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  1. Likely related, I'm seeing lots of duplicate logs posted, I think via the API.
  2. Getting a lot of connection reset server error messages the last couple days. Multiple different computers, operating systems, browsers and internet connections.
  3. The last weekly mailer I received had a list of only those events published since the last mailer instead of the usual all upcoming events.
  4. The limit is fine as it is. If anything it should be expanded to a larger distance.
  5. On numerous times I've happened upon the location of a disabled cache and needed more information about it. I fire up the app only to find that the cache can't be made to display in the app at all. At which point I have to go back and search through the web to get the info required. Certainly would be nice to have an option to show disabled caches and a toggle to show/not show them as well.
  6. This is a basic programming cop out. Because the expected behaviour requires more work it wasn't done. What's left is broken and confusing. I think it should either be fixed or prevented from happening. Either disable the filtering ability or flag the display to indicate that the list no longer represents the contents of the PQ until it can be fixed properly. When the title says "Running Pocket Query: XYZ", I expect the contents to be that PQ. Anything else is a horrible UI.
  7. This shouldn't be the expected behaviour. It makes no sense to present a list of caches in a PQ that isn't the list of caches in a PQ.
  8. Still having this issue.
  9. If I view the list of caches in a PQ on the website and then re-sort the view based on an alternate parameter such as Favourite Points, I get a different list of caches than actually appears within the PQ. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=XYZ&sortdir=asc&sort=fav My guess would be that a fresh database query is taking place to generate the list according to the sort criteria. And since there are far more caches available in the database than the PQ allows, sorting by different criteria acquires a different set of the top 1000 caches. While this certainly could be a useful feature to have when creating the PQ (the ability utilize a different sort than nearest to optimize the caches collected by a PQ) it isn't what the PQ does and thus the website is replicating something entirely odd.
  10. I'm finding a few of a similar caches that have the wrong url show up if you click the waypoint. They have the proper url, but it has an extra waypoint appended to it. The second waypoint appears as a link within the cache description. For example this http://coord.info/GC3XRDKGC3WA85 from this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC3XRDK
  11. Yep, good ideas. Options for responding that the maintenance has been performed already or not required grouped into one place.
  12. An important part of hiding a cache is maintaining it and that often seems to be lacking. I think that owners with outstanding 'Needs Maintenance' requests on their cache (i.e. the attribute has not been removed) should be prodded periodically to prove they are aware of the issue and taking action to rectify it. I don't mean to say they have to perform the maintenance at that time, just indicate that they are aware and working on it. If they don't respond to these requests and demonstrate that they are not willing or able to maintain the cache, then the cache should automatically be marked 'Needs Archive' and passed through the standard review process to determine if something further needs to be done about the cache. I'm thinking something along the lines of the cache owner being sent an email after one of their hides has had a Needs Maintenance attribute present for a month. At which point they would have a couple weeks to a month to respond. I would suggest the response is simply logging into the website and ticking a box that they are aware and taking action on the cache. The time to respond could be shortened or lengthened and accordingly a set number of times they failed to respond would be the trigger the automatic marking of the cache as Needs Archiving. That's a start. It would also be nice if hiders chronically lacking in maintenance would be limited in future hides.
  13. +1 for this feature request. The ability to contact the owner directly in the app.
  14. Battlecache is a contest that has been played in Manitoba several times. It's like Battleship. You form grid coordinates from found geocache waypoint IDs and use that to hit an imaginary grid.
  15. Continuing to have issues logging in. This is happening across many different machines and platforms. Even though I have the "Keep Me Signed In" checked when successfully logging in, I usually have to login again on my next visit. Logins on /login/default.aspx continue to fail. When they fail there is no error message or notice posted, I'm simply returned to the login page without anything changing.
  16. I'm having trouble logging in. On the /login/default... page it always fails. From the front page it's working.
  17. On the main map? It's there. There should be a couple of buttons at the very top-right labeled "Map" and "Satellite". Also remember that one of the actions that was driving the number of google transactions way up was having a google map displayed EVERY TIME a cache page was viewed. So that is one place you will not see google maps again. Oh you're right, I was mistaken, I thought the cache pages had reverted back to google, but I see they have not. Still miss satellite view though.
  18. And now that google maps are back, I would like to have the satellite view as well.
  19. I really liked having the ability to switch the small maps on the cache page to satellite view when google maps are last available. I can't seem to find that on the maps now.
  20. My rule is: a railbed with tracks is an active railway and shouldn't be used for caching.
  21. The sorting feature for lists of caches is quite handy. When trying to use it on a PQ list though it doesn't appear to function correctly. I can sort and retrieve a sorted list, but as soon as navigate to another page the list is no longer presented in the sorted manor, however the website behaves as if it is still sorting. It appears to only apply when sorting by favorites.
  22. All coins have been spoken for, thanks for the interest.
  23. Here's my list of coins on offer (link in signature) that I'm trying to part from my collection. If anyone is interested, please let me know. The current list and general pictures are linked in my signature. Thanks for your interest.
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