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  1. Leave the original log and goodies, but you can replace my container. In fact, if my cache in in poor shape please do fix it!!!
  2. No food in caches. little animals will eat through your cache.
  3. once i found a mini alarm clock with a neon light rim. Use alarm to get up for school every day.
  4. You could gat arrested for defacing property. I think the original question included "without defacing property"
  5. Almost half the caches I have found have been ammo boxes. they are water tight and work great.
  6. Remember - these people like the outdoors. They like caming stuff. Containers for them to make their own caches are good. Also, things like T-shirts or walking sticks with the caching logo are good. Camping fishing hiking and hunting supplies could be other interests your costomers would like. Of course ice water and food is good. maybe even sell "cheap-ish" GPS's.
  7. I met one guy on the trail (FreakHazard) with the same GPS I had. We had just found the cache and he asked "Is that the cache" It didn't take a (My favorite phrase) "rocket surgen" to tell we were both geocachers.
  8. How can you tell if it is a false log? The fun is finding the cache - so why would someone want to make a false log?
  9. What are some awesome homemade caches. Can you give instructions as to how to make them? I have heard of a film canister with wood to make it look just like a real pinecone.
  10. I am in junior high and can easily afford it. I ride my bike, have a cheap ($60) gps that works, use tupperware for the caches, the goodies I use are things I have at home like marti gras beads and small toys. You can buy a mini notebok for 30 cents. It costs a dollar to make a cache, and it's free to find them. HOW COULD YOU THINK IT IS EXPENSIVE?
  11. I'm sure this has been discussed, but what are some incredibly hard finds....possibly the hardest. ???PICTURES????
  12. I haven't been caching very long but I have had problems finding micro's, and actually have never found one. I love larger caches. This doesn't mean other people don't love micro's, and hate large ones. whatever float your boat.
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