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  1. It was early April, and I needed to get out caching, so I took the day off work just to get out in the sun and cache. I had a DNF on this one in the fall, and just wanted to clear it off my list. I gingerly climbed down the rather steep slope towards the lake. I looked for a few minutes around the old crab apple tree, but didn't see anything, so I decided to move down a little farther and look back up the hill to the back side of the tree. Well I learned something that fine morning. I learned that early morning dew, poison ivy, and tennis shoes just don't mix. Quick as a flash I was face first ear deep in poison ivy. I got up only to have to rummage around in the stuff to find my walking stick. I found it, along with my car keys, stood up and just smiled. There was this old lady looking down the hill with a quizzical look on her face, and no kidding, she said to me, "Sonny I'm not positive, but I think thats poison ivy your swimming around in." Quick as a flash I told her, "Yep, I hadn't gotten any yet this year." As her and her husband walked away I found the cache, got the smiley, and after all that I never got one itch.

  2. I also think its bad form.

    It happens in my area, I once told the person that he shouldnt sign his own caches and the answer I got is that its their cache and he can... I left it at that...


    Anyway, something that people forget is that numbers bring statut.

    How many of you will give the same respect to a cacher with 100 finds compared to someone with 10000 finds?


    So in a way the game is about the numbers. Numbers gets you respect and allow you to climb the geocaching community ladder. :)


    This is good. I must re-think everything. I've been logging my caches as a time stamp so I can go back and look at the fun I had with friends while they checked out my caches. I never once thought about climbing the Geocaching community ladder. I didn’t realize that a person with less than a thousand finds could put so much pressure on the community. Wow. Do I want to be looked upon as a Geocaching extraordinaire? . . . . No, I don’t think I could handle the pressure. I guess I will continue to go out with friends, have fun, and not worry about my World Geocaching Ranking. But just to make everyone happy, I promise I won’t put out any more hides, although not one of my hides is a mindless micro under a lamppost, and if I’ve put that much pressure with my six finds to upset the balance of the Geocaching community then I will close the caches I have out there, and I will delete my find logs. Heck I’d hate to be the one to fluster the Geocaching Community.

  3. Just found a Tenth Anniversary Coin, I can't believe that this guy put in the wild.


    It's going to my Meet N' great event. The event has a TB table, the coin will not be placed there.


    I hate finding Geocoins in caches, I feel like it's the kiss of death. Around here a Geocoin's life expectancy is about three seconds. If I find one I will adventure dip it until I can personally hand it to someone else. At least that way I feel it has a little bit of a chance. If I see one in a cache I feel like it's my obligation to keep it safe until I can make sure it goes to a person instead of just leaving it somewhere so someone can add it to their private collection.

  4. But they do. I've seen geocoins awarded for reaching certain numbers of finds, golden ammo cans presented, events held in honor of the person's achievement, congratulatory threads in the forums, and many local geocaching organization's websites have a section feting cachers who reach a certain number of finds.


    True, but since I'm the one who started our local group and I don't much give a darn about how many I find, the last thing I'm going to do is buy myself one of those coins, and for sure no one in our group will ever get one for me. They all know that I like coins that will remind me of a person, day, cache, event, or group.


    If you look at the TBs and Coins I own you'll see what is important to me.


    That may not work for him for the simple reason that his friends cannot pop over to his profile and pull up a list of the 'notes' that he has written. They can easily pull up his 'find' logs, however.


    Exactly! I use notes to write notes, I write logs for memories. Take a few minutes and look at a few of them. I enjoy writing logs as much as caching.

  5. Wow I can't believe there is even a debate about this. Yes I've been logging my caches and events as found, not because I want to show I have 8 more finds, but because sometimes you just have to have fun. If I'm out with friends who are looking for my cache, I'll write a found log describing my time at that cache. I use it more as an earmark so I can look back on the day we were there. If me having an extra 8 finds is going to make the world spin backwards then by all means I will remove them, but I think Geocaching is fun, a great way to get out in the woods, and best of all, spend time with friends. I could give two cents for how many finds someone else has, nor do I honestly care how many I have. Now I've used different caches as milestones, such as events and friends caches, more to commemorate the day, or lift a friends cache a little higher. Seriously when you come right down to it the amount of caches a person has doesn't matter one bit to me. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "How many caches do you have?" and I don't have an answer. I'll usually give something like around this, or not yet 1000, or my favorite, "Not a clue." I just don't care. When I talk to cachers I'm way more interested in listening to people talk about the adventures they've had over how many caches they've accrued. I don't care about how many finds you have. In the end it's all about having fun, and until someone starts giving out trophies or better yet money for how many caches you find, then I'm going to continue to log my caches as found. Not to increase my cache count, but to make a log about how much fun I've had watching someone try to find my cache.


    Yep I'm a bad person who needs tared and feathered, but I'm sure having fun doing it. ;)

  6. Geocaching is an incredibly fun game and I love it! But the last time I checked, it's not a competition. To me, the reward is in the thrill of the hunt and the joy in the find. I can't believe that some cachers are so serious about signing logs. I have nearly 570 cache finds and though I try to have a pen on me for all caching trips, there have been a couple of occasions where I have forgotten it and I was unable to sign. But I've never lost a smiley because of it. It wouldn't be very much fun to me to just log a find without ACTUALLY finding the cache! And if there are people out there who have logged my caches without actually finding the cache, that's their loss, not mine. And do you honestly check your cache logs against the online logs? I have 10 hides in four different cities and just don't have time to verify signatures nor do I care. I like to read the stories people share when they find my caches and what they think about my cache. I just don't think it's a big deal.


    I wish more people were like this! I'm one of those people who everyone is talking about. I only get maybe 10 to 12 finds each caching trip, hence the low find numbers, so there are some caches that (Oh dear I say) I don't sign the logs. For this I will take full criticism, but if you ever READ my on-line logs you will know for sure and without a doubt that I was at your cache. I never give a spoiler, but I make sure the owner has a smile and knows I was there. I'm not one for being FTF, I have a few, but not on purpose.


    So to make a long reply longer, the way I feel, if you find the cache, and have fun with it, fill out the on line log and have fun.


    Fun is the KEY word in Geocaching, not NUMBERS.


    OK, I'm off my soap box.

  7. I wrote an Earthcache this summer, and it was rejected. I wrote a letter to the reviewer, and he told me to go a different rout with it. After taking a long time researching the area I re-wrote the listing, and now I'm not sure how to make sure the reviewer sees it.


    I clicked the box to send it to the reviewer, but after a few weeks I haven't heard anything. Tonight I checked over the listing, and found the box was unchecked. I'm not quite sure what's going on, or if I'm doing something wrong.

  8. I just wanted to thank the Groundspeak people for bringing back the Google Earth feature to Geocaching! Now I can lay out my trip, looking for caches as well as Waymarks, and places to eat and stay.


    It is a very important tool for me, and I was crushed to see it was gone.

  9. I just recently found out what Keystone said about the needs maintenance note on a cache.

    Before I post a Needs Archived note I make sure I go through some steps.


    First I post a DNF for the find. I do this because most of my DNFs are because I simply missed a great hide, but if I didn't it is noted that someone couldn't find it.


    I then write an e-mail to the owner asking the owner if it's still there.


    Next I will put a watch on it so when someone does find it I can pack a lunch and go after it until I find it. If it isn't found, I keep a note of that too.


    After more DNFs show up I will check it one more time, and if I don't find it then I will write the Needs Archived.

  10. I definitely fall under the category of using the acro's when I first started. I saw other people from around our area that seemed to be the "cool" people, and they always left nice logs talking about all their experiences while out for the day. Since I want to be one of those "cool" people, I started lengthening my logs, and talking about my thoughts or experiences while out for the day. I've got to the point now, that i actually have started looking around as I am looking for each cache specifically to see what else is going on around me just so I can have something cool to log. I think that's actually part of the concept of Caching in the first place. Get out to new places you wouldn't have seen before, and find something cool, and while you're there, actually look around at those new places. See what's in your surroundings that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. I really appreciate it when I go looking for a cache and the hider has put some thought into it to make sure that people have gotten a good look around tem. There is one specific hider in my area that I was thinking of that purposefully makes people hunt down Multi's that make you traverse entire parks so that you see the entire park. That much effort in my mind deserves a log that does it justice.


    My pet peeve is when there are people that go out hunting and you see their physical log signatures, but they never log their finds. I know that people can do what they want with the whole thing, and I don't lose sleep over it, but for some reason that one really bugs me. To go out and hunt down someone's cache, sign their log, and mess with it, but not actually tell them about it. I guess I just don't get that one. Oh well. Thanks for reading my little mini-novel here.


    If I could unscrew my brain this is exactly what I would have wrote in the first place! Very Nicely Done!

  11. :D I have noticed a few people wrote they can't remember what happened at all the finds they do in a day. :) I am one of these people. :D Well Groundspeak has a solution to this! They gave us the ability to text to our field notes.:D I now send a text from every cache, and I also have it set up to Twitter this. Now the wife can keep track of where I am on top of what is going on.:D I leave notes about each cache, and when I go to write my logs it is a big help. I get the order I did my caches, as well as what happened. :D


    Now I am truly paperless, and since I forget a lot this helps me remember all the fun we had.:anicute:


    On top of that I have made a pact with Geoguin to never use TFTC again. This is just us. I always say everyone caches differently, and that's what makes it fun.


    Do what you want, and enjoy what you do.

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