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  1. I think that Wilkinsons Find Their 400th Cache Phoenix Cruises Through 200 Congrats To Lucky Ducky TB Littlejim Reaches 100 The Wobbly Club Reach 200 Pharisee And The 1000 Milestone Leecee Reaches 200 Cave Troll and Joan Pass 300 Happy Hippo Finds His 600th Firth Of Forth gets her 600th Cache Roolku Reaches Another Century - 400 Blackpig And The Piglets Get 300 Littlejim Reaches 100 Pooter Chases Fof - 600 UKgeocyclist Makes 200 Marcoxono Makes 200 Another Cacher Hits 100 Beds Clangers Hits 800 Senseiskc Takes The First Step To Greatness - 100 New Leader - Congrats M1EYO Powerbook Fanatic Reaches 300 Dewdrops Reach 500 *Bingoboy* Hits 200 as well as two threads talking about congrats threads speak for themselves. I'm not arguing with democracy, the last vote was fair and square - but is there really no other way to do this?
  2. Wow - 12 Irish caches. You can knock High View off the list, it was found on the 25th. The Keem Cache is almost certainly missing and will probably be disabled, if not archived.
  3. I put in a vote there for the footsteps on a Star Dune - I quite liked that one for some reason. All of the pics look excellent.
  4. I think I'll close this one off. Thanks for all the contributions.
  5. Visitors to car dealerships (and owners of new cars) might have noticed it is no longer a "Cigarette Lighter" but a "Power Point", and there is often (in most Ford's anyway) a "12v" symbol on the button, which has replaced the little cigarette icon.
  6. The TB was since returned for and logged correctly... log here
  7. Breaking News I just spoke to Mike and the 'Five Peaks' Challenge is off... in his own words: "there were 60-70 mph winds on Snowdon and it was bucketing it down. Coming up the Pyg Track we hit a wall of wind and you couldn't stand up." Due to the poor weather our three adventurers also have no dry clothes left, so they've taken the decision to go straight up to Scotland, take some time to dry their gear out, climb Ben Nevis and attend the Scottish Geocachers Day Out. They are bypassing Scarfell Pike and probably won't get to do it on the way back - so it a modified "Three Peaks Challenge" now. Shame it came down to the weather - I guess the positive is that they'll have done Ben Nevis and the two peaks in Ireland, meaning that Scarfell and Snowdon can be re-visited next summer. I think they deserve some serious respect and congratulations
  8. Phoenix, they're with a tour group... calm down. Opinions are subjective... We all know that Stonehenge isn't all that... same as everyone in Ireland knows that the Blarney Stone is rubbish and there are prettier spots than Kerry - but that's not to say that this needs to be broadcast to spoil other people's holidays. Remember that you're now acting as an ambassador to your country... and IMO you're not doing too well. By the way, there's a virtual at Stonehenge ang_ang - enjoy your trip
  9. Just got off the phone to wildlifewriter who is en route back to Belfast after seeing our three friends off on the right road towards Dublin. The second cache was found in very poor conditions, but they're all safe and travelling on towards Snowdon Summit. The comprensive post should be here shortly, once he gets home (and dried off)
  10. Well you're heading to the right place as far as beautiful caches are concerned. Coming out of Belfast and heading north and then east along the coast I would recommend, in this order: Special Section The Grey Man's Head Marconi's Cottage Great North Trek The Rock Pool Home By The Sea You can also take in the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery and the Giant's Causeway - but there's no caches at any of these locations (yet!). Also, for a good insight into Belfast, past and present, take a Black Taxi Tour around the city. I don't have any campsites to recommend - sorry - and if you're looking for more recommendations then I'll need a more detailed 'route'. If you're looking for inspiration try the interactive map on geocachingireland.com or consult our very own "Recommended Caches" section on the bottom of this page. (edited for bad link)
  11. We're expecting a comprehensive review from wildlifewriter tomorrow - he is shuttle-ing Mike, Dave and Demelza between the two car parks at The King Of Mourne (Slieve Donard) - he should be able to comment first hand on motivation, fatigue, blisters and petrol levels.
  12. Take a look at SPICE Bristol and these logs. Not bad for taking people out at £12-£15 and bringing 15 each time... taking £12.50 as the average is over £187. I'm in the wrong job now I know there's nothing to stop them - and it's interesting and all that - but we're doing it for FREE... fools and their money eh?
  13. We are back to the principle of a community policing itself - but before you do go and name the person who logged an FTF without visiting your cache, you must engage in dialogue with this cacher and be absolutely sure of your actions. IMO the whole FTF thing is a bit overblown - but others take a lot of pride in getting there first. It all depends how competitive you are. Personally, I'd prefer someone else to find that the co-ords are waaay off or that you may be shot at/can't park/no pub/have to pay entry fee/ when finding a cache... or whatever else. But that's just my take on it. But if there really are people cheating, it is very unfortunate. I did a detailed check on my cache in Portishead, near Bristol recently. I checked the logbook and compared it against the website. It took some detective work, but out of 41 finds nobody had cheated. Two visitors appear to not log online, but that's their choice. I was quite impressed that nobody had "cheated". But maybe this happens more at virtual caches where the answers can be Googled.
  14. Indeed I guess that he must have meant W00.000 - there's a cache near the meridian on the East Sussex coast with the co-ords W 000° 00.091
  15. We'll send the chauffeur Anything else would be rude.
  16. That's my boy - go on the Gooners! @ HH - sorry to hear the bad news... hope you salvaged something from the day
  17. I'm sure this is a bit shameless, but if you come off the new Severn Crossing on your way back and take the M49 down onto the M5, and come off at (I think Jct17) there's two caches in Portishead, Aqua Marina and *runs for cover* my own Under Neon Loneliness, Motorcycle Emptiness. It's about 7 miles from the M4. You could then cache your way back through Bristol over to Bath on the A4 (edited to add - Best of Luck with the Play-Offs)
  18. Don't worry, it's the usual non-conformist mickey taking done by people who are too insecure to face up to their own limited lives. The best thing you can do is to invite them out for a caching trip sometime. As said in previous logs, you may even find a convert! Cave Troll and Joan summed it up best. Some like to act the Beermonster and wee their wages against the wall. I prefer to spend it on petrol, a packed lunch and a pint of real ale somewhere on a sunny Saturday. These people are bullies - and there are ways in dealing with them. Keep the head up
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