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  1. So, does anyone have any further information or experiences with this issue ? Have been using this firmware ever since and about 50% or more times my gpsr is really really having trouble with initial fix after it has been off for a while. It's not that it does not see satellites. It sees them well, but it seems like it just wont believe in them - bars are hollow for a long long time. Often at least 2 minutes or more, before it actually accepts enough satellite's signals to get a fix. And sometimes it has to be turned off only for a day to see the problem. And sometimes theres no problems. It's not THAT big of a problem, but it is annoying. And it might have more trouble with initial fix under bad conditions than I would like. Since older firmware crashed on my gpsr earlier - I don't want to go back on that one either - would suck to be with a broken gpsr out on the field. Garmin of course, as I understand, denies that theres anything wrong with firmware 3.00... If more people would report in with their experience maybe we could get a newer, better firmware.
  2. Besides typing them in manually - no other way that I know of. Why not load the gpx file(s) right away ?
  3. Do you have show all, hide all options? can you use them to hide all and then show the map you need to see? Not sure about the americas marine basemap as I have it in my 60csx to, it has always been there.
  4. The only problem with high sensitive gpsr is that it tends to wonder a bit in difficult conditions. ...but thats okay! I'd rather have a location fix that is has a little offset or wonders around a bit in difficult conditions than no satellite lock at all. Many people have complained that "I left my gpsr on a desk for few hours and when I came back there were tracks all over the place! how awful!" But without high sensitive chip there would have been no lock at all. So, really, if you can live with the sometimes occuring positional error in such a places where nonsensitive gpsr would give no lock at all, go for it. If you cannot live with that when your gpsr is in a hous on a desk and shows movements back and forth, while its actually sitting still - dont get it PS: tested it on the top of my car roof one day. Let it sit there for an half an hour with clear sky view. It was rock solid - odometer remained at 0 meters. EPE was 2m But as stated before - I'd rather have somewhat errenous location fix than no location fix at all.
  5. Hi, well, maybe not really helpful but.. Mapsource itself takes really little space. around 50-100M I think. Alltough maps are in entirely different weight category. For my machine for now it is like this: 1,6G ./CNEURNT9 108M ./EOMAP Eesti 9,8M ./TRIPWPT4 244K ./USB_Drivers 1,7G . So you see from 1.7G total, 1.6G is city navigator NT9, 108M is local very good and detailed map, 9.8M is garmins trip and waypoint manager stuff.. So, it really depends on how much space does you maps take. GSAK does not take up much space either. Best is just to try it, install and see what happens.
  6. Strange. just checked - I have not removed it. used another broswer just in case - its still there. Maybe some temporary error @ youtube ? If its still not working after a while for you - I'l provide a direct link for mpg
  7. If that helps then I'm using nokia E51, which has symbian OS inside. Since i did not find any programs for it I descided to take another route. Using gsak, I generate html files of database into one subdirectory. I then upload the whole directory on to the phones memorycard. Using the pones browsed I bookmark the folder and when I'm out cacheing I just pull out my phone and browse it from there. It looks like this:
  8. I'm tempted to use a version of the Groucho Marx classic, "who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes"? I'm going to have to see a photo of this, preferably a shot of the natural position where you thumb is under the word garmin etc, then a second photo of your thumb moving from this 'natural postion, to the 'enter button'. Without these two photos I cannot believe you I have to believe my own eyes. Even better, I have a crappy video for you: video @ youtube This is how I use it (and many others, I belive). And its comfortable and I wouldnt think of using it in any other way.
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=180461&hl= You should be able to get it probably fixed with information from above thread. scroll down to my or to "The Hamian Explorers" posting and see if that helps.
  10. About paperless. if you have fairly advanced cellphone (anything with symbian or windows mobile on it) you dont need extra PDA with you. I found that GSAK has nice option of converting your database to html files. So i converted my pocket queries into html files using GSAK, connected my phone to the computer, transferred all data to memory card and then in phone browser bookmarked the place. So I'm real happy with my 60csx - its reliable and accurate. And when I am in trouble or in a need of additional hints - cache logs, etc - I just take out my mobile phone, fire up browser - choose bookmarks - geocache and thats it. It looks like this: But I do admit that all the data in the same place would be a bit more comfortable. But for me its not worth the extra cost right now, and there really seems to be too many problems with colorado right now. In the future - I'm sure it will be superior unit. Alltough - I'm hoping to use my 60CSx so long that my next gpsr will be whatever replaces colorado
  11. This is called a 'travelling salesman problem" To my knowledge mapsource dont exactly support what your asking, but you can play around manually, reordering points in route and checking what is the total route leght, to find the shortest. You can read more about TSP from wikipedia. This does not exactly help you, unless youre a mathematican, but still, might be interesting to read.
  12. A thing to check is that what is your gps software version. Dont have mine with me right now, so I cant tell you how to do it, but most probably GPS chipset firmware is damaged and will show you 0.00 instead of what it should be. If that is the case then go to garmin website and download latest and greatest missing firmware for your device and flash it. Hopefully it will fix the problem.
  13. I have to agree with those who like thermarest. Last summer I put them on a serious test in Norway - have used them before but there it was about 2 weeks camping out. I am using thermarest trail lite and it is really comfortable when you get used to it a little. And when you pack it, it really is small. I bought it because of its size - when I'm heading out on my motorcycle, I have very limited space for gear. One night in Norway i put my camping gear on a unintentional test. I was camping in a same place for a three days, it was a beatiful place and my tent was on a river side, well away and above of the river. Or so I thought. On a third night I woke up because my hand was feeling really really cold, it was off the thermarest. I did not think much of it at the time, only that wow, this thing really is good in insulating, put my hand back to thermarest and fell asleep. I think that it happened once more, without any further thought other than it really must be cold outside tonight. So once again I woke up because my hand was once again on tent floor and feeling really really cold. This time I actually woke up enough to hear some kind of watery gurgling noises. Half asleep Im thinking really slow and my hand on tent floor, pating it, feels that its weird, kind of soft and bouncy and touching it causes more watery gurgling noises. Seconds pass. Suddenly I'm all fully awake, I just realized that somehow Im in the water with my tent. Woke up my wife, she does not get it, why I'm repeating the words water and river, at first.. If the water level had been an inch higher it would have flooded the tent trough air holes... There must have been a storm somewhere on the sea I guess, during the tide time that raised up the river big time. The river was, at that time, actually flowing in a wrong direction. While on a day time it flowed from left to right, towards the nearby sea. But at that time it flowed from right to left.. So it looked like this: Me rescuing the tent and gear(wife said she has *never* seen me *SO* happy): And to show, how much the river raised.: So, i give big thumbs up for thermarest. Those are really comfortable and insulate cold well. Maybe even a little too well... And yes, coleman tent is pretty good to. It kept us actually dry. Only a little moist was under the thermarest - probably because some really minor puncture.
  14. Hi, I have searched a bit and found nothing useless so I descided to ask. Does anyone know if there is geocashing software for 'regular' cellphone's. For Sony Ericsson K610i for an instance. It has java capability so running extra software there would be no problem and there is expandable memory as well. But so far I have not yet found anything useful. App itself could just display cache description, hint and maybe some datums. Is there anything like this out there for java capable cellphones?
  15. Actually you can, but its not exactly legal. However, if you are strong enough not to use maps on GPSMap60 anymore, after "unlokcing" them for colorado, then the moral issues arent SO alarming. I'm just saying that there is a way. How? Well, I cant tell you that, it would be just wrong. But internet is full of all kind of information Locking sucks. Its like saying that you can use this CD only in your home audio system, if you want to listen it in your car, you have to buy another CD. But such is life. Hopefully I didnt brake any forum rules now.
  16. Yes, I have tried that too. No good. Think I will just give up on it. Hi, Just to make sure, when you put the card in a reader or connect it as a mass storage device, with your GPSr, can you browse the contents of the card using windows file explorer or any other similar software? Do you see bunch of .gpx files there, with dates like 20080131 for their name ? Can you copy them to your computer using windows, not garmin software? if you can - then youre all set. If you can not - well. then it really means that card has gone bad.
  17. Indeed. Updated it now to 3.00 and seems that unit is now having much more trouble getting initial fix if it has been off for a while. ofcourse, I have not yet tested it outside, but on my desk, where it usually gets lock with no problem at all, it now struggles. So you're not the only one experiening this. Edit: and another thing - I now can see EGNOS ang get those little D's on display again. After chitpset firmware corruption I found a version 2.90 from web and flashed the device. I really dont know what chipsert firmware there was before, but I could get WAAS/EGNOS fix before corruption and not after. Now with 3.00 I can again get WAAS/EGNOS fix. I'll test the acquiering times some further. But as stated before - seems to have more trouble with initial fix.
  18. 3.00 chipset software? Garmin website states that: GPS Chipset Type G Ver. 2.90 as of Nov 27, 2006 on garmin website I wonder where and how you got your hands on 3.00 ?
  19. The main point in my opinion is that legit users get all the crap. Register here, register there, Activate this, call there, if you change anyting in your computer you have to do it again,, etc etc. You have to prove over and over again that yourw not the camel. While any software pirate would just crack it in like few minutes afetr poking around on the net. So what is the outcome ? Honest ones get the most bulls***. And the ones who want to use pirated software use it anyway. Braindead, if you ask me. And there always will be the ones who pirate software, So why to annoy the living hell out of legit users? Not that I encourage or approve cracking software. But right now, if youre legit you get the most crap from any software (company).
  20. Hi Actually, it I have to hand it to you.. it worked! I linked before to the thread where gps sw version was set to 0.00. I reflashed the software, but not GPS SW.. assuming for some reason that it was it. Well. it wasnt. So, helpful garmin worker asked me the what are the versions.. I previously was cheking version from diagnostics screen, that showed only software version but not GPS SW, otherwise I might have figured it out myself. I do feel bit stupid now Anyway, long story short. reflashed GPS sw to be version 2.90 and it started to pick up satellites immediatly woohoo Thanks to all for all the help
  21. And another thing, when I boot it to diagnostic mode (power + enter, while powering up) it shows among other things: Frequency 16369000 Signal: ----- C/NO: -1.00 So, it seems that its not receiving ANY signal at all. or at least thinks that its not...
  22. Thank you all for answers. I did go out yesterday evening to find a place with better weather. Visibility was, well, allmost nonexistant. Kept the GPSr on dashboard, under the windscreen the whole time. Well, no luck. Parked the car, did the master reset on GPSr and put it on the roof of the car in a open area for 10 minutes - no luck there either and the weather was still so bad that you could walk over a cliff without realising it before its too late . So, anyway, still no luck. Lefti it on my desk for night on external power - in a place where it usually picked up satellites relitevely fast and when I took it out of the box after receiving it - it did get its initial lock there without any problems within a 1-2 minutes or so. Still - no luck as todays morning, it was still showing "Locating satellites" and blank screen, without a single bird in the view. No bars, no satellites, only empty screen. Looks like everything is working as it should but "the antenna is just not there". *Sigh*. So now I left it on the window for the time I'm @ work. Probably its still dead in the water when I get home, but worth a try anyway. I've been googling around and found few having kind same problem. malsington maps thread about similar problem So I will try this solution, reuploading the firmware. After work, probably will go to some open area and leave it there on for a 30+ minutes. Dont know if it has the all symptoms (corrupted firmware) as in above thread but will try it anyway. If that doesnt work then I'm quessing I have to take it to the next level and speak with garmin tech support, hoping that they come up with something. Oh, and when I point it out on the map where I am, it goes from "locating satellites" to "acquiering satellites". But still with no luck. The screen is still empty, with nothing but N E S W on it. Time and date of the unit is now terribly off (about 4 days, after master reset, before it was like few hours off, I think.). So this could be a problem also. Alltough, in autolocating mode, as I understand, it makes no assumptions about the place or time, it just brute forces. As stated above, it did get first initial lock in the building with no problems. But as also stated above, I wil ltry this out today after work... Thank you all again for your answers. I'll give update if there is any news. Sorry for the long whine. I'm a bit worried
  23. So they say, yes. howerer this should be cold start or the initial fix on satellites - right now the gps dont know whats up there, where it is itself or what time it is. If the signal is weak or erratic due do weather conditions, it might be in trouble for initial fix. Or so I at least hope .. Oh well, I quess I'll see soon enough. if not before then tomorrow for sure
  24. Hi, played around with my 60CSX a bit, so that it is now in autolocate mode, thinks that time is 00:00 etc, but did not make master reset. Anyway, long story short - it now is locating satellites, I left it at window for a 30 minutes - no luck. tried to stand with it on balkony for some time - no luck there either. So I am a little bit worried. Weather is quite foggy: I'ts actually a little bit more foggier than it seems to be on this picture. So I wonder is this normal with such weather or did I foo-bared my unit up (just cant wait the fog to clear up so I have to ask here )
  25. I havent really owned a HCx units and my experience with 60CSx is still kind of limited but I wouldnt say that screen brightness or crispiness is a problem with 60CSx. Maybe, when compared side to side, but in real use, while hiking or driving - the screen is bright and clear enough for me. In fac, I keep brightness level around 35-45% most of the time when using it in car and have no trouble reading it. Outside the screen is readable even without backlight. Ofcourse, its winter here, so I cant really say how the unit behaves in mid summerday, but I expect it to be readable even then. Just saying that dont let that to hold you back when choosing. Battery life however is another issue. However - you should always carry a spare pair of batteries anyway If you can - go and try both units, hold them in your hand, access various functions, etc etc. and see what you like best
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