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  1. I E-mailed the last to find it and got a hint, But after 6 tries I sure its not the rating as described is wrong,


    The last logger was the owner !!!

    What gives as i see that most of his/her Caches are archived!


    The Cache Is GCP7QE , should I send flowers ?

  2. adding the note, I've seen some posts about blowing fuses in the car. Make sure you get an inverter that has the fuse on itself, then you won't blow the one in the car. My inverter shuts down if the battery doesn't have enough power.


    I thought mine would shut down too, But I keep leaving my laptop pluged in and the inverter turned the next day my battery is dead! So I dumped the inverter and went with a dc to dc power supply , so far The cars battery been ok even on 10 deg. mornings

  3. I bought a Garmin nuvi 200 last weekend. I put the SD card from my PDA into it that I had downloaded caches from GSAK to and they all popped up. I did the same thing today and couldn't get them to load. I called Garmin but they said it wouldn't work to do that because the unit wasn't made for geocaching. I'm confused, why did it work Sat but not today??? Anyone have an idea? I searched the forum for several hours & saw lots of helpful info but not the answer to this problem. Thanks!


    I set up a folders on the sd card. "/garmin/gpx & garmin/poi"

    I then take the geocaches downloaded and use Garmins POI load to convert them to a POI.

    they show up under the extras in the nuvi!

    PS: there are two files that you need to copy from the nuvi's Garmin folder to make the POI loader think the sd card is a Nuvi. fs_image.ver & GarminDevice.xml


    Hope you understand



  4. I found that if I change the vehical to crosshairs, and set it to "Off Road". It works prety good for Geocaching.

    My question is , How do you save the caches. I like to use a SD card and keep from loading it into the Nuvi, as Im sure I'll screw up sometime , and mess up the GPS.

    Also, Can the Geocache Icon be changed? A red dot would be better for me


    Anyone using a Nuvi to geocache?



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