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  1. I looks like a plain 76, I did not see it set the date when i power it up after 10 min are so. They also have a nuvi 205 for $55, I wounder if that would be a better buy than the Etrex H ? Also the etrex h dosnt have a cable but looked unused is still a buy?
  2. My budget is real tight now. There are two pawn shops that have a hand held gps, One has a GPSmap 76 for $100, and the other has an Etrax H for $45. I was geocashing with a NUVI 200 but i no longer have it. Should i buy either ?
  3. But the Cache owner check on the cache a few days ago, and posted a DNF! Shoudn't He ?
  4. I E-mailed the last to find it and got a hint, But after 6 tries I sure its not the rating as described is wrong, The last logger was the owner !!! What gives as i see that most of his/her Caches are archived! The Cache Is GCP7QE , should I send flowers ?
  5. I thought mine would shut down too, But I keep leaving my laptop pluged in and the inverter turned the next day my battery is dead! So I dumped the inverter and went with a dc to dc power supply , so far The cars battery been ok even on 10 deg. mornings
  6. I set up a folders on the sd card. "/garmin/gpx & garmin/poi" I then take the geocaches downloaded and use Garmins POI load to convert them to a POI. they show up under the extras in the nuvi! PS: there are two files that you need to copy from the nuvi's Garmin folder to make the POI loader think the sd card is a Nuvi. fs_image.ver & GarminDevice.xml Hope you understand kattman
  7. I'm not a premo member! Will i be able to use GSAK ?
  8. I found that if I change the vehical to crosshairs, and set it to "Off Road". It works prety good for Geocaching. My question is , How do you save the caches. I like to use a SD card and keep from loading it into the Nuvi, as Im sure I'll screw up sometime , and mess up the GPS. Also, Can the Geocache Icon be changed? A red dot would be better for me Anyone using a Nuvi to geocache? Kattman
  9. Please! need one ouick
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