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  1. He needs patience (maybe about 60 seconds worth??)
  2. Just thought I'd let you know that in your statement above about spelling words correctly you spelled Shakespeare wrong (missed the 'e' at the end).
  3. I think they are using reverse psychology and are trying to get us killed
  4. Hello, I am a little confused... it sounds like you are thinking that you "need" geocoins. If that is what you are thinking, you do not. I had been caching for over a year before I bought a geocoin. Geocoins are just a fun addition to the game, but you do not need them at all. If you just "want" them, then I apologize for the above and will say that you can sometimes get a good deal on this forum from people selling some, or on the website of some of the manufacturers (sometimes they have "overruns" or such that they sell cheaper) - please be careful of buying on ebay as those might be stolen - also, make sure that the ones you buy are un-activated. There is a "geocoin" portion of this forum that might be more helpful in this issue. Welcome to Geocaching!! and have fun!
  5. Hello - If I am reading the page correctly, the post by Bear and Ragged is correct - you will find out "on site" what to do with the letters/numbers. (on the bridge)
  6. Glad to hear it worked... now... where is that cache going to be??
  7. Also, once you have the link to the image there is a icon you can click. When typing in the text for the post, just above there is a icon that looks like a picture of a tree (right next to the envelope icon), click on that and enter the web address for the picture, and then click OK.
  8. I would try to get the permission. It might also depend on when he died (recent or 100 years ago), and also if he was a historical public figure. I guess ultimately it would not be important enough to me if it might offend or hurt the family. Just out of curiosity... is the memorial maintained by the forest service? Maybe they want the attention, and would welcome the cache to help further educate people about him. Let us know how it works out.
  9. To the OP... please don't get too frustrated. Your find rate will get better as you get used to some of the hiding styles. I know that there are caches I find now that would definitely been DNF a year ago - just by knowing what too look for. I would suggest trying to cache with some local cachers - this way you can get their point of view on the hides. I know that the first time we came across the "fake electrical cover" cache, we never would have gotten it if experienced cachers hadn't been there. Really the best thing is to meet cachers and talk about the ones giving you difficulty - chances are they will be able to help you find it, or to give advice about if the coords are off, etc. Going to a local event is a great way to meet cachers, and to ask about certain hides. As for coords, I have never had much luck with my GPS (yellow etrex), and use it to get within about 30 feet - then let geosenses take over. Someday I will get a better device, but for now it works out OK. My rate of DNF is about 1 DNF for each 4 or 5 finds. Hope this helps some, and keep caching (especially if you can get to more rural areas - really cool!)
  10. I know that the Project A.P.E. cache in Washington state -GC1169 Mission 9: Tunnel of Light has 1321 finds at this moment. I'll bet that after GeoWoodstock VIII next year it will jump up quite a bit.
  11. RonnieGeo


    Polar Instability. It refers to a lowered state of reliability of magnetic compasses - due to the gradual shifting of the poles (North and South). It generally will not affect Geocachers as we mostly rely on our GPS receivers (GPS receivers are notably immune to P.I.). Many conspiracy theorists feel that it is the GPS receiver manufacturers that are causing P.I. via electro-magnetic pulse emissions; however, unlike the Selective Availability scandal... there is no truth to that rumor.
  12. YAY!! I got it. This was a really fun puzzle (didn't do it in 2 minutes like others, but still proud!). For the person who used memorization - kudos to you! This came together in phases for me - 3 or 4 different "AHA!" moments. This one is about 2.5 hours away from us so I might actually get there to the physical cache. Very nice puzzle!
  13. You seem to know a lot about Zolgar... tell him Hi next time you see him Very well worded, and I think that you seem to have a good perspective on cemeteries.
  14. Still looks better than every cellphone pic I take with my fancy Palm phone!!
  15. Overall, around 22%, but did not figure it out by type (just total DNF and total finds).
  16. Why do newbies always have to bring up the topic of the hidden forums and platinum memberships?????? It has been discussed many times - just read the posts in the..... oh... never mind!
  17. Muggles blissfully unaware of the evil "DNF" label that haunts them daily, but I may have an idea for a new plate
  18. We were lucky that we started our caching "career" in Yuma, AZ and California was only a mile away, also, Mexico was 2.5 miles away so we got our "other country" quickly as well. As for other state that took some effort, it was Nevada about 2 months in and it was pretty exciting. We are going on a Disney cruise in the fall and will get to log a couple on the disney island in the Bahamas (WOO HOO!!!)
  19. First of all...... Ok... I personally have no problem with it, but the word "promote" or a variation of it is probably the concern. There have been many arguments here about "agenda" caches, or promoting something. There will be responses that we cannot promote anything... There will be responses that say ALL caches promote something... There will be people who had caches denied for promoting something... There will be people who put links to caches that have not been archived, but do promote something... This, to me, is one of the toughest areas for the reviewers. I will say that since the cache is promoting something that is directly related to geocaching (surveying) that it might be acceptable - as might a cache that promotes awareness of the Global Positioning satellites, or something like that.
  20. I am not sure about the arguments, and do not know the technical specifics, but I would like to weigh in with my vote: Having an expiration date on the free memberships = BAD Current cost of Premium Membership = EXTREMELY REASONABLE If there was an app for my Verizon BlackBerry Storm or Palm Treo650 = PRICELESS!!! (I don't want to leave Verizon, and don't want an I-Phone)
  21. Hey Gideon - we miss your caches and Yuma area - good to see you still have the best JPEG's !! BTW - that's Jeremy, isn't it? Ken (RonnieGeo)
  22. I have never been a bumper sticker guy (limited window decals only), but I also really like the sig items. There was a cacher in Yuma (Gideon-X) who put some customized buttons/pins in the cache for FTF - I think his friend had one of the devices for making buttons. Anything personalized is cool, but not sure if people would use the bumper sticker (not because of the ID name though).
  23. RonnieGeo


    I think there is room for both "camps" here. I sometimes go for a FTF, and sometimes don't. The thing I like best about an area that has some FTF hounds is the "mini-events" at the cache site. I would definitely not like people with an "at all costs" attitude about ANYTHING in geo-caching - it is just not that important. If a new cache pops up and I can reasonably go after it, then I will and will enjoy the FTF honors, but I will not "tear up" anything to get FTF. There are many different aspects to geo-caching to many different people. For me it was numbers for awhile, now it is more about "clearing" out the immediate area around my home coords, and finding different types of hides in different areas. That is what is so cool about Geocaching... it can be so many different things.
  24. Well, since you asked, I do have faith in a present and living God, which means that everything I do is for Him. Not out of fear or duty, but love. Indeed, it does please me to live in a manner pleasing to Him, but my pleasure is not why I strive to live in such a way. Ultimately, everything is about my God. Thank goodness, because I'm not big enough to be the center of my universe. Oh, I would never say that about anyone's attitude, not even jokingly. My own attitude is the one I need to keep an eye on. And this is WAY off topic. In the words of that wise prophet of old Wolfman Jack, "Have a popsicle." No DNFs today. I had to mow the lawn. Best Post Ever. (nice sig line also!)
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