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  1. How do you make these. I would love to do this for my caches There is a line of people waiting to know how to make those! Can you make your own travelbug that way?
  2. Hiding is as much fun as finding. I only have 2 now but ideas for hundreds.
  3. Is that true? Either way, I'll give a Woot Woot!
  4. That spoils the fun of getting out and searching. The GPS part would be about right but once you get there there woud be no way to get the fun of searching.
  5. I have seen a lot of those. I think they are great.
  6. Have you ever posted a comment just for the sake of posting something? Here is your chance...if you are bored, just post away!
  7. I am on the forums a lot and I usually like what everyone has to say. There have been a few times I have........De Ja Vu, huh!
  8. Also, if your GPS doesn't work inside, how do you find it?
  9. there are over 20 on in the Arctic and at least on on mount everest.
  10. Are there any caches indoors? Does that seem fair? The point of geocaching is to enjoy the outdoors...right?
  11. 16 years, 14 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours and 43 minutes. You mean 16 years, 14 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours, 43 minutes, and 36 seconds. By the way...who will produce and direct it?
  12. First rule would be that you have to know how to spell caching. El Diablo Sorry I was writing fast...
  13. I have loved gaching from the time I found out what it was. I though it should be a pro sport. How would that work? would it be find as many as you can in an hour? How fast can you find one? Maybe assign a number of points to caches and give them a day... would it be a team or lone sport??? Share your thoughts. Would you be interested in going pro?
  14. Where can I get one and how much are they? Click on Trackable items...under Geocoins, go to geocoin home...scroll down, on the right will be a list of coin manufactureres and sellers. You can also frequent the geocoin forums, there is always someone selling coins. The auction place is another (pricer) way to buy coins. A micro size coin will run you $5-$6, for a regular size coin you will be looking at $8 and up. Thank You. I will look into it.
  15. How does underwater cache hiding work? Have you ever found an underwater cache?
  16. Where can I get one and how much are they?
  17. Take a deep breath!!! Just find a new spot that won't be looted.
  18. What is a good but affordable prize for FTF? What have you gotten from FTF or just found in general?
  19. take a long stick 5 in. wide. Hollow it out. hide thin but long containder in stick. stand in ground like dead tree.
  20. Most people don't live near the border but it is still a good idea.
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