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  1. As posted on the cache page:


    I have left Bristol to return to Ireland but expect to be returning, however, it could be irregularly (and will probably depend on Bristol City's big Championship games at home next season.) <_<


    Although this cache has been completely problem-free in the past, and has never been muggled or wet, if there is a local cacher interested in being a maintenance contact please contact me through my profile. The cache just reached 100 finds since it was placed in September 2003.


    Thanks in advance, klaus23.

  2. My initial thought for the pub venue is Brent Knoll which is a couple of minutes off the M5 JCT at 23.

    Sounds good to me. I'd recommend visiting a cache just to the north, on Brean Down.


    Also, anyone travelling south on the M5 be wary of roadworks around Portishead, it's 40mph for around 5 miles and there's at least 4 speed cameras.

  3. hmm... how well is this researched? M5 Jct.19 mentions the Lodway Service Station, who's fuel costs more than the services at Jct.19. I think they still sell 4-star leaded, if they are open when you stop by. The petrol station on the other side - west of the junction-, in Portishead is one of the cheapest in the area.


    The website also fails to mention a pub/restaurant near Jct.19 called 'The Priory' in Portbury, a stone's throw from the junction which always gets mentioned in other 'close to motorway' guides.


    "5 minutes by Google!" sounds more like it.


    (edit for spelling)

  4. Bruin 47 & Top Cat & Co placed 5 TB's in Bristol Airport Hotel in October

    I don't know if this might help but I'm sure that Mike the Hike was in place when I visited there on the 14th November. I am almost certain that that particular item caught my eye (being a keen walker myself) but having reviewed the TBs in the cache I ended up leaving all of them in place as I was not sure how much travelling I was going to be doing. I can also vouch for Johnny Cache, him being my brother and who got on a plane 40 minutes after he stopped by the cache.


    Bit of a mystery - it seems a lot of trouble to go to. Could it be a bad practical joke?

  5. Completely off-topic, but I'm heading to Germany for a surprise birthday party (and one or two caches, of course) and need the cheapest possible ferry over.


    I'm hoping some of you booze-cruise savvy Brits can help me out. I'm going on the night of Friday, 25th January, and am coming back on the morning of either Saturday or Sunday, 28th/29th January. The cheapest Dover-Calais return crossing I can find so far is P&O for £70.


    Any tips, insider knowledge or handy websites? :lol:

  6. Do you have a pic of the container?  It might be possible to source a similar box

    Good thinking, Batman.


    A closer investigation of the gallery at the Brazilian cache revealed this photo:




    But a look at the Californian cache shows a very distinct logbook and perhaps even some kind of lighting on the cache:




    The cache in Maryland shows this photo with a child for scale, allowing me to think the cache is about 3x1 ft. Other photos in the gallery reveal that there is black stencil print on the cache, comprised of a monkey and the cache name, PROJECT APE.




    Similar sized ammo-boxes can be sourced, because I found one last week - here .


    The question is - would a replica cache of similar size be acceptable?

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