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  1. Hard to believe but this is Yonkers, not Myst. Eagles Nest (GC154F)
  2. Back on topic... Compare and contrast - both taken from almost the identical spot (not far from the Hesiod cache (GC8AB)) on Hook Mountain: On a foggy day, and on a sunny day. First step's a doosey.
  3. 'floopy, you're slowing down! CCCA has lapped you! Time to get to work! Congrats to you (as well as to Ma and Pa Floopy)!
  4. Congratulations, Ken. Now that you've got all the hard ones out of the way, the next 500 should be a piece of cake! Well done.
  5. More impressive than his geocaching feats is his mastery of New Jersey's public transit system (if such a creature exists). Godspeed and good luck!
  6. Why would it be Difficulty 5? Would be tough to verify ("Finder must download a copy of his/her birth certificate with log"). Instead, use their geocaching anniversary date. Easily verifiable ("Member since:" in the finder's profile). Or you can create a "Milestone" cache - finder may only log the cache if it's a significant milestone: 100, 200, 300, etc. Just an idea.
  7. If there's a George in the cache, I'll swap it with one of mine and, at a later date, drop it in another cache. If there are no Georges in the cache, I almost always leave one. If there's an unGeorged bill in the cache, I'll swap it with a George then George it and drop it in a cache later. I edit the notes for the bills to keep track of where I found a George and/or where I left it. Interesting to see other's stamps and stamping techniques as well as to see where some of these bills end up.
  8. A furious pace. Keep it up! Congrats on the milestone.
  9. Well done! Both you and avroair made your milestones in style (and with a little blood and guts!). Congrats!
  10. Excellent timing! Congratulations on breaking the 300 barrier.
  11. Doesn't work. I already tried.
  12. Maybe I'm missing something. How does that fact that your company disposes of harmful chemicals equate with the systematic extermination of Jews, Gypsies, etc. by the Nazis? Is it because you, like the Gestapo and the Waffen SS, are just doing your job/following orders? Do you really think that being an employee at a company that (presumably legally) uses and disposes of chemicals is equivalent to being a soldier in the Waffen SS - an instrument and appartus of the Nazis? And I thought mcweb was trivializing the Holocaust...
  13. Laogai My quote was in response to mcweb's first post soliciting comments on someone he knew who worked at Auschwitz.
  14. Granted, we do not know the great uncle's role. Was he a cook or clerk in a combat unit or was he an officer at a concentration camp? It appears we will never know. He was Waffen SS though. And that fact and the places this totem-TB that the owner wants it to visit are obviously disturbing to the people of that region. Much as a Nathan Bedford Forrest TB would not be appreciated in certain precincts in America. It makes a world of difference. Trying to equate Waffen SS soldiers to the victims of Nazi tyranny trivializes the Holocaust. Sorry, but "we are all victims" doesn't wash when you are Gestapo or Waffen SS and are running the horror show. At a minimum, ask for a transfer to a combat unit. Frankly, I believe that if the bug owner had not mentioned that his great uncle was Waffen SS you would not get this kind of reaction if instead he was Wehrmacht/Regular German Army.
  15. You are asking for our opinion of this man. But more facts are needed. For instance: Was he there involuntarily (i.e., a Jew, Gypsy, Jehovah's Witness, Slav, Pole, homosexual, Russian POW, etc.) or was he enlisted in the German Armed Forces that ran the camp?
  16. Maybe someone can take the bug for a visit to Malmedy
  17. We are talking about Waffen SS here, right? Those fellows weren't Boy Scouts. Anybody remember the fuss over Bitburg? Even the combat Waffen SS units were known for their atrocities. My only suggestion is to try to educate the TB owner about the Waffen SS through his own bug. Take the bug to any number of concentration camps, experimental medical facilities, prison camps, extermination camps, etc. and take pictures of the handiwork of the Nazis and their legacy. If someone launched a Jihad Plane TB with a goal to visit Ground Zero and it ended up in my cache, I'd take it around to every single 9/11 memorial around instead. In short, co-opt the bug's mission but don't destroy the bug.
  18. You can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Kudos to Splicing Dan for tackling two of the tougher caches in the NYC area. He was recently the second finder ever on seRpenTOr caChe and the third finder ever on Spooky island cache. Rumor has it Dan also helped crack an infamous 5/5 puzzle cache without even leaving the friendly confines of Richmond County! He just needs a name to log it! Congrats, Dan!!
  19. Did they ever get a name?
  20. The US Flag LC can be a tough one to find, all depends on the circumstances. This one was on a 5/5 scale. Special equipment needed (besides the Marine Corps) would include a flak jacket to guard against intermittent sniper fire.
  21. Exceptional! Keep searching, it's still out there...
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