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  1. My hand-wavey comparison gives the performance in order from best as: Sirf III, Magellan, Other.
  2. Actually the tags don't work quite right, the times on the slider don't match up to whats in the file. I'm guessing its the time stamp format which doesn't match the KML description, but I tried modifying it to match and it still didn't work, so I don't know.
  3. I'd also prefer not to have to slide the time bar to see the complete set of caches in a GPX file. Which Google Earth option you can set to change the default behavior? Thanks. Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for and couldn't find.
  4. The <time> tag in GPX files trips up newer versions of Google Earth. When opening a GPX, the time slider kicks in and I get a limited time window displayed, typically some range in 2001. I'd like it to display the entire contents of the file; the entire time window on load. I'm not sure how its interpreting the <time> tags within the file, but they are the root of the problem.
  5. I've been using one since it was $4.99 for my Magellan Meridian with a modified cellphone belt clip I also found at Princess Auto. Works great.
  6. Dell has 1gb Kingston microsd. Its been priced at $29, $34 and $39 lately depending on the day and the sale. http://accessories.dell.com/sna/productdet...mp;sku=A0916353 Buy.com Canada has the same thing for $35 http://www.ca.buy.com/prod/Kingston_1GB_mi.../202984127.html
  7. I much prefer the On Demand approach for Pocket Querries. Thats how I end up using them anyway. Scheduling them constantly seems like a waste and that newest one is never there when you need it anyway. Scheduling it when you need it has been taking from hours to minutes for me lately, hours isn't helpful. I'd much prefer to just click a button and have it dispatched.
  8. I've been using GPXSonar for a while, its gets the job done better than the others I think.
  9. 2005 Manitoba Geocoin Home Page http://www.mbgeocoin.com/
  10. I found one such cache GCJDT1. Thinking of doing it again as I found long motar ammo cans at the surplus store.
  11. It basically boils down to where the map data comes from, either Navteq (Directroute) or DMTI (S&D or Topo). Navteq covers North America but concentrates more on the US. DMTI data is Canada specific and there are topo and non topo versions. As was mentioned DMTI is more detailed, especially rural and especially topo but also things like creeks and parks, whereas Navteq might have slightly newer/better urban road detail.
  12. I hope this isn't a repeat of the last race, it started and never ended.
  13. I had the exact same thing happen with GCTRA2. It was very disappointing as I had been looking for a hiding spot for some time and this was at least the second time the spot was taken from right under my nose.
  14. I noticed that as my track log gets longer the display update also takes longer on my Magellan. Makes sense, it probably has to search the entire log to see if it needs to draw any of it on the current screen.
  15. Looking at both Magellan and Garmin they have products based on 3 data sets: Navteq: Offers very good urban street coverage for US and Canada, and therefore very good auto-routing. These maps are available in Garmin City Select/Navigator NA and Metroguide NA and Magellan Directroute NA. DMTI: Offers good urban street coverage for Canada and better rural street coverage than Navteq. They also include geographic details such as waterways and parks. Offers pretty good auto-routing based on the street coverage they have. This data set is available in Garmin Metroguide CA and Magellan S&D Canada both without the auto-routing. DMTI Topo: Offers topographic map coverage of Canada which improves the geographic details. Includes all the street coverage of the regular DMTI maps, but the auto-routing ability is more limited. Available in Garmin and Magellan Topo Canada again without auto-routing. The ultimate would be a combination of DMTI Topo and Navteq if possible, where DMTI is a good middle ground. For geocaching, the details are more important than urban transit so DMTI Topo seems the way to go.
  16. Doh and my 2004 racer disappeared this summer. Guess I'll try harder to track it down.
  17. I haven't had any contact back, who is the organizer? I tried drossdross, but the emails are bouncing.
  18. I'm also interested and would like more info.
  19. These would be on my list: . Sorting of field notes by timestamp . Auto-insertion of a timestamp when creating a new field note . Ability to cut, copy, paste to / from field notes . Preventing GPXSonar.dat file corruptions . Enhanced error handling The only other issue I have is selecting a subset of caches for export. Typically I want to limit to export to below 500 so I have all that are available and the most I can fit in my unit. I twiddle with direction and bearing filter, export and check results until I achieve the desired amount. Otherwise its a great utility.
  20. I had the same trouble, got caught by the 5 limit before leaving for a trip. Just created another account and bought myself 5 more.
  21. After they test the first one, they have several (7?) more ready for launch.
  22. My latest guess is that after another app crashes while GPXsonar is running and I do a soft-reset, the dat file is corrupted and GPXsonar won't open. Typically I've reinstalled at this point and it probably overwrites the dat file and toasts all the notes.
  23. I haven't had time to debug a method of reproducing the problem. I was thinking soft power off, not hard reset. Since I usually don't discover lost notes immediately, its hard to say what was running at the time and the available memory. The best I can do right now is report that I have experienced the problem, if I notice any pattern in my data loss I'll report it.
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