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  1. I think I understand the "no knives in geocaches" rule, but a pocket knife (or multi-tool) seems to be a must have for most cachers. Also, aren't parents with the kids when going caching - I have only twice found such a thing in caches, and took it both times. The first time I grabbed it because I was thinking about the rule of no knives and didn't want it to stay (wasn't that great). The other time it was a FTF prize and I was the FTF so I took it.


    I think we don't want things that can immediately hurt us (or our kids) when first reaching into a cache - like an open blade knife, but a closed pocket knife shouldn't be a problem (in my opinion only) and would make great swag.


    Let us know how this one turns out.

  2. Wow.... I love geocaching, and sometimes I think "why don't I go into the forums more so I can communicate with other cachers?" Then I see how some people like to bash on a simple poster that was very careful to be polite, then I remember why I don't spend much time here.


    To the OP - there is a poster somewhere here with a signature line that basically says that the GeoCaching forums are NOT indicative of the GeoCaching community - luckily that appears to be true in my experience. People on here seem to like bashing others for their opinions.


    To the rude people, the OP simply stated an opinion, and you could have just said - "No, I don't feel that way, and here is why".


    To people like Renegade Knight, Write Shop Robert, and others I can't remember (sorry) - thanks for keeping a (positive) balance in the forums.


    Now on to my opinion (just my opinion, nothing more) - I agree with the poster that a saturation of micros in rural areas (especially by one cacher) can be disappointing. I don't think it is "wrong", just disappointing. I didn't get the feeling that the OP was saying "This is wrong and needs to change", but rather just venting about something that is frustrating.


    To the person that said they just put 2 micros in the woods - great! Nothing wrong with that - but that isn't what the OP was talking about. I had an experience where some cachers (great people, and fun for the caching community) decided to put out a series - all small or micros, and 50+ of them - all in rural areas. This served a purpose for the people that like a power trail, or just going for numbers (which I sometimes do), but did kind of eliminate that area for larger ones. Luckily, that region still had other trails that were available.


    I just don't understand why some people want to get so angry over an opinion on a forum. ( I am not angry right now, just kind of saddened that it can't seem to be a civil discussion.)

  3. I have the old yellow etrex, and 5-15 feet sounds good most of the time!! Someday, I will get a fancy one, but just can't see spending 300-500 dollars right now. Sounds like you get the idea with this - my biggest problem is that sometimes I need to set the GPS aside sooner and trust instinct.

  4. Even though I'm new to geocaching I don't really intend to post a DNF. It sounds to decidingly like giving up. As far as I'm concerned the only thing existing for me is Not Yet Found (NYF as far as I care). I will be back.


    I never give up on a cache, unless I am certain it is gone (previous finder validates it). I will log a DNF each time I try to find it and do not. I have logged 3 or 4 DNF's on a cache before finding it and logging the find. I like to remind myself what I have done at a particular cache before returning, and also like to let the cache owner know how things are going with their cache (difficulty, feedback, etc.).


    I am very surprised by some attitudes on this forum - how some people see geocaching as solely about themselves and their own amusement - really doesn't match up with the people I've met, but ....oh, well.


    Granted, geocaching is for my amusement, but that amusement comes from sharing information with other cachers, and interacting with other cachers.

  5. yeah he's busy alot plus he's 59 and im 17 so we dont get to do much together but this is something we both actually enjoy and if he doesnt have much time we can just go after one or two so we actually get to spend some time together and have fun doing it


    I am very glad to hear you are doing things with your dad... more people doing things with parents/children might help our world be a better place!! As for the GPS, use it to get near GZ (ground zero) and then let geo-senses take over. Also, you may get to know which cache hiders in your area have good coordinates, and will know how far to trust the GPS.


    Keep up with the caching, and have fun!

  6. I personally like pins - something to do with local things are nice - I usually do not take items from a cache, but will take pins.

    A recent cache in Yuma (owned by a local firefighter) was seeded with a bunch of small lapel pins from the local fire department.


    If the cache is intended to be kid friendly - small toys and .99 store items work well

  7. This may have been covered before (search function is not working for me right now)...


    Is there a way to get the coordinates in the notification? I get the notification sent as a text to my cell phone, but do not get coordinates.


    Just wondering...


    Thank you in advance for any replies

  8. Ours actually did not originate with Geocaching -


    A couple of years ago, my son Ronnie wanted to make a user name for a computer game, and was really into Fisher Price toy - GeoTrax... so we tried to use RonnieGeoTrax - it wouldn't fit, so shortened to RonnieGeo and it has stuck ever since. Especially since we have not found a site yet that it was already taken.


    Funny story with this - when my wife and I first found out about Geocaching, I went to the site to start the account, and RonnieGeo was taken!!!! I told her about it and that I wasn't surprised as this is the one site where I would expect it... She then told me that she had already set up an account and she was the one that had the name :)


    BTW - this is the only site where I've used the name and nobody has asked me "Hey Ronnie... do you drive a Geo?"


    (Are people really hiding caches on bombing ranges? :) )


    The Barry M. Goldwater Range in Yuma, AZ... Really great place in the desert, just have to get a permit and call first to find out if any areas are closed. Plenty of old mines, crashed planes, and dummy missle parts on the ground!! Also they warn you to stay within 50 ft of marked roads (dirt) and to beware of unexploded ordinance.


    Lots of desert beauty out there as well.


    Check these, and view the galleries: GC1AAV9, GC19R98

  10. I'm about as right-wing, love America, pro-"Destroy Islamo-fascism" as you can get... But this is Geocaching folks. What the heck does any of this have to do with Geocaching? Put something in the woods (regular sized please) and make it hard to find... I always thought cache pages were suppose to be related to finding said somethings in the woods (regular sized please)..


    Can we get back to arguing about geocaching now?


    I know there have been other replies with a similar message as the one above, but it finally struck me while reading this one.


    I believe the real problem here (throughout the whole thread) is NOT whether there is an agenda, but rather WHAT IS GEOCACHING. Many replies mentioned that geocaching is not about troops, agendas, tributes, etc. but only about finding containers with a GPS device.


    I know that I am new to this, and ReadyOrNot and most others have been here a LOT longer, so I will allow that I probably have it wrong, but here it is:


    To me, geocaching IS about locations, history, landmarks, tributes, themes, etc. It is not about what I find, but the journey there, and the place I end up (let's face it, how many keyholders, decon containers, and ammo cans filled w/.99 cent store items and little erasers can you find before you get bored to tears!). Most geocachers I have run into out there, and at events have said the same - it's about the location or theme, not the actual cache, or about a clever hide (about 50/50).


    How many times at an event or mini-event trying for FTF have you talked to other cachers about 'that one under the rock, or tree, or LampPost? - isn't it usually... the one at the bombing range, or the VFW, or the historic prison, or the old mine, or the view of the valley, etc...


    I am not saying this IS what geocaching should be, just what it is to me and my family. No right or wrong here, just noticing that your definition of geocaching will probably be what puts you on one side of this issue or the other. I won't threaten to pull membership, unless all of the interesting caches go away. I find that I no longer go out to "another keyholder in the park" caches unless it's a park I haven't been to.


    For me - I will keep going to the caches that have SOMETHING to say, or teach or show - at least as long as they are still there!!!

  11. The guidelines allow for caches that don't meet the guidelines to be listed on an exception basis. I don't think that it would destroy the game to establish verbiage (even in private and unofficially) that they would feel comfortable with to allow caches like this one to be listed that still pay tribute to soldiers (or police or firemen).


    BTW, there is no slippery slope regarding approved cache listings. Exceptions can be made and each cache listing is not a precedent for future caches.


    This is definitely a good sentiment regarding this issue. BTW - in the corporate american world, where large organizations, businesses, etc. are overly PC, there is ONE "agenda" that still remains - honoring or supporting the troops. If corporate america is not afraid of it (and they are afraid of any stance on an issue), then why Groundspeak?


    I recognize that TPTB have every right to set 'the bar' where they want in regards to what is an 'agenda' and what is not, and I will not question that right. I am just saddened to see where they believe that bar should be... not what I would have expected from this community.


    Maybe Groundspeak should revisit this portion of the guidlines. Since retracting this listing SHOULD lead to the removal of a huge amount of listings - not good for Geocaching.


    One person expressing their feelings on a subject is NOT AN AGENDA!!!!! :D:laughing::D:)

  12. Don't know if it is allowed or not (don't see why not, I often see a cache that is place by someone, and maintained by another). There are a LOT of caches in Darmstadt, maybe contact a CO there and ask them (GC15R2J - is in Darmstadt, and appears to be owned by American military person, or at least someone with great english)




    I hope this isn't breaking any rules, but I have a longshot request.


    In the off chance there is a member on here near Darmstadt, Germany I was wondering if it's OK to ask someone to place a cache in your name?


    My mother is from there and I've always wanted to visit, however since that isn't possible and won't be for quite some time, I thought it would be really cool to have a cache there that I could find and read if I ever can make it, but at a minimum enjoy reading the online logs.


    1. Has anyone done this, or is it allowed?

    2. Is there anyone from that area?





    I would have posted this in the Germany forum however my German is far too rough to even make that an option.


    Maybe Google's translater will suffice?


    Ich hoffe, das ist nicht gegen alle Regeln, aber ich habe eine Anfrage longshot.


    Im off Chance gibt es ein Mitglied hier in der Nähe von Darmstadt, Deutschland Ich habe mich gefragt, ob es OK, um jemanden zu fragen, ein Cache in Ihrem Namen?


    Meine Mutter ist von dort, und ich habe immer besuchen wollte, aber da dies nicht möglich ist, und werden nicht für einige Zeit, ich dachte, es wäre wirklich cool, eine Cache gibt, die ich finden konnte und zu lesen, wenn Ich kann es immer, aber auf ein Minimum Spaß beim Lesen der Online-Logs.


    1. Hat man dies getan, oder ist es erlaubt?

    2. Gibt es jemanden aus diesem Bereich?





    Ich habe dies im Forum Deutschland aber mein Deutsch ist viel zu rau zu machen, dass auch eine Option.

  13. This is RIDICULOUS!!! :laughing::rolleyes::D


    First of all, I am not a veteran, and do not have any agenda to promote. My opinion of this cache is NOT swayed by my emotions, or opinions regarding the war, the troops, religion, etc. I am looking at this objectively.


    To pghlooking - you are not a good person. Yes, some caches are what you would call 'Lame', but some are not. That is what allows Geocaching to be a great FAMILY activity - my 5 year old doesn't do too well at finding micros with a difficulty of 5. But loves the fun of finding a nice cache by himself, and I like that he can be exposed to different organizations, activities, sights, landmarks, etc. It seems to me that this is supposed to be a fun activity for ALL to enjoy, and if you think the cache is 'lame', then don't find any more of this person's caches. YES you are entitled to your opinion, but there is a thing called discretion and common courtesy. phglooking, I believe you are just a mean spirited person. (I am being honest like you prefer!!!)


    To Groundspeak - if any of the TPTB's read this - my family is new to Geocaching (160 finds/1 hide), and have really enjoyed it. Personally one of the main reasons we enjoy it is that we can learn about things in the area we are caching in. A cache called 'Geocache' with a description of 'This is a hidden container with a log to sign, and other items' wouldn't be much fun. I too have seen many caches that would fall under the same guidlines as this one, and feel that you will lose MANY caches if you archive any that 'COULD' have an agenda. (by the way, you may need to archive my hide - The Intimidator, as it has a Dale Earnhardt theme, and probably promotes the agenda of introducing people to NASCAR, and even asks people to name their favorite driver in their log!)


    I feel that the issue here is one of the biggest problems with our country (USA) today - if one person MIGHT be offended by something, it must change!!! This is wrong. Differences in our opinions, beliefs, likes and dislikes is what makes our world great - why are we trying to rid the world of those differences?


    By the way, the wording is NOT promoting an agenda - I would agree with the original title (maybe), but the text quoted is NOT a problem. Just a mother thanking troops, and stating facts about an organization. I, for one, like that caches are owned by individuals, and not TPTB. It is what makes this interesting.


    Please do not archive this - one thing about freedom is that we all have the freedom to not geocache if it offends us!!!


    I could go on forever, and already have....


    Leave this and other caches alone!!!!!!

  14. The bookmark list above has some great ones. Especially Sea Shells TB Stop & Go By the same owner as A.T.M. These are both MUSTS! And the Sea Shells one is the biggest one I've seen or heard of so far (bigger than me, and I'm 6'4" 230 !!) Most of Gideon-X 's caches are fun puzzles, and nice ammo cans with nice SWAG.

    This one is a great historical location at the Yuma Territorial Prison - The Dark Cell Poltergeist


    This is a great tribute - beautiful spot

    POWMIA Place


    Hope this helps, and enjoy your visit - not sure when you are going to be here but Airshow is this weekend 2-23-08 at MCAS Yuma, and Car Show a week or 2 after that.



  15. One of these thingys:



    Thank you for the replies - I beleive I will leave the 'r' off when I type GPS, unless I am speaking of one who uses a GPS.


    BTW, I beleive someone in the picture has a few too many GPSr thingys :D

  16. I am usually pretty good about figuring these type of things out, but .... what does the 'r' mean when appended to 'GPS' ?


    Doesn't affect my ability to read and understand the posts/replies, but curiosity is killing me :D:):P:D


    Thank you



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