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  1. No. If anything, you are only making it harder. This is completly fair. Good luck with the adopted baby.
  2. I would say to go and find it. Then you got the find fair and square.
  3. I don't have a car or licence. I have to ride my bike, so I like them being clustered.
  4. I have used google earth many times and love it.
  5. What is something that makes a cache a good one?
  6. If you don't need a shovel I wouldn't call it Burried.
  7. As long as you don't need a shovel to dig it up I wouldn't call it burried.
  8. Get good at caching and watch for new caches. Be the first there.
  9. I am relatively new also. I hope you enjoy Caching. I live in Illinois.
  10. What is a Benchmark? Anything will help.
  11. One of my favorites is pretending to be looking for a dead body. This usually seems perfectly normal to them, so they leave me to my search.
  12. I highly suggest you: 1) Move to a better neighborhood 2) Keep caching with your police friend 3) Wear a bullet proof vest People shouldn't fear for their life's while caching!!!
  13. E-mail the people who own the property or if owned by town contact village hall or local wildlife foundation.
  14. Some guy claimed he had found 30 in one day. I find that very possible. It's when people find 200 in a day that it seems impossible. How do they remember all 200 to log online after they found them???
  15. put container in hallowed out branch that is about 5' long and 6" diamiter. attach fake leaves/ branches. dig deep but narrow hole place fake tree.
  16. Some people may love it, but i wouldn't do it if it had more than like 8.
  17. I hear that bodies are easy to hide in sewer ducts. (just joking)
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