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  1. There's one nearby here in a Cemetary. I was driving by it tonight, and commented to my wife about it being there, both are in agreement, that's not the place for a cache. I'd never hide one there.
  2. Not a problem, I gathered that you felt strongly, by your reply. Have a good one.
  3. WHOA! Slow down. You quoted me in your last message, then said I called you names? Read above. I did nothing of the sort. I don't need the mods chasing me down for something I didn't do. If you mean the other guy, Quote him.
  4. Fluxuated


    I don't think that is an answerable question, as each Mystery cache, is unique, and can have any variety of puzzle involved in solving it. It's probably better to look at one specific, try it, and if you run into trouble, PM the cache owner or others that solved it and ask for assistance.
  5. I have to agree with this one. If someone requests a specific time, and it's approved, what difference does it make if the user selected it, or the reviewer?? If the time is a problem, then the reviewer should spot that and deny the publish. Or do you mean something else???
  6. That way seems really complicated, but if I just wiped out my entire map DB, and had no replacement, then it sure would beat paying for another. Great link.
  7. What Icon would you want? How about this?
  8. I'm a Huge fan of Garmin, and don't for one Zillisecond regret getting a 60CSX, but I'll admit that Delorme sure looks nice. I'm sure you won't go wrong with either.
  9. to add what Okiebryan just said. I think it would be a great idea for example if you scheduled a release at say 8am, near first light, for safety, that way everyone has a fair shot of going looking for it in light, instead of the Crazy folk, that like to do night caching in the woods alone, by themselves BTW, I'm heading out now to go grab 3 finds. But seriously, that would be a great idea. I tried to schedule a release of a series so it would happen like this, but the local reviewer here had other plans. Pre-approval days in advance could have solved that.
  10. Why not post the info in the Cache page, that will work also?
  11. Ugh! Why can you never get these deals from Vendors that ship to CANADA!!
  12. I agree with the others, I'm dead against music on a web page, I can't shut off, and I BACK out of it, no matter what the site.
  13. Does that make you feel good that you got FTFs because of a tip off? I'm happy to say I EARNED all of mine.
  14. About an hour ago, I got a spectacular view of the station with the shuttle still attached, I went outside and watched it streak across the sky. It never gets old, and I've seen it no less than 10 times. Very cool stuff.
  15. WOW! 10,000 that's quite an accomplishment, Best of luck with your Goal!
  16. AWESOME! Glad you are enjoying it, it's addictive.
  17. Guess I've been lucky, on GPS #3 and Never had a problem with any of them, All Garmin.
  18. Another great idea for loading caches is a program called Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, or GSAK for short. You can find a link through google or through geocaching.com in the software section. You filter out the caches you want, and send them to the GPS, easy as pie. Good Luck.
  19. Ok this is creepy, I was about to post a message about the EXACT same thing. It would be great to have a cache pre-approved and then released at a specific time and date, I agree. Excellent idea.
  20. how are they inaccurate? I was out on a trail last week with the Canadian TOPOs and it looked pretty accurate to me. I had to cross a river, and the topo showed me exactly where to do it, including where all the windings were, size etc. I'm not sure what you mean?
  21. I'll say your talking to yourself. I'm not interested in a Peeing contest with you, and that's where I see this going. I just got off night shift, time for bed, Good Night.
  22. I think that quote was meant for me, I'm not BETA testing anything. Of course that post was meant for you. Your post was the one I quoted, hence ... What GPS unit(s) are you using? Actually you quoted 2 posts.
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