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  1. What - like this bloke: 8 weeks at #1 in the German charts with "Looking For Freedom". Class.
  2. *cough*... and Ireland edit: I own 2 on that list and have done 3 more
  3. Sincere regards from me and all at geocachingireland.com as well. I knew Bill from the 'old' Scottish forum and from e-mail exchanges. My girlfriend's father passed away from Bowel Cancer last year and like Simon and others know only too well how difficult this time must be. Best wishes to him and Angela.
  4. Cracking stuff... wonder how you manage finding caches while keeping that dog in line!
  5. I just got a polite reminder per e-mail that there is a meet in Winchester on the last Sunday in January, ruling that weekend out to avoid the two events clashing.
  6. Sounds good... it's easily accessible from the motorway and Bath/Stroud A-roads, has a playground and you've done the hard work of already getting in touch. There's also an easy virtual and several nice caches nearby. Shall we agree on a venue then? Personally I don't mind (being childless and usually free on Saturdays) but is this ok with everyone else in the SW/Wiltshire area? Next step is fixing a date, and then comes the event cache page
  7. From personal experience it's fine on Sunday morning... until 10am, and then it's just like any other day. The upside is that the Pay and Display is free.
  8. I don't know Bath too well to propose a location. If the location were to be Bath, given it's parking restrictions and one way system, would a child-friendly country pub be a better idea?
  9. I was just thinking of bumping this thread. If there is interest in from lots of people in Wiltshire, would Bath be a more suitable venue?
  10. I thought I'd congratulate myself on reaching the 300 mark, the 4th Irish cacher to do so. I can no longer say "Irish-based" as I've moved to Bristol. After a self-imposed absence from the game of over three months I managed to do 57 caches in the past five weeks to bring me up to 304 or so. Of course, there is a reason for this. On November 17th I set myself a deadline of finding 77 caches before the end of the year, to try and 'catch up' to some of the other Irish cachers who by now have much higher finds than I have. You can follow the madness in this thread on geocachingireland.com. In the meantime, thanks to all the cache owners in the West who have set the great caches around here, especially alan g, Gowenhouse, The Ghostbusters and The Wombles.
  11. I've been there too... and not on dry land either!
  12. Interesting, as Devon and Cornwall seem to have gone 'missing' on the outline of England
  13. I'm interested too. Please remind me closer to the event!
  14. I've taken the liberty of posting for you, the thread is here
  15. I think that's a very optimistic scenario... the most common one being people going out on the town, and forgetting to cancel these texts after two halves of shandy.
  16. Your best bet are the GeocachingIreland.com forums. Register an account, make the same post, and someone will be along to help asap. Cheers Klaus23 (GeocachingIreland.com member)
  17. Nice view though Klaus, if I recall LOL... not on the day I was there But I believe it is nice!
  18. Ahhh, Klaus. There you are. I was only thinking of you last Friday night..... .... when I was watching the Wurzels play at Exeter City Football Club Where've you been? I'll do my best to come up to an Event in the area, but it depends on other "stuff" LMAO... I've been 'in the long grass', as the Irish say. I'm living in Bristol full-time since last month, and would be willing to do some work on this event. In the meantime, if you're in the area, give me a shout.
  19. I nominate Two Lakes View as the worst cache I ever visited. It's a dump (in every sense of the word).
  20. Ah! That was me As I mentioned to you, there was a very relaxed and enjoyable event held in Bristol last year, organised by Mark of The Ghostbusters (Page here). I really do think that it's a worthwhile venture, and also well overdue. Organising an event isn't difficult in theory, but the groundwork of finding a nice pub, setting some caches that get 'released' on the day, and very importantly, deciding on something to entertain cachers with young children, can be time-consuming. Nevertheless, let's give it a go. The first thing is to decide the date, then the venue, and then get the cache page listed. So... new year... we can pick a Saturday or Sunday in January or February. The Venue... somewhere with parking, affordable food, child/dog friendly, and with lots of nearby caches. I'll drop a mail to some of the local cachers over the coming days to ask them to contribute to the thread, if they haven't already read it. Klaus
  21. Fair play Alliebaggie... see you round ze West Cun'ree soon.
  22. Quite near to Skirrid Fawr (which I didn't get to attempt due to bad weather, you'll find the Skirrid Mountain Inn. Reputedly the oldest pub in Wales is not bad for starters. Lots of Ghosts? Public Executions? Surely a must. It's an example of a pub resting on it's laurels. The menu on the website is no longer accurate, and I paid £8 for a Ploughman's Sandwich (perhaps expecting it might feed two?) which was worth £3.50 at best. It's not the cleanest either and the beer (£2.40 for Cask Ale) isn't exactly cheap either. Give it a miss. However, the farmer with the stall on the other side of the road, should he still be there, sells cheap and tasty duck eggs. I'll leave you with a recommendation for those of you heading down south on the M5. A stone's throw from Jct.19 (Portishead) you'll find the tiny village of Portbury, and a pub called The Priory. It serves excellent and reasonable food. The A369 will take you close to many caches in Clifton, Ashton Court and Leigh Woods, and there's two caches in Portishead.
  23. Trashed... Why not turn down your PC speakers?
  24. Sorry to hear that Alibags and TDW
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