to change the coordinates per the pop up message on the cache page in edit mode.  The changes show up in the log  but the posted coordinates remain the old coordinates. 


    I am concerned that someone trying to find the cache will never check the log posting.  Or will an admin get flagged by the log post and make the change?  I can understand why an admin would need to check for cache collisions, etc.


    The cache in question is https://coord.info/GC8J4XA

  5. 9 hours ago, kunarion said:

    Are these tests and not active caches?  If so, the real challenge will be the ordinary careless cachers creating volumes of water.  :)

    Yes, no precautions create fail-safe conditions for careless cachers.  I have placed the boxes outdoors in duplicates  of my cache technique.  And we have had  very wet  spring in my area.  I open the boxes every 3rd day pull out the log and go thru the motions and replace.   Folks, I am not suggesting that dessicant will fix open baggies or a poorly constructed caches.  I am just gaining the edge for sealed containers being able to go the extra distance. I keep data and will post a graph of the results.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, JL_HSTRE said:


    Where are your test boxes? Inside your air conditioned home where the humidity is probably never more than 60%?


    In the field, especially in a more humidity environment like Florida or the Pacific Northwest (or anywhere on a damp, dewy morning or a rainy day) there will be far more moisture to absorb. Especially if the cache is found on a regular basis, like weekly or more.

    I have placed the boxes outdoors in duplicates  of my cache technique.  And we have had  very wet  spring in my area.  I open the boxes every 3rd day pull out the log and replace.  Folks, I am not suggesting that dessicant will fix open baggies or a poorly constructed caches.  I am just gaining the edge for sealed containers being able to go the extra distance.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, kunarion said:

    Look at the thread that niraD liked above this reply (there are many other threads, too).  The “Do not eat” packs are too small, plus they’ve done their job already — absorbing moisture.


    You need lots and lots of silica gel to dry a container’s contents.  It’s possible, and I did it by filling an ammo can with sockfuls of the stuff (and setting “disable” on the cache for a couple weeks so it stays closed for the process).  

    I gave up on that, and resigned to just carry my cache box home to dry it out.  If just wiping it dry isn’t enough.


    People do leave those packets in caches.  But the assumption that it keeps a cache dry, or that it does anything at all, is a flawed assumption. :anicute:


    Hmmmm....  My test boxes are steady at 5% moisture and return to 5% moisture after closing back-up. After one month, the packets indicate fully absorbed and doing no more good.  (Replacing packets as part of cache maintenece is part of my planned activity. ) But in the mean-time, the associated journal in the box stays dry and the one in the other box is "damp."  So I kinda' think that the presence of packets has some positive effect.  It may be that I see these results as I am using the 350 ml 3X5 inch boxes so the volume to protect is small.

  8. OK, I realize that this is kinda' geeky and may not work for everyone but I am enjoying a solution to the problem of wet and soggy logs in my caches.

    First of all I use a good "house" or shelter that will hold a LocknLock box for my contents including the log.  

    I found that even with time a LocknLock box will not prevent logbooks from becoming moist.  No direct rain , etc. but humidity is humidity and nature abhors a vacuum.

    So I obtained desiccant packages from Dry&Dry and use the ones that have a moisture indicator and place in the container.  I have two containers being monitored.  I placed a temp/moisture measuring device in both.  In one I place two desiccant packages and locked the tabs.   One container shows 60% humidity right now which matches the third meter that is outside the container. (ambient.) That the closed container reads the same as the ambient tells the story that even a LocknLock will slowly gain moisture.  The second container  (with the desiccant) always reads 5%.  At some point, I am sure that when the desiccant absorbs all the moisture that it can hold then the humidity will go up in the container.  I have found that before I added the meter that the indicating dessicant would show high humidity after about a month.  I'll use that info to time my maintenance runs on the caches to replace dessicant packages.

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  9. 22 hours ago, Fah-Troop said:

    I used to see my coordinates and N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555 now the GPS says   n 42  32.99 w 079 34.55!  supposed to be WGS 84 but that shows the shorter coordinates.  Any idea how to get back to the old set of coordinates?  Using a Garmin  GPSMAP 64.  It listed the old format but something changed.

    I checked Garmin Support.  1.) Their advice is that your device would not just "drift" or change the display from four decimal places to two decimal places. 2.) if you were actually sitting on N 42 32.9900, the device would not display N 42 32.99.   3.) if there i something wonky in your device, you will NOT be able to correct by selecting Position Format.  The suggestion is to reload a current version of the software by connecting your device to a computer that is running the Garmin Express program and reinstalling the software.  4.) If that does not correct the issue, then you have a "weird-a-rama" hardware problem and need to contact Garmin support.


    It would be very helpful if you could take a picture of your MAP screen showing the two decimal format.

  10. 22 hours ago, Fah-Troop said:

    I used to see my coordinates and N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555 now the GPS says   n 42  32.99 w 079 34.55!  supposed to be WGS 84 but that shows the shorter coordinates.  Any idea how to get back to the old set of coordinates?  Using a Garmin  GPSMAP 64.  It listed the old format but something changed.

    Additional thought....  Now , if indeed you are not seeing a rounding phenomena, then the difference in N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555  VS.  n 42  32.99 w  079 34.55 is 59 feet.  Again, I could not find a setting that only shows 2 or three decimal places.  The default is 4 decimal places and you need all 4 to be accurate.


    PS, What are you doing slogging around in the middle of Lake Erie near the Canadian line?  =)HaHa!


  11. 21 hours ago, Fah-Troop said:

    I used to see my coordinates and N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555 now the GPS says   n 42  32.99 w 079 34.55!  supposed to be WGS 84 but that shows the shorter coordinates.  Any idea how to get back to the old set of coordinates?  Using a Garmin  GPSMAP 64.  It listed the old format but something changed.

    I have the Garmin Map64ST  Your menu will be the same.  I am not sure why you show N 42 32.999 w 079 34. 555 or n 42  32.99 w 079 34.55,  I suspect that maybe if you are dead on set of coordinates, the device will not show the unneeded extra decimal places.  I do not think there is any option in the set-up for that TYPE OF FORMAT but N 34 35.5909  (using my coords) 


    The datum should be WGS 84 and that is the option that you should select.   The Datum selection is not going to alter the Position formating.  


    I agree that the Garmin menu selection navigation is kinda' clunky.

    1. Use the PAGE button and keep pressing until you see MAP option and stop pressing button and you will see A screen populated with your coords.  (IMG_7899)

    2. Press MENU button twice and you will see a screen like this with SYSTEM highlighted (IMG_7898)

    3. Press the ENTER button and you will see this screen with SETUP highlighted (IMG_7897)

    4. Scroll Using the arrow keys down & over and Highlite the POSITION FORMAT icon which will look like this  (IMG_7896)

    5. Press ENTER button and you will see this screen displaying your current selections.  (IMG_7900)  You can use the arrow scroll keys to select POSITION  FORMAT or MAP DATUM. You press ENTER to alter the settings on the resulting screen.  You want hdd mm.mmmm for POSITION FORMAT and WGS 84 for MAP DATUM.  The MAP SPHEROID is auto selected when you select the MAP DATUM.  (IMG _7901 & IMG_7902)


    I hope this helps....










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  12. On 1/5/2021 at 7:36 PM, BabyYodaGeocaches said:

    i added some more things to make seem more like a Travel bug and not SWAG.  I think it will go well and if you want to see the Travel bug i will put the Tracking Number here: TB9T8A7

    Also i think this Travel bug will go far we just have to hope!!!

    I see you haven't released your bug.  Go for it or it want go anywhere.  =)  

  13. I have a cache that utilizes a website and a mystery theme to obtain coords, etc.   The site gets lots of geocache traffic.  So I guess plenty of folks think it is safe.


    However, I don't interact with sites that do not show the padlock icon in the url bar.  The padlock indicates that the site uses encrypted data and you will usually see on ecommerce and banking sites.  Still, a questionable site could also show the padlock.  But having a secure site costs the site owner money to offer that level of protection.  The fact that the owner has posted the url on the geocaching site AND has paid precious $ to obtain the secure site encryption "padlock" is good enough to make me think that  visiting the site is not too risky,  and of course, download nothing.


    If you want to know more about the security on the site, then click on the padlock to gain some insight.  

    You can turn off acceptance of cookies in your browser before visiting a site for the first time.as another level of protection.   

    Since you posted on this site, you must have had a level of trust.  Go ahead and click that locked padlock icon and then you can see the security certificate as well as the cookies that are set because you visited.  By viewing the cookies that are set, you can also make some decisions about the real purpose of the site.


    Also visit this url published by Chrome to learn more about gaining knowledge about a site's safety.



    You could also copy the url and paste into the dialog box at this site to obtain possible nefarious content such as malware.



    And despite what precautions you may take, crooks will still find a way to get in your house.  Just do an appropriate level of due-diligence.



  14. In addition , for OP,  EDEXTER...  (Continuing previous post)  


    You mention that you live in Massachusetts.  So navigate to this link-



    From there, follow the pretty simple directions.  I just picked an interesting spot on a spit of land along the Connecticut River in Franklin County.  I clicked in the red outlined area near the indicated swamp and the owner info pops up.  Please see  screen shot of that activity.  More info can be found but each GIS site is a little different.  


    On this site you can also search by address, so type yours in and find out about yourself.  =)


    For full directions on the MASS GIS site, link to https://www.mass.gov/service-details/massachusetts-interactive-property-map



    Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 5.53.10 PM.png

  15. Just about every community now uses some form of online GIS or Tax Map or Property Viewer to describe property, who owns it, etc.  A LOT of useful info can be found and property owner is one and what you are looking for.  


    For example, for Anderson County, South Carolina the property viewer can be found at this link:



    For this example, just check the Disclaimer Box and click in Open Site.  you will land on a large map but by zooming and scrolling, you will be able to focus on a particular plot and surrounding area.  Click on the property and you will get a window with all kinds of information on the property.  


    For example, I want to place a cache around the lake that is also used as a public access walking trail.  After zooming in, I locate the lake and the property boundaries will be outlined,  Click on the property and a pop-up will disclose who owns the property.  Check out the attached screen shot.


    I find just about every entity has a similar web site.  

    tax map.jpg

  16. I am also on a MAC.


    I just pull up a browse map.  Select any layer type.  From the Browser  ( I use Chrome) Menu Bar I select  Print.

    Then you will  see a printer dialog for your printer.  There are options on some printers when printing a web page.  Like, printing background content for example can be toggled on/off and that can affect what is actually printed.  


  17. 1 hour ago, niraD said:

    Not long after I started geocaching, I was told that the trick is to attach a TB tag to something that is interesting enough to encourage people to take photos of it as it travels, but not so cute that someone (especially kids) will want to keep it.


    I have lost every TB that I have put out.  Sometime they go a few miles and then poof!  I even tried the TB "Hotels."  

    I think that, at the end of the day, people just don't pay much attention and/or don't know the "soul" of the activity.  

    Maybe the equivalent of Trolls who just misbehave for the entertainment value.

    End of Rant


  18. 1 hour ago, Unit473L said:

    I've had that issue before.


    What I've done is to just zoom out, then zoom in on a different area of the map so that the app updates the caches it has in its local memory. Then zoom out and go back to where the cache of interest is. That usually makes the app re-grab the cache data from the server. Normally I do this when I've found a few caches and want to see those smilies!

    Thank you, Unit473L for a solution!   


    Worked perfectly and a good idea to refresh the data every now and then to be sure of having up to date info.


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  19. I changed the wording of the hint on a cache from my desktop.  When I view the cache on my laptop, the change is updated.


    But, when I check on my mobile app, the old hint is still showing.  Maybe memory/cache not updating on my iPhone?  Or does it take a while to ripple/propagate thru the net?

    The change was made 24 hour ago .


    Thoughts?  Suggestions?





  20. cerberus - You are correct and that was part of my confusion as the two numbers are called different things on different parts of the site.  


    Regardless or the name, I am memorizing that if it begins with TB then that references the page describing the trackable.  The other number is used to actually do something with the trackable.  It is the "secret" ID that is revealed only when someone is in physical possession of the trackable  in order to change its "state" by physically doing something with it.  And is name is Trackable Code.



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