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  1. Can someone answer this question for me? I'm looking to get a GPS that has Bluetooth output. What I need, is GPS Coordinate output to use on my Cellphone. Something like the Garmin Mobile 10. Is ther a NUVI out there that can send the GPS Data to the phone, or is it just Bluetooth Cellphone operation, its capable of? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'd DEFINITELY be up for joining, when able. the 24th is out, but I should be available the 25th, if your heading out. Let me know.
  3. Yep, what he said. Both work well together. and you can use the Turn By Turn directions, while in TOPO Mode.
  4. Its a GREAT Unit, there's ONLY GOOD, no bad, no Ugly.
  5. Congrats on the NUVI Purchase. I have a 250, and Love it. I don't need a super-fancy GPS for the car, just a Unit to get me to where I'm going, and it does a great job of that. You'll love it.
  6. If you want to see if your PQs are working correctly or not, try looking at GSAK, it's got a 30 day trial, where you can use the program in its entirety, with all the features.
  7. I understand it just fine, but your PM didn't tell me anything, I also don't know why you answered VIA PM when the question was openly asked in PUBLIC in this thread. I'm sure others want to know if they are breaking the law by purchasing PIRATED copies of software or not. It appears now that they are, since you answered. I suggest you look up the definition of a "Backup" copy. It's when you OWN the original, and make a backup for your OWN personal use, in case the original is damaged, and that isn't what your doing, is it? The guy you got it from has the Original, and you have the PIRATED copy. Meaning that more than 1 person is using that 1 piece of purchased software. Did you check with Garmin, to see if they are ok with that? Theres a reason they give you 1 unlock code, and people that do this, up the prices for us all. What am I trying to pull? Nothing. I'm just trying to prevent someone unknowingly from breaking the law, in case they didn't know. Nothing more. Last comment on this, you answered the question. Understand Now DodgerBlues?
  8. My point exactly, it appears he's selling copied software, but I wanted verification. Which again is why I'm pointing out that he's dodging the question.
  9. Unlikely, someone is ALWAYS going to crack it. It doesn't make much business sense to pull an entire on shelf line because of this, when they can try again to fix it in the next version. But you never know, p2p is a HUGE problem for software developers. So it IS a possibility, just not a big one.
  10. Sure they are a waste, the TOPO maps, is what he's looking for and they are NOT LOCKED! He wasn't talking about City Navigator. So you can load and reload on ANY GPS you like. Grab the DVD, then you can load what maps you want, and if your travelling, you can load those maps. The DVD is far smarter an idea, IMO. as like the other poster said, you can fiddle with it on the computer, instead of staring at a small GPS screen and panning and zooming around. DVD is the way to go, hands down in this scenario. It's SO EASY, A CAVEMAN CAN DO IT!
  11. My opinion would be to release it ASAP. I wouldn't want anyone hoarding any of my travel bugs for more than a couple weeks, but like the others have said, no one really owns it. Still it's good etiquette to catch and release soon after. 3 Months is an awful long time to be holding a bug. Whether it's owned by JEEP or an individual. Why not release it now, and grab another bug shortly before your trip, that you can take over? TBs are everywhere.
  12. I have one here, but I'd want more than Just shipping for it.
  13. Not true, try palming a 76 and use the keypad. Then see about Ergonomics
  14. WOW! Great Job, 5,000 is an amazing feat!
  15. WOW! You must need one really bad to go to that level. I'm guessing your a young fella. Why not build up some pocket money, and save up for one? I'm sure there's tons of work you can do, to make cash, if you want one that bad.
  16. My personal opinion is that a cache hidden in a Cemetery is poor taste, even with permission, so I won't find those. But each to their own.
  17. I don't know what you mean, but I see a map of the state just fine on your profile?
  18. What do you mean by "Backup CDs"??? Copies, or legit copies? People probably think they are pirated copies, hence the high price, but if they are legit, post that, it will no doubt help your sales. Good Luck.
  19. The default mapset it just that, a DEFAULT Map, It pretty much covers major roads, rivers and lakes etc.. But if you want the detail, your definately going to have to upgrade the maps. If you are geocaching, TOPO is a MUST In my own personal opinion. Topo saved my rear not too long ago, when a 12 foot wide river stopped me from getting from one cache to another. I used the TOPO to pan along and see where a slim point was, in which to cross, and it worked great, you can also use it for scaling a hill or mountainous area to see the best way to approach, etc.. It's well worth getting, for the IN THE WOODS, type of stuff. As for City Navigator, you don't need it, unless you want turn by turn driving directions. If you have a NUVI in the car, or something like it, don't get it for the 60CSx, your wasting money. How does it fare in dense wooded area? Great, I've not lost a signal yet. It all depends on how you want to geocache, sure it has features I won't use, but it's got WAY MORE that I WILL USE. You can certainly go cheaper, but what you pay for, is what you get. I think this is the one to get right now. I'm glad I didn't get a Colorado. Maybe in a year or 2, but right now, the 60CSx is the cream of the crop. Good luck, with whatever you decide to do.
  20. It sounds like Cachemate would be of use to you, have a look at that, you can download it and try it, then decide if it's worth a purchase for you, or if you have access to a webserver, you can export to HTML and upload it. Good luck
  21. Then feel free to ask any questions you have. What are you looking for? What are you unsure about, etc.. We are happy to help those, that try to help themselves. Overall, bottom line, the 60CSx is a GREAT UNIT! You won't go wrong with it. Anyways, I gotta grab mine and go get a FTF. Good luck with your purchase, the 60CSx, will serve you well.
  22. I read somewhere on here, I think it was a MOD posting, that said the person or persons placing the cache have every right to give out inside information. Groundspeak is merely a tool for advertising a cache, it's not the means. So in other words, if I place a cache, and tell you 10 minutes later where it is, and then post the cache on geocaching.com the next day, you still got the FTF. Anyways, I disagree with the above. In my own PERSONAL opinion, I think that the first one to find after it was published, is the FTF, and I'd claim it as such. This gives everyone an even playing field. Have fun!
  23. Why not do the homework yourself and see which one suits YOU. IMO, the 60csx, doesn't need selling, it more than sells itself.
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